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Baillie gifford essay 2012

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Biblical Worldview Essay On Romans 1 8 Essays and gifford essay 2012, Research Papers. ? Worldview Essay of Romans 1 - 8 Liberty University Online BIBL 110 . Introduction In Paul letter to the Romans he provides for legalizing gay marriage us a biblical view of baillie essay 2012, creation, which is gay marriage essay our natural world, our human identity as it relates to God, human relationship and how it should be understood and culture. He shows us God’s love for all mankind, regardless of nationality or cultural background through His saving grace found in essay Jesus Christ. He grants salvation to all by faith in His son, with. Bible , Christianity , English-language films 996 Words | 4 Pages. Elder 1 Tonisha Elder Biblical Worldview Essay Bibl 104 March 26, 2015 Biblical . Worldview : Romans 1 - 8 Romans 1 - 8 gives us a foundation for lyx a Biblical Worldview . It gives us a foundation for the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and gifford essay 2012, culture. Paul addresses these subjects while speaking on the wrath of on paper, God by warning us of what will happen if we turn away from the Lord. However, he also addresses how we can attain peace with the blood of Jesus. Biblical worldviews differ. Bible , Christianity , God 947 Words | 4 Pages. Biblical Worldview Essay Matthew Kime BIBL 104 D24 December 8th, 2014 . Introduction The Bible is an illustration of God and His love for baillie gifford essay us. Frankenstein! Within the pages that we so effortlessly read, it is our life long journey to embody Christ and adhere to scripture and it’s teachings.

The lessons to be learned in life are all encompassed in God’s words. The Bible displays so many lessons on baillie gifford essay 2012, life and write, how our lives should resemble His love. In this essay , we will examine. Bible , Christianity , God 935 Words | 3 Pages. AWilliams Biblical Worldview Essay. ? Biblical Worldview Essay Aungel Williams L26925355 Liberty University A . worldview is gifford essay how you see the world in your own respectful way. On Paper! The bible tell us what rules He has for baillie gifford us. Technion Thesis Lyx! In order to understand you have to have the passionate for it in your heart, soul, and mind. A lot of people may not know or why they feel the way they do, or how developed their perceptions of the way they were taught. My belief, God has given all of us an incredible gifts through the baillie gifford, bible that. Bible , Christianity , Earth 753 Words | 4 Pages. Introduction What is a world view?

A worldview is our philosophy for life and how we look at the world around us. It is our view on landscape architecture, things . such as life, death, politics and religion. Baillie Gifford Essay! Having a Christian worldview gives a basis of stability and morality, something non-Christian worldviews do not have. From a Christian worldview , we believe that God has created us in His image. Technion! Because we believe we are created in the image of God, we have a set of morals that we should uphold. Baillie Gifford 2012! As I am studying.

Christianity , God , God in Christianity 914 Words | 3 Pages. Technion Thesis! ?Tim Brooks BIBL 104-12D LUO L26270480 Biblical Worldview Essay Introduction In Paul’s epistle to the . Romans he gives us the foundation of Christian life in regards to how we should not only see the gifford 2012, world, but also how we should act in a world that rejects the gospel of Christ. In Romans 1 - 8 Paul teaches us how we are not able to come to a saving grace through our works, but that it must come from Christ alone, and not only to the Jews, but to the Gentiles also. Paul tells us however, that this. Christianity , Epistle , Interpersonal relationship 876 Words | 2 Pages. BIBL 110 WORLDVIEW ESSAY ROMANS CHAPTERS 1. ? WORLDVIEW ESSAY ROMANS CHAPTERS 1 - 8 Andrea Hanner BIBL110 B_12 Dr. Spencer June . 12, 2015 WORLDVIEW ESSAY ROMANS CHAPTERS 1 - 8 In analyzing the book of Romans chapters 1 - 8 , the essay, four areas of gifford essay 2012, interest that I will be covering are; the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture. Because there was a fault line a crack in the Roman society and culture Paul used this to frame the book of Romans . Legalizing Essay! Dr.

Jimmy Deyoung states in the video, “ Romans : the letter that changed. Deity , God , Jesus 1943 Words | 9 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Essay Marcies W. Smith Liberty University BIBL 104-B17 LUO Timothy Faber, DMin. . Biblical worldview which is also known as a Christian worldview is the ideas and/or beliefs that Christians have about the world and how they interact with it. Not all denominations of gifford, Christianity have the same worldviews as they all vary in opinion. In this essay I will discuss my worldviews through various and different subjected paragraphs in write one page essay an attempt to baillie gifford help the legalizing gay marriage essay, reader understand my. Adam and Eve , Bible , Creator deity 932 Words | 3 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Essay We all have a set of values and beliefs that help shape the baillie gifford 2012, way we view the world. While . many of essay coursework, us can share the same tools that shape our worldview ; everyone’s is unique to themselves. Romans 1 - 8 provides valuable teaching regarding the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture. These 4 categories make up the majority of the world and life as we know it.

As Christians, this passage in the Bible should hold a great influence on our worldview . I will. Christianity , Evil , Good and gifford, evil 1087 Words | 4 Pages. Essay! Biblical Worldview Essay on Romans 1 - 8 Bible 110-D27 . New Testament Survey Spring 2013 Term B D Franklin Fowler L26338017 APA Introduction Romans is a book. Christianity , Epistle , Epistle to baillie gifford essay 2012 the Romans 979 Words | 4 Pages. BIBL 104 Biblical Worldview Essay. ? Introduction/Thesis The Bible’s New Testament book of Romans , chapters 1 - 8 , provides a fundamental perspective . and legalizing gay marriage, useful resource on how God desires to shape our worldview . A biblical worldview in a society that gravitates to a sinful nature can be a challenge. Baillie! Paul, however, provides insight that may not encompass every theological truth, but provides the basis of establishing a biblical worldview . Specifically, these chapters provide the essence of essay, how Christians should view the natural world. Bible , Christianity , Heaven 1036 Words | 3 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Essay by Franklin Rutledge Introduction In Paul’s letter to baillie gifford essay the Romans , he . Write One Page Essay! addresses some important aspects of baillie essay, Christian life. Essays! How we should view the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture. Paul touches on many subjects from God’s wrath against mankind, which serves as a warning concerning turning away from the Lord, to out attaining peace and life through the baillie, blood of Christ. Through these letters we see the state of man, and find that the solution. Bible , Christianity , Creator deity 933 Words | 2 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Deathra S. Anthony Bible 104 Liberty University Biblical Worldview . Introduction A worldview consist of a foundation of thoughts, ideas, values and beliefs in thesis which a person or group may relate and interpret as conforming standard for essay their life.

Our worldview helps to shape our perceptive on education, past, present and future life decisions, culture, parenting, society and religion (Schmidt, 2011). In the book of Romans the apostle Paul wrote to tell the believers in. Bible , Christianity , Jesus 1038 Words | 6 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Essay Class: BIBL 104-B01 Dawn Livingston Student ID: 26153813 Date: June 27, 2014 . Landscape Architecture Proposals! Romans 1 - 8 has a tremendous amount of information and a great message to the Romans that I would not be able to talk about every key message. Paul wrote the essay, letter in preparation of his coming to Rome. Gay Marriage Essay! Romans 1 - 8 shows a view of the natural world, our identity as human beings and the people of Christ, our relationships with each other, and gifford essay, our culture.

Paul talks about the salvation of God through. Bible , Christian terms , Christianity 959 Words | 3 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Essay THEO 104 June 17, 2013 Liberty University Introduction From the very beginning of . time, we were all created in the image of God (Genesis 1 : 26-28). Our very essence is landscape architecture thesis proposals love because God is love ( 1 John 4: 8 ). Psychology is baillie gifford essay a nurturing and life changing career field which provides many opportunities to live a professional life that not only honors God, but shows believers and unbelievers God’s enduring love. Psychologists are organized professionals focused on healing. Proposals! Christianity , God , God in Christianity 837 Words | 2 Pages. Essay! ? Biblical worldview which can also be Christian worldview refers to malayalam essays about trees the framework of baillie essay, ideas and write one page essay, beliefs through . Baillie Gifford Essay! which a Christian individual, group or culture interprets the world and interacts with it. Research Towel! It is baillie essay how one perceives the world through their Christian view. The world view impact the choices one may make throughout life and technion lyx, is based on our principles and ideas. Leadership for transformation: The impact of a Christian worldview states that “But worldviews are also ways of life, for beliefs.

Bible , Culture , God 921 Words | 2 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Michael Foster bibl 105 September, 1 , 2014 Dr. Jones Biblical . Worldview Since becoming a Christian Genesis 1 -11 has greatly impacted my worldview . My worldview of the baillie essay, natural world is that God created everything out of nothing. My human identity worldview is God made us in his image so our identity is in him. My worldview of human relationships are that we are not meant to legalizing gay marriage essay be alone and how we can easily be lead away from God by other people. My civilization worldview is gifford that. God , Human , Mammal 1107 Words | 5 Pages. ? Essay Instructions You will write 4 essays (double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font). The first . essay must be 1,000–1,200 words, and the following essays must be 750–1,000 words each.

Essay one corresponds to the essay one prompt as listed below. Essay two corresponds with the write one page essay, essay two prompt, etc. through all four essays . Each essay is gifford 2012 a separate assignment. In completing each essay , research must be conducted through 2–4 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources in addition to the Bible and the. Bible , Religious text 990 Words | 3 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Essay Genesis is the first book of the bible, and shows how God created and shaped this world. . There is so much information in this great book, but there are specifics on our world, identity, relationships, and civilization itself. I will be correlating not only write one page essay, what Genesis says about these things, but also what they do for me in my day-to-day life in which I try to live as Christ has called me. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1 : 1 ESV). The first. Abraham , Bible , God 1121 Words | 4 Pages. ? Worldview Essay Kaleigh David Liberty University Abstract The Bible talks about many issues throughout its . Gifford Essay 2012! chapters. Every chapter holds a unique perspective on various topics. Legalizing! Romans 1 - 8 touches on topics that hit home. Gifford Essay! Some of the things that it talks about are the natural world, human identity, human relationships and morality. Reading this section of Romans would benefit every Christian because it helps guide Christians towards developing their worldview . Taking the technion thesis lyx, time to.

Bible , Christianity , God 1100 Words | 5 Pages. Biblical Worldview Essay Bible 105. Gifford Essay! ?Student: Alyssa Kilcrease Student ID: 26760548 Class: Bible 105 Biblical Worldview Essay Introduction What is a . biblical worldview ? A biblical worldview is about trees how one would view the world from a biblical perspective. For example, it is baillie gifford 2012 how one would view these sorts of write, questions. Is God real? How can I tell right from baillie 2012 wrong? Is there life after death? Who made us? What is our purpose?

As Ed Hindson and legalizing essay, Ergun Caner put it “Scripture is the grid through which believers view existence, truth, sin. Adam and Eve , Bible , Book of Genesis 750 Words | 2 Pages. Biblical Worldview Essay ( Romans 1 - 8 ) In the Book of . Romans Paul wrote many letters answering questions about the human world, mankind’s relations with God, the natural world and most importantly the plan of salvation. Gifford! Paul wrote these letters to tell the architecture thesis, truth, to baillie essay 2012 tell that no matter what race or religion, we are all sinner and the only way to truly become righteous is gay marriage though faith in Jesus Christ. Essay! In Rome at landscape, that time you had two extremes of baillie gifford essay, people, the heathens, and those who thought they were. Books of the Bible , Christianity , Jesus 1024 Words | 3 Pages. Essays! what a Biblical Worldview is and baillie gifford essay, present a Biblical Worldview process of contracts, ownership and . responsibility. A Biblical Worldview is trees a view that holds to the belief that there is absolute moral truth; no one can earn their way into Heaven with good deeds; the Bible is baillie gifford 100 percent correct in landscape architecture thesis proposals all aspects; Jesus Christ lived a life free of sin while He was on earth; and God is 2012 omnipotent, omniscience, and the ruler of the universe (Barna Group, 2009). It has been proven that one’s worldview has. Bible , Contract , God 1560 Words | 4 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Essay Jessica Wildes (Rogers) Introduction Often times, new believers are encouraged to gay marriage essay . read through the book of baillie gifford 2012, Romans . This is because Paul is able to break down essential aspects of the Christian life in a way that is both probing and thesis lyx, encouraging.

It covers aspects of the natural world, human identity, relationships, and culture. As with every word of the Bible, this book transcends time and culture and speaks as much in todays’ time as it did to the Roman church to. Bible , Christianity , Heart 938 Words | 2 Pages. John Shisler Course and Section Number: BIBL 105-D23 Biblical Worldview Essay Genesis 1 – 11 . recounts the story of the Creation of the heavens, earth, and baillie gifford, mankind, the fall of research on paper, man into sin, and God’s original covenant with Moses. From these chapters in essay Genesis, many of the questions of life are answered for us. We learn whether there is a God, where we came from, how to tell right from wrong, and what our relationship with God should be. Frankenstein Coursework! Genesis 1 – 11 sets down an early guide for us on how we should. Adam and Eve , Book of Genesis , Cain and Abel 1087 Words | 4 Pages. Reflection Paper 2, Week 8 THEO 104 INTRODUCTION The two topics that I chose to introduce are Bible Study and Temptation. Baillie Gifford 2012! Both of these . topics have been an integral part of my Christian walk and I have enjoyed exploring other points of view on both of them. Legalizing Gay Marriage Essay! PART ONE: Bible Study Theological Definition: What does it really mean to study the Bible?

It definitely has to start with a basic familiarity with the baillie gifford 2012, Bible. You really need to read it with a willingness to learn and grow. When you. Gay Marriage! Bible , Biblical studies , Christianity 1018 Words | 4 Pages. Essay 2012! ?James McMaster Bible Worldviews essay 201440 Fall 2014 BIBL 104-D63 LUO The Epistle to the Romans , was written by essays about trees . the baillie gifford 2012, Apostle Paul to “To all in Rome who are beloved ones of God, called as saints,” ( Romans 1 :7), to explain how salvation is gay marriage offered through the gospel of Jesus Christ (“Epistole to the Romans ” 2014) This is considered to be one of the baillie essay, most important religious texts of write, any time and a major teaching tool that can be used today. What is it that the gifford essay 2012, Book of Romans can teach us today just. Bible , Christianity , Epistle 904 Words | 3 Pages. Christianity and Biblical Christian Worldview.

My World is Your World and Your World is My World I. Worldview A worldview is how a person or group of people sees the . world as a whole. It is how people use their brain to make sense of the landscape, world they live in 2012 and how they respond to it. How people see the world whether it be good or bad is critical in how they act and malayalam trees, live their lives. Individual worldviews make up group worldviews , but each individual has a unique footprint on how they view the world through their personal prescriptive. Baillie Gifford! Bible , Christianity , Jesus 881 Words | 3 Pages. ? Essay 1 : Biblical Worldview Introduction Genesis 1 -11 answers some of . life’s biggest questions.

Questions like “How were we created? What is our identity? How does sin affect our relationships with one another? Has what makes up our civilization been our focus more than God?” Our worldview is shaped by thesis our natural world, human identity, human relationships, and civilization. It is by seeking truth in God’s Word that we can begin to build the foundation for a biblical worldview . Natural. Adam and Eve , Bible , Cain and baillie 2012, Abel 1166 Words | 5 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Essay The foundation to the Christian faith is the belief that mankind is created in the . image of God. But what does the image of God look like? Mankind has debated for years on what Jesus looked like, whether he was white in pigment or black.

I feel that me believing mankind was created in the image of affects the way I interact with people tremendously. Believing in thesis proposals mankind believes in baillie gifford essay 2012 life, which is essentially synonymous with the landscape proposals, word heart. Since mankind was created in. Bible , Christianity , Free will 990 Words | 3 Pages. ? Worldview Assignment This paper will address the definition of worldview , more specifically . Baillie Essay! biblical /Christian worldview and malayalam about, how it answers the questions of origin, identity, purpose, morality, and destiny. It will also address the baillie gifford essay, influences the towel, biblical worldview has on how others are treated and spoken about on a daily basis as well as the impact it has on deciding on a future career by applying the Word of God as our filter. 2012! Part I A worldview is landscape proposals what we know to essay be real and true about.

Books of the Bible , Ethics , Existence 805 Words | 4 Pages. November 8 , 2014 The Biblical Worldview on legalizing essay, Divorce In the book, A Study of the Biblical . Worldview of K—12 Christian School Educators, Wood defines a worldview as a set of fundamentals beliefs through which we see the essay 2012, world considering our call and future in landscape architecture thesis it. Reality is baillie managed and write, pursued through it, as well as interpreting and integrating the framework for judging order and disorder in a standard way (Wood 21). Although different denominations have varying interpretation of worldviews , it forms. Gifford Essay! Alimony , Annulment , Bible 1153 Words | 5 Pages. Theo 104 Biblical Worldview Essay. Worldview Biblical Essay Theology 104 Ericka Morales Introduction: The term image of God occurs three times . in the Bible. Frankenstein Essay Coursework! In Genesis 1 :26-27 and 9:6, we find out that man is created in the image of gifford essay, God. In 2 Cor. 4:4 we see the phrase used in frankenstein essay coursework reference to Jesus who is the image of God.

There is no exact understanding of what the baillie gifford essay 2012, phrase means, but we can generalize. It would seem that the first two verses refer to God's character and essays trees, attributes that are reflected in people. The term. Husband , Need , New Testament 989 Words | 3 Pages. ? APOL 104 Worldview Assignment I. Originally referred to as Weltanschauung, the term “ worldview ” is essay 2012 defined as the towel, . Essay! framework of beliefs by which a person views the world around them (Hindson Caner, 2008). An individual’s life experiences, what they’ve seen, heard, and learned over their lifetime builds their worldview . When a person understands this term, then they can better understand others. There are several questions that need to be asked, like what is origin, identity, meaning/purpose.

Bible , Christian terms , Christianity 770 Words | 3 Pages. 25, 2014 Essay 1 Whether we realize it or not, everyone has their own worldview . In a world with so many Carnal . instincts and jaded perspectives, worldview perhaps is what sets the believer apart from the culture and society. John 3:21 states, But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been through God. Like a pair of sunglasses, worldview in write one page essay the filter and perspective of everything we do. By understanding Genesis 1 -11, we can. Agriculture , Cain and Abel , Creator deity 1202 Words | 3 Pages. ? WORLDVIEW ASSIGNMENT APOL 104-D04 LUO 7/14/2014 Worldview Assignment Part I: A Definition of . “ Worldview ” According to Merriam Webster Online, worldview is “the way someone thinks about the 2012, world” ( worldview 2014). Or as Prussian Philosopher, Immanuel Kant published, “our intuition of the on paper towel, world” or “Weltanschauung” (Weider Gutierrez, 2013, p. 58). Beyond definition and text book explanations, worldview is simply how one see’s the world. Bible , God , Jesus 1442 Words | 3 Pages. Worldview Part I What is a worldview ? “A worldview , is a response of our heart or inner being; our intellect, . emotion or will.

It is the total framework we bring to gifford essay decision-making” (Weider amp; Gutierrez, 2011, p.51). An example is the on paper towel, Christian worldview . Baillie Gifford! The way we as Christians behave should be in direct correlation with the teachings of Jesus as to one page how we should live our lives. People who hold to the Christian worldview should act as if everything they do matters. Gifford Essay 2012! Many Christians. Bible , Christianity , God 753 Words | 3 Pages. ? THEO 104 Liberty University Biblical Worldview Paper Once I finish with my degree, . my intention is to move up in my accounting profession by becoming an accountant with the company that I am presently working for. Being a Christian in the accounting profession will give me opportunities to let Christ shine through on my interactions with others. Whether I am dealing with clients and guiding them through their taxes, doing financial reports for a company. Accountancy , Accountant , Bible 817 Words | 5 Pages. New Testament and Biblical Worldview Influence. I. What is a worldview ? Define what the term “ worldview ” means.

Use descriptive phrases to support your definition. (25–50 . words) A worldview is write essay a philosophy or the way an individual views the world and everything in it, and is present in every single human being on this planet. Baillie Gifford Essay 2012! A worldview is an individual’s set of beliefs, and directly affects their decision making, values, relationships, and behaviors by that individual. II. Articulate the biblical /Christian Worldview (what is believed). Bible , Christianity , God 663 Words | 3 Pages. My Christian Worldview Essay My worldview is Christianity which is the essays about, belief that there is baillie 2012 only one God . and research, that he created the universe and everything in essay 2012 it.

We were created to fulfill his purpose on Earth. Christianity is also the write essay, belief that when you die, if you are a Christian and believe in God, you will spend eternity with him in heaven. From a Christian viewpoint, I intend to show through this essay how I perceive God, the human being and what happens to us when we die, the baillie gifford 2012, nature. Bible , Big Bang , Christianity 1475 Words | 4 Pages. ?Tiffany Cummings Professor Robert Bruce Van Engen APOL 104-D17 LU July 19, 2015 Worldview Essay I. What is . worldview ? In life, many diverse worldviews exist. Worldviews are formed based on a person’s environment, how they are raised and how they view their reality. “In the most general terms, a worldview is the framework of beliefs by which a person views around him” (Hindson and research, Caner, 2008). A worldview can consist of a person’s religious beliefs, political affixations, and personal views. Christianity , God , Immortality 1127 Words | 5 Pages. the Garden of Eden by essay 2012 believing the serpent’s lie that she would gain knowledge by eating the fruit (Gen.

3:4-5 NKJ V). Thesis! worldview was born out . of that original sin. 2012! In perfection, there was no need for a worldview because God’s view is truth; however, once corrupted by sin, man began to believe that the on paper, creation might just know more than his Creator. The Natural World In Romans , Paul makes reference to the natural world when he wrote “since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities-his. Bible , Christianity , Circumcision 1019 Words | 2 Pages. Biblical Worldview Essay The Book of Romans , written by the Apostle Paul, addresses the . Baillie! teachings on the natural world, the importance of human identity, speaks on human relationships and culture and what is gay marriage essay expected of baillie essay, us as Disciples in lyx order to enforce God’s intent, God’s law in this world. Romans works as guidance for a life free of sin and helps us see that with God we are provided the baillie 2012, opportunity to shape the write one page, world we are currently living in. Baillie Gifford Essay! The natural world; in Romans 1 :20, the Apostle. Apostle , Christianity , Epistle 933 Words | 3 Pages. Apol 104 3 June 2013 What is worldview ? Worldview is gay marriage a combination of one’s perception and performance based on one’s belief . system. Worldview is the blueprint on gifford essay 2012, life, formulated by ones thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and behavior and write one page, molded by gifford essay experiences. These experiences can be either good or bad.

Vehicles of influences can come from ones teacher. These teachers can be: parents, siblings, relatives or school teachers. Other vehicles can be commercials from landscape radio and/or television, various. Bible , Christianity , Deity 776 Words | 3 Pages. ? Christian Worldview Introduction: A worldview is how someone sees life, reasons for baillie gifford essay making decision, and architecture thesis proposals, the filter they use . to understand life and everything in gifford essay it (Weider Gutierrez, 2011). Knowing what a worldview is thesis makes it easier to understand what a Christian Worldview is.

A Christian Worldview uses the Bible as its filter for baillie gifford 2012 understanding the world around us and how we should act. Research Towel! Paul addresses a lot of perspectives of the Christian Worldview in essay his letter to the Romans . Paul touches. Bible , Christianity , God 838 Words | 3 Pages. Christian worldview A research paper to be submitted to Professor martin sheldon In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements For BIBL 425 – . romans By PAUL PSCHIRER March 4, 2013 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Paul's Concern 2 Romans on creation, sin, and frankenstein, salvation 3 The plan of god in operation 4 eschatology in romans ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Conclusion 5 Bibliography 6 Introduction Though the essay 2012, Book of Romans is thesis lyx not. Christianity , God , God in Christianity 1299 Words | 7 Pages.

Katherine? Mrs. Gifford! Rego Honors World Lit 26 September 2013 Worldview Essay Christians have an landscape architecture proposals important decision to make based . on what they believe and what they would like to stand for. Many Christians subconsciously form a worldview based on the environment they have grown up in. Although many children agree with their parents, they need to form their own worldview based off of their own beliefs. Christians should be meticulous in the beliefs of their religion so that they may hold fast to the. Bible , Christianity , God 772 Words | 5 Pages. ? Biblical World View Essay Introduction In the . following essay on Biblical World View of, Business Administration, with the foundational Christian belief that man was created in the image of God.

There will be two examples in this essay that will explain this view. In the first example, I will be going over leadership and how important it is as a Christian to remember your foundational belief that we are created in. Bible , Christianity , God 872 Words | 3 Pages. ?Annie Walker CWV 101 November 26, 2012 Eric Hernando Worldview Essay Introductory There was a time in my life when I . saw life from the eyes of gifford essay, a child. I played as a child and essays about, I understood as a child, but one day I begin to see the world in a different view. Gifford 2012! Things around me became a reality and I realize that I was no longer just a child but a human being. A human being created with a purpose which changed my perception of the world. Landscape Proposals! These changes brought about a difference in my actions. Christian terms , Christianity , Existence 945 Words | 4 Pages. WHAT IS A WORLD VIEW A worldview is a person’s philosophy on life.

Hindson and Caner define it as “the framework of beliefs by which a person . views the world around him.”(The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics, Ed Hindson and Ergun Caner; Pg. Baillie Gifford Essay! 498). There are three primary categories of worldviews ; theism, naturalism, and pantheism. Theism is the view or belief that one God exists. This God is usually the center of all things; everything begins and thesis lyx, ends with this deity. Baillie Gifford Essay! Christianity falls under. Atheism , Bible , Christianity 1004 Words | 3 Pages. ? THEO 104 Biblical World View Essay Many ask what a world view is.

A world view can . be made up of assumptions that a human being believes about reality. Whether consciously or subconsciously, human beings viewpoints on the world will affect the way they interact, react, and live out their day to day lives. Legalizing Gay Marriage! Everyone abides by some sort of world view, though another human being may not be cognizant of it. Baillie Essay! These preconceptions often have emotional impact. Africa , Christianity , Hominidae 906 Words | 5 Pages. ? Biblical Worldview Essay Theology 104 Jessica Carter Theology 104: Liberty University Erica Fowler . Biblical Worldview Essay : To be created in God’s image refers to the immaterial part of man.

It is a likeness mentally, morally, and socially to God. It does not mean to be like him in the physical form but rather in the spiritual form. “As humans were created in write God’s image, we have responsibility to baillie gifford 2012 care for legalizing gay marriage and protect all of His creation” (Wood, 2005) . As a nurse I have sworn. Gifford Essay! Bible , Christianity , Gospel of John 870 Words | 5 Pages. Thesis Lyx! Biblical Principles in baillie Marketing Essay. ? Joshua McNamara s414422 BZ103 Introduction to Marketing D’Wayne Wigley Assessment Task Two: Essay Due 7/10/2014 (Extension Granted) . Words: 1270 For all Christians it is on paper imperative that our actions and decisions be tested against the benchmark of the baillie 2012, Bible in order to stay on the straight and narrow. Firstly to trees deduce a list of baillie, biblical principles suitable for a marketing career it is coursework important to fully understand what is meant by the term marketing. It’s also very important to. Bible , Christianity , God 1533 Words | 7 Pages. 2012 Worldview Assignment Part I: What is baillie gifford essay 2012 a world view?

A worldview is easily described as the person’s perception of malayalam, . the world around them and is the framework for gifford essay 2012 decision making. You can think of a worldview like a pair of glasses. When you look out of those glasses what do you see? Dr. Essay! Weider in his presentation gave an example; if your glasses are red then everything around you will be red. (Weider amp; Gotierrez, 2011) This is the same for worldview . Everyone has a worldview if they. Bible , Christianity , Creator deity 1428 Words | 4 Pages. Worldview Assignment Part 1 FA12 3 1. ? BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW 1 (BWVW 101) Worldview Writing Assignment Part 1 Instructions Date . Due: (See Course Schedule in gifford essay 2012 the syllabus) Instructions: DO NOT USE ANY SOURCES OR REFERENCES, ONLINE OR OTHERWISE. Just write from your present knowledge and understanding.

YOU WILL NOT BE GRADED ON CONTENT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. Landscape! The only thing you have to worry about is that you carefully follow the essay 2012, instructions. CONTENT Possible Points: ___ /20 Instructions: Clearly address all three questions in three separate. A Great Way to Care , Microsoft Word , Pilcrow 832 Words | 4 Pages. 1 . Part One What is research on paper a Worldview ? The term Worldview has several different ways it can be defined, and because . Essay! it is so complex some people mistakenly think they don’t have one. But it is very important to write one page essay understand that we all have a worldview , even if we don’t realize it. Worldview is a person’s viewpoint of life, it is the frame work in which a person makes decisions.

Some people view it as their moral compass, while others view it more as a lens or filter in which they use to interpret. Gifford Essay 2012! Bible , Christianity , Jesus 481 Words | 2 Pages. Introduction This worldview paper will show views on different aspects of worldviews . Coursework! I will define a worldview ? . Articulate the biblical /Christian Worldview (what is believed). Baillie Gifford! How might/should a biblical worldview influence the way you think, treat people on daily basis. • I. Part One: What is a worldview ? Define what the technion thesis, term “ worldview ” means. Use descriptive phrases to support your definition. Baillie Gifford 2012! (25-50 words) What is a Worldview ? A person’s worldview , whether it. English Bible translations , James I of England , King James Only movement 1814 Words | 7 Pages. Romans 8:1-17 as a Summary of Paul's Thoughts. Throughout passages in Paul's letter to the Romans , there are many themes that we have seen before in his other letters to the Corinthians, . Galatians, and Thessalonians.

Paul's passage in Romans 8 : 1 -17 is a summary of all of on paper towel, his main thoughts that he wants every Christian to gifford essay 2012 live his or her life according to. Paul uses references of the Spirit and the Flesh to essay coursework communicate his ideas. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of. Christian terms , Christianity , Holy Spirit 1159 Words | 3 Pages. Worldview XXXXXXXXXX Liberty University Worldview is baillie 2012 a response of landscape thesis, our inner being; our intellect, emotion and baillie gifford, will. It . determines what information we use when making a decision, even if not realizing it. We all have a “ worldview ”, though we aren't always consistent in trees how we apply it.

Worldview is like looking through a lens at the same object, in which we all see different colors. Origin is a question that we all have asked ourselves and baillie 2012, some point in life. 'Where did we come from?” or “how. Bible , Christianity , Deity 1152 Words | 3 Pages. November 29, 2014 Jonathan Sharpe Worldview Essay This semester of gay marriage essay, Christian Worldview has been beneficial for baillie gifford me . learning more about essay all different types of worldviews . I started this class with a Christian background but a clean slate of not knowing what my true worldview really was. As I went through the semester, I gained tons of new knowledge to baillie essay 2012 help me understand how my opinions matched with the different worldviews . In the beginning of the semester I did a worldview outline answering seven questions.

Christianity , Consistency , Ethics 1398 Words | 5 Pages.

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Oracle financials consultant with 6.9 years exp Resume. India-Bangalore (will consider relocating) I was associated with Capgemini India (a part of Capgemini Group, Oracle Platinum Partner) as Oracle R12 FMS Functional Consultant Conversant with Oracle R12 Financials as well experience in providing functional solutions in essay 2012, Oracle Applications and skilled in suggesting appropriate as well as technology-based solutions for enhancing functional efficiency of the gay marriage essay organization and achieving business excellence. Deft at carrying out 3 end to end implementation and one rollout and baillie gifford one upgrade with ensured completion according to AIM. I am skilled in working with the cross-culture project and mapping business processes, gap analysis and development of essay, specifications for configuration. Expert at baillie handling configuration set-up, functionality design and user support for OracleR12 FMS consists of GL, AP, CM, FA and on paper AR modules plus of SLA and gifford eBT.

Extensive experience in leading operations for technology, business development and application development. Nov 2012 to landscape May 2013; Marsh India Re-Insurance Brokers Private Ltd. Marsh McLennan Companies is a global professional services firm with more than 53,000 employees servicing clients in over 100 countries. Our vision is to be the world's leading global advice and baillie gifford solutions firm, dedicated to managing risk, maximizing growth, and creating value for our clients and shareholders. ? Handling upgradation from 11i to R12; determining the data gathering requirements (BP.030) for Clients. ? Developing the following: ? Current Process Model (As-is) for clients (BP.040). ? Future Process Model (To-be) for legalizing, clients (BP.080).

? Preparing the following: ? Current financial and operating structure (RD.010) which deliverable is COA. ? Developed Future Process Model (To-be) for clients (BP.080). ? Developed Analysis of gifford, documents (RD 20, RD50), solution design document (BR30) and closed the processes with Gap analysis (BR 10) then converted it to write one page essay setup documents (BR.100). ? (BR.100); establishing the set-up of the Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Payable, Oracle Fixed Asset and Cash Management with India Localization. ? (MD.050) for Create Financials Applications Functional Design for Customization. ? Acts as second line support to baillie essay the customer. ? Conducts training to essay the end user on means of operating the implemented system.

? Uploading data sheets with Dataloader and 2012 ADI. ? Conducting end user training sessions for system users. ? Assists in one page essay, obtaining the approved/signed “Final Acceptance Sheet” from the client on his/her own module(s) within the project. Cummins' presence in India stems from a joint venture incorporated in 1962. Today, eight legal entities of the Group represent all of the baillie gifford essay 2012 Cummins global business units. Having expanded its business across markets and geographies, the Group spans 200 locations in the country and employs close to 14,000 individuals. Cummins in thesis, India reported combined sales of approximately Rs.

10,500 crores in 2011. ? Understanding the functional flow and relate it to the technical aspects. ? Leads, motivates and baillie essay supports the training team with enthusiasm for achieving business goals. ? Identifies key improvement areas for a customer training. ? Ensure that known errors are correctly classified and that the recovery procedures are documented and shared with other team members. ? Have conducted User Trainings and prepared AP.140 , AP.150, TA.060 with help of UPK3.5. ? Contributed in development of research towel, reports and gifford essay interface of Oracle with other applications. ? Team up with functional team and customer's staff and produce desirable results. ? Building standard user guide for the training for technion thesis lyx, modules. ADPL is baillie gifford currently also engaged in highway construction and today has progressed to essay become an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, among the baillie gifford essay 2012 few to have achieved this coveted landmark. The turnover of the Group runs into more than Rs.

3000 lakhs and is looked upon as a symbol of quality and commitment having very strong credentials. ? Developed Analysis of documents (RD 20, RD50), solution design document (BR30) and closed the processes with Gap analysis (BR 10) then converted it to setup documents (BR.100). ? (BR.100); establishing the coursework set-up of the Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Payable, Oracle Fixed Asset and Cash Management with India Localization. ? (MD.050) for Create Financials Applications Functional Design for Customization. ? Have conducted User Trainings and gifford essay 2012 prepared AP.140, AP.150, TA.060 with help of UPK3.5. ? Contributed in essay coursework, development of reports and interface of Oracle with other applications.

? Team up with functional team and customer's staff and produce desirable results. ? Building standard user guide for the training for modules. Capgemini is headquartered in Paris, France and operates in 40 countries. Baillie Gifford 2012! We are, above all, a people company--around 110,000 people in essays, North America, Europe, South America and the Asia Pacific region. 01 July 2011 to 31 July 2011, Oracle R12 FMS Support for Oracle Financials for GMDC (Gujarat Minerals and Development Corporation) as Functional Lead Consultant; Core public sector authority for Mining and mineral research activities in Gujarat State. Team Size: 9; Tools Environment: OracleR12 Apps (12.1.2) AP, AR, GL, Ce, FA, PO, INV, HRMS Core, OLM, Payroll, Oracle Manufacturing, EAM, Oracle RDBMS 11g, IBM AIA-X. ? Managing a team for functional support of Oracle Financials (GL, AP, CM FA modules). ? Overseeing the gifford Training and support of Oracle GL, AP, FA, CE AR Modules, resolution of issues logged in by the end users; updating the online issue database. ? Developed customized solution for clients (MD.050). ? Coordinating with business users functional team members for the functional requirement.

? Developing the following: o Ad-hoc journal reports using FSG as per the end-user requirements. o Standard General Ledger reports and essay Oracle Payables reports such as Trial Balance, Payment Register and gifford essay Invoice Register using FSG as per the functional specifications. o Modified SLA Definition as per client's requirement and write one page essay resolve problems with SLA. ? Managing a team for functional implementation of Oracle Financials (GL, AP, CM FA modules) with India Localization across the organization. ? Rendering complete support and maintaining Oracle R12 Financials India Modules. ? Team up with functional teams and baillie gifford essay 2012 customer's staff and produce desirable results. ? Integrating the technion lyx invoices and payments data from AP to baillie general ledger. ? Approving as well as correcting the accounting entries transferred from Oracle Payables to cover receipt accruals, invoice distributions (expense, Work in technion lyx, Process), payables liability and disbursements. ? Defined the Autoinvoice in Accounts Receivable and confirmed the baillie gifford 2012 Auto applications. Established in essay, 2000, VESL is the only Oracle Partner to have gained the highest partner status of baillie essay, - Oracle Certified Advantage Partner - in Africa. Our unrivaled commitment to quality assurance has positioned us as preferred implementer of Oracle E-Business Suite - the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

October 10 to May 2011 Oracle R12 FMS Implementation for Oracle Financials for EWSA (Energy, Water and malayalam essays about trees Sanitation Authority) as Functional Consultant; Core public sector authority for Energy and baillie essay 2012 water in malayalam trees, Rwanda. Authority dedicated to baillie essay 2012 Energy Manufacturing 'N” distribution and Water Management and Distribution which acting as progressive pulse of Rwanda. Team Size: 6; Tools Environment: OracleR12 Apps (12.1.1) AP, AR, GL, Ce, FA, PO, INV, HRMS Core, OLM, Payroll, Oracle RDBMS 11g, Linux86. ? Managing a team for end to end implementation of Oracle Financials (GL, AP, CM FA modules). ? Overseeing the Training and support of Oracle GL, AP, FA, CE, AR, iExpense and iPayment Modules, resolution of issues logged in by the end users; updating the online issue database. ? Developed Future Process Model (To-be) for clients (BP.080).

? Developed Analysis of documents (RD 20, RD 50), Solution Design documents (BR 30) and closed processes with Gap analysis (BR 10) then converted it to setup documents (BR.100). ? Coordinating with business users functional team members for malayalam essays, the functional requirement. ? Developing the following: o Ad-hoc journal reports using FSG as per the end-user requirements. o Standard General Ledger reports and Oracle Payables reports such as Trial Balance, Payment Register and Invoice Register using FSG as per baillie essay 2012, the functional specifications. ? Working in Oracle Cash Management Modules to gay marriage essay load, import and 2012 auto-reconcile bank statement transaction against payments in Accounts Payable (AP)/ Accounts Receivable AR. ? Approving as well as correcting the accounting entries transferred from Oracle Payables to cover receipt accruals, invoice distributions (expense, Work in Process), payables liability and disbursements. ? Defined the Autoinvoice in Accounts Receivable and confirmed the Auto applications. ? Prepared the (BR.100) setting up the frankenstein Setups of Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Payable, Oracle Fixed Asset, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, iExpense, iPayment, SLA and e-BT. ? Prepared, audited and enhanced COA and other key flexfield for client with assistance of superusers. I made them to follow standardization and baillie gifford naming convention. ? Defined the budget for the client.

? Defined the taxes in eBT. ? Configured provided training of iExpense for the client. ? Configured iPayment as per requirement of disbursement and capture function for the client. ? Customize SLAM as per gay marriage, requirement of users in Payable. ? Provide solution of complex issues like pay groups and Operating Units through SLA. ? Setup FA fully, uploaded purged the baillie gifford essay Assets data and prepared the reports.

? Setup AR as per requirement of the client with Auto Invoice, Autocash and revenue recognization -contingency features. ? Worked in towel, Oracle Cash Management modules to load, import and auto-reconcile bank statement transaction against payments in Accounts Payable (AP)/AR. ? Executed the essay 2012 journal import program to lyx import journal entries in general ledger. ? Rendered complete support in essay, the finalization of month-end year-end closing. ? Matched AP Invoices (2-way) (3-way) to the purchase order in payable modules. ? Trained end-users with Oracle UPK for smooth business activities with Oracle financials in future. Sep '05 -- Sep'10 Vernatis Infotech, Pune, Oracle Apps Financials Functional Consultant. Vernatis Infotech offers both high-level structured consulting engagements and smaller, more tactical engagements that can be a narrower situation specific with need based solutions required on urgent basis.

Our strategic advisors and analysts can offer advice in a wide range of areas. I've joined as Trainee consultant in April 2005 for summer project of lyx, MCA then became Consultant. ? Handling complete implementations support; determining the data gathering requirements (BP.030) for Clients. ? Developing the following: o Current Process Model (As-is) for clients (BP.040). o Future Process Model (To-be) for gifford 2012, clients (BP.080). ? Preparing the following: o Current financial and operating structure (RD.010) which deliverable is essay COA. o Developed Future Process Model (To-be) for clients (BP.080). o Developed Analysis of documents (RD 20, RD50), solution design document (BR30) and baillie closed the processes with Gap analysis (BR 10) then converted it to setup documents (BR.100).

o (BR.100); establishing the set-up of the architecture thesis Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Payable, Oracle Fixed Asset and Cash Management with India Localization. o (MD.050) for Create Financials Applications Functional Design for Customization. ? Overseeing the execution of Oracle11i Apps Financials Project for 2012, company's Domestic Clients. ? Define/document requirements and convert it to malayalam about Document functional design then to baillie gifford essay 2012 analyze and map business requirements to Oracle Financials features Perform data analysis, fulfil technical requirements of Oracle Financial's setup and Evaluate technical solution. ? Develop User Training intstances and Perform Oracle Financials product installations and used to Monitor systems and respond to technical issues. ? Adeptly established the set-ups of Oracle11i Apps General Ledger, Oracle Payable, Cash Management, Fixed Assets and Oracle Receivables with India localization. ? Acquired familiarly with Oracle11i Applications Purchasing and technion Order Management. ? Attained skills in business process designing, process modelling, and product mapping, building and testing. ? Instrumental in interacting with the end-users to provide the post implementation support.

? Skilfully coordinated the daily development activities among team members. I've 18 months experience in baillie, implementation and support of India localization with 11i. I've implemented TDS, Service Tax and Excise. • Identify current Tax structure, implemented India localizations as per specification. • India Localization and legalizing gay marriage essay defining the Organization structure of the client in baillie 2012, OA. • Explain the process and legalizing gay marriage essay Functionality of the application to the necessary people. • Setup and maintain the Tax, Codes, precedence and Thresholds in baillie essay 2012, India Localization.

• Interaction with Client on Regular basis and update the project details. Rectify the research on paper towel errors and gifford 2012 bugs while end-user worked in AP, AR and legalizing FA. • Assisting the gifford client with the raising to fixing up the TAR Identify reporting and information Involved in the user acceptance testing of the modules. • Imparting extensive training to core team, business leaders and end users. • Managing a team for coursework, functional implementation of Oracle Financials (GL, AP, CM FA modules) with India Localization across the organization. Oct '07 to baillie Aug '08 end to end onsite Implementation and Support for Oracle Financials for frankenstein coursework, Spaze Constructions Ltd. as. Functional Consultant; Growing construction engineering organizations engaged in projects across the India, in sectors like roads highways, buildings, industrial infrastructure, real estate development and baillie essay 2012 hospitality. Team Size: 12; Tools Environment: Oracle11i Apps ( AP, AR, GL, Ce, FA, PO, Oracle RDBMS 10g, Windows NT. ? Implementation of Oracle 11i Financials modules including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Cash Management, Fixed Assets. ? Gathering all the required information and data from the client's side in regards to the business cycle(s) ? Discussing details of the required deliverables with the write one page key user(s) in accordance to the recommended solution.

? Delivering technical presentations / Demonstrations conducted by the senior consultant or the team leader to the key user(s) and end user(s) in regards to the provided solution. ? Completing project deliverables using the Oracle Application Implementation Methodology -- AIM (prepared project deliverables in gifford 2012, both English) / Oracle Business Accelerator. ? Assessing the customer's business requirements and mapping it to the application. ? Preparing project plan for implementing the Oracle Financials modules. ? Updates and involves the Project Manager and functional team leader on the progress of implementation of the assigned module and/or escalates issues faced during implementation to research ensure prompt action. ? Acts as second line support to the customer.

? Conducts training to the end user on means of baillie essay 2012, operating the implemented system. ? Uploading data sheets with Dataloader and ADI. ? Conducting end user training sessions for system users. ? Assists in obtaining the approved/signed “Final Acceptance Sheet” from the client on on paper towel, his/her own module(s) within the project. ? Developing the core knowledge of gifford 2012, subordinate team members (E.g. Junior and Functional ERP Consultants). ? Worked in Oracle Cash Management modules to load, import and one page essay auto-reconcile bank statement transaction against payments in Accounts Payable (AP). ? Executed the baillie gifford journal import program to import journal entries in legalizing, general ledger. ? Rendered complete support in the finalization of month-end year-end closing; matched AP Invoices (2-way) (3-way) to the purchase order in payable modules.

Leading construction engineering MNC engaged in projects across the globe, in sectors like roads highways, buildings, industrial infrastructure, oil, gas and baillie refinery, airport infrastructure, etc. Team Size: 7; Tools Environment: Oracle11i Apps (, AP, FA, GL, Ce, Oracle RDBMS 10g, Windows NT. ? Managing a team for research towel, functional implementation of Oracle Financials (GL, AP, CM FA modules) with India Localization across the organization. ? Configuring modules; designing reports and add-ons; coordinating with Technical Team in order to monitor development and baillie gifford essay 2012 implementation progress according methodology. ? Implementing AIM methodology for implementations support; facilitating end-user training creating user manuals. ? Experience of managing experienced organizations resources with accounting skills. ? Taking care of the application system; supporting and providing support for end-users to capitalize application usage. ? Preparing the following: o Current financial and operating structure (RD.010) which deliverable is COA.

o Business requirements mapping (BRMs) for business KPI (BR.030). o BR.100; establishing set-ups of oracle general ledger/ oracle/ fixed asset/ cash management. o MD.050 for Create Financials Applications Functional Design for DSCL. ? Establishing as well as completing the general settings specific configuration related to company code, bank transaction codes; bank 'N' bank accounts, bank reconciliations in Oracle financial. ? Assessing the customer's business requirements and write mapping it to essay the application. ? Preparing project plan for implementing the Oracle Financials modules. ? Updates and about involves the Project Manager and functional team leader on the progress of implementation of the baillie gifford 2012 assigned module and/or escalates issues faced during implementation to ensure prompt action.

? Acts as second line support to lyx the customer. ? Conducts training to the end user on means of operating the implemented system. ? Uploading data sheets with Dataloader and ADI. ? Conducting end user training sessions for system users. ? Assists in obtaining the approved/signed “Final Acceptance Sheet” from the client on his/her own module(s) within the project. ? Coordinated with the business users functional team members to get the functional requirement for further maintenance. ? Developed ad-hoc Journal reports using FSG based on the end user requirement. ? Standard General Ledger reports and Oracle Payables reports such as Trial Balance, Payment Register and Invoice Register using FSG as per the functional specification. ? Worked in Oracle11i Apps cash management modules to load, import and baillie auto-reconcile the bank statement transaction against payments in Accounts Payable (AP). ? Assisted in finalization of year-end closing. Constructions Ltd., Gurgaon; Team Size: 7.

C C Constructions Limited incorporated in July 1996 by a group of professionals for infrastructure development. Company is engaged in construction of coursework, Highways, Airports and baillie gifford essay 2012 lying of Optic Fibre Cables and maintenance of Telecom Network. Team Size: 8; Tools Environment: Oracle11i Apps (11.5.9) AP, AR, GL, FA, Ce, Oracle RDBMS 10g, Windows NT. ? Provided support for management of the thesis proposals IT setup for 'Project: P- 3403, Investigation …… Valley Project, I.T., IMS, Central Office'. ? Assisted the project team in processing and testing data with the Material Testing Machine, and in deciphering the test results. ? Developed Forms for data entry, created users and generated reports.

? Managed the storage of data and baillie gifford essay 2012 took regular data backups. Oct '97 to Feb '00 Asia Foundations Constructions as Accounts Officer, (Windows95, MS-Office 97) I joined as an on paper Accounts Assistant and became Accounts AM to holding multiple projects. • Responsible for the day to day functioning of the Accounts and Finance functions including MIS, Audit, Taxation, etc. • Responsible for the development and maintenance of all internal accounting controls to provide reasonable assurance that transactions are executed and recorded properly for project. • Taxation matters including both Direct Indirect tax including filing of returns and all other legal payments and documentation of the same. • Overall cash management including receivables, payables, and working capital. • Furnish financial information to management on baillie 2012, an ongoing basis, as required. • Ensuring adherence of all clauses of various agreements entered into with Vendors and Customers.

• Ensuring deduction and deposit of TDS, service tax and other statutory dues of the company. 1997 Diploma in Computer Science (PG Diploma) from on paper towel Saurashtra University; Marks Secured- 47% 1995 B.Com. From Saurashtra University; Marks Secured- 43% You must be logged in baillie gifford essay, and have a current resume access subscription. Login or Register »

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The 25 Worst Business Failures in History. It is baillie essay, said that up to 50% of businesses fail within five years of inception. Most of frankenstein essay coursework, these business start and end in obscurity. A few of them, however, start up with the verve of a cannonball, only to crash with equal fanfare. Some of the baillie 2012, companies listed below, like Enron and DeLorean, exemplify this cataclysmic appeal. Others, like Pan Am and technion thesis lyx, Woolworth’s, just tug at our heartstrings. Check out the 25 worst business failures in history below: 25.

Fashion Cafe. Want some Newports with that iceberg lettuce? A restaurant that serves gargantuan burgers and fried appetizers founded by a bunch of supermodels and fey fashionistas didn’t work? Hmm, I wonder why. “The $20 Salad Extraordinaire,” created exclusively for Naomi Campbell, reportedly consisted of a glass of champagne, a pack of Newports and two slices of gifford 2012, tomato accompanied by an iceberg leaf. Famed restaurateur Tommaso Buti was the “brains” behind the operation.

He over-franchised the cafes, was accused of mismanagement, then followed Christy Turlington in selling his stake in the company. Buti, already accused of defrauding investors, was arrested in 2000 and charged with wire fraud, conspiracy, money laundering, and transportation of stolen property. A legend turns into research towel a men’s store. In 2006, after 33 years of offering up legends like the Talking Heads, Blondie, Misfits and the stalwart Ramones, CBGB, the baillie gifford essay, most famous underground alt-rock/punk club in the world, closed its doors. It was shuttered to make way for a high-end men’s fashion store.

Patti Smith gave the historic club an emotional, if punk, goodbye by frankenstein coursework, tearing the stage and room apart. Ironically, the very same shrine that so many skinny-jean hipsters and adrenaline-fueled punks would come to mourn was originally started by Hilly Kristal as a venue for his favorite music: “Country, Blue Grass and Blues.” In 1958, Ford’s newest vehicle, launched on baillie essay “E-Day,” flailed, flopped, and imploded. Ford kept the Edsel under wraps as a new kind of futuristic, experimental car. One fateful day in essay coursework 1958, the Edsel was revealed…and immediately faceplanted. This car of the future was blah by baillie, anyone’s standards. By November 1959, when Ford finally mercy-killed the Edsel, it had lost an estimated $250 million–nearly $2 billion in today’s dollars. Edsel is now synonymous with a marketing business failure. The name says it all. blew through up to frankenstein $50 million dollars trying to convince new Internet users that money online would work like frequent flier miles or gift cards. Part of that money went to a notoriously bad ad campaign featuring Whoopi Goldberg (before she was cool again).

And the baillie essay, name? Flooz is derived from the malayalam essays trees, Arabic word for money. Gifford? In August, 2001 the company folded their chairs and went home. Apparently, people could just use their credit cards. Research? Whoops! 21. The Hit Factory. A New York classic goes condo. Deep in 2012 New York, in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, The Hit Factory was one the world’s most recognized recording Studios. Started by Edward Germano in 1975, it saw everyone from Tony Bennett to U2 record amazing tracks.

After Germano’s death in 2003, his wife Janice took over essays trees operations. Essay? Citing the “digital age,” she closed the doors and sold the building, moving the essay, operations to an existing Hit Factory in Miami. Troy Germano, Edward’s son, later acknowledged publicly that his mother simply closed it out of baillie gifford 2012, greed. She wanted to landscape architecture move to Miami and thought she could make good money on the building’s sale. It is now a luxury condominium complex, with prices starting at $1 million. I could give you facts, figures, and dates to support why Betamax failed so miserably, but that would be a blog post unto itself. Suffice it to say: Betamax was bulky, complicated, ugly, expensive, publicly ridiculed, horribly marketed, disdained by the media, and gifford essay, only capable of limited recording and playback.

The capper? Most Hollywood movies that people rented were just a little bit over one hour. Too bad…and good riddance. The “Flying Bank” ends up buried. The former national airline of Switzerland, Swissair, used to be so financially stable that it was known as the gay marriage, “Flying Bank.” Founded in 1931, Swissair epitomized international transportation until the late 1990s, when the airline’s board decided to follow an aggressive borrowing and acquisition policy called the Hunter strategy. Baillie? Then, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 put a void in the company’s plans Swissair found itself hamstrung with debt. Unlike some other airlines, however, Swissair couldn’t handle the trees, financial hit.

Mismanagement and bad ideas—trundling large sums of cash to purchase fuel at foreign airports, for example—left the airline gasping for oxygen. In 2002, Switzerland was embarrassed to lose its national icon for good. 18. Ponzi’s Security Exchange Company. Bernie Madoff’s famous forebear. It’s quite an achievement to have a breed of financial scam named after yourself. Charles Ponzi, an Italian immigrant, ran a staggering 6-month pyramid scheme in 1920 by gaining investments (over $15 million) from an ever-growing pool of more than 40,000 investors.

Ponzi would use “profits” from new investors to pay “interest” to old ones. Using a trade system of international reply coupons for postage stamps and leveraging exchange rates, Ponzi made a lot of people money through the “Securities Exchange Company,” which claimed to leverage exchange rates through an international postage stamp reply coupon trading system (this mouthful of a phrase reminds me of baillie 2012, how people described derivatives in 2008). But his scheme ruined lives–including Charles’ own. After jumping a few bails, he did prison time from 1926 through 1934. Years later, he died, penniless, in a Brazil charity hospital, half-blind and partially paralyzed. The bad economy bullies Woolies towards its own demise. Brits, who held “Woolies” close to their hearts, were were crushed when this comfort food and houseware retailer closed its last 807 stores after nearly 100 years of service on High Street and beyond. Research On Paper Towel? At one time, Woolworths was the leading music retailer in the entire U.K. During the 1950s and 60s, the gifford essay, store was instrumental to the Beatles’ sales success Indeed, Woolies also played a role in breaking Madonna to legalizing the rest of the world.

Hey, she’s a Brit now. Maybe she’ll pony up the cash to save them? Not likely. 16. Premier Smokeless Cigarette. Taste-wise, charcoal just doesn’t cut it. A smokeless cigarette has been the holy grail of tobacco ever since Reagan lit up a Chesterfield on broadcast TV. In an effort to reduce the harmful effects of inhaling cigarette smoke, RJ Reynolds launched the Premier cigarette, a “smokeless nicotine delivery mechanism that looks and feels like a premium cigarette,” in 1988. The product ended up a miserable flop. Not only did this expensive cig taste like charcoal, it ended up being employed by gifford essay 2012, drug users as a handy “delivery mechanism” for substances other than tobacco.

The cost of the project? A cool $1 billion. 15. Legalizing? Bre-X Minerals. Fool’s gold strikes again. If someone tells you they’ve struck gold on the isle of Borneo, grab your money and run the other way. In 1995, Bre-X Minerals was a tiny mining company based in gifford essay Calgary with stock worth under $1 when they announced they had found extensive deposits of Gold in technion lyx Busang, Indonesia. As a result, their stock shot to gifford essay 2012 almost $300 CAD a share. A series of strange events, including a man fallen from write essay, a helicopter and eaten by tigers, roused enough suspicion to unravel the baillie essay 2012, fraud.

By 199, an outside analysis of the thesis proposals, sites samples revealed that Bre-X had faked their findings by “salting” samples with gold dust. Gifford Essay 2012? Within weeks, the research towel, NASDAQ and TSX delisted the company, which at baillie essay one point held a market cap of $4.4 billion. Frankenstein? Investors slapped their foreheads, and Bre-X Minerals slunk into history as a major business failure. On July 11, 2008 the gifford essay 2012, FDIC seized the assets of the largest Savings and one page, Loan in Los Angeles and the 7th largest loan originator in the country. The seizure sparked rumors of bank runs. It also gave the essay, public the first real, Main Street glimpse of the essay, Financial Crisis of essay, 2008. IndyMac was founded in technion 1995 as Countrywide Mortgage Investment.

Its purpose was to provide a means of gifford essay 2012, collateralizing loans too high in value for write one page, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to service. At the time of its seizure, IndyMac held nearly $30 billion in assets, making it the baillie gifford 2012, fourth largest bank failure in history. 13. Edison Records. First isn’t always best. It’s always difficult being first.

Thomas Edison founded the first record company and invented the phonograph, the first device made for recording and playback of sound, in 1877. Write Essay? This achievement led to all of the music industry as we now know it. Surprisingly, it was also the first dictaphone in history used by businesses. World War I shortened the baillie 2012, supply of materials Edison could use for his highly secret wax recipe, used in manufacturing. The company’s market share fell. Malayalam Trees? As other companies seized the essay, opportunity the malayalam, make “needle-cut” records (an Edison Labs invention) Edison Records lost customers and credibility. It closed its doors in 2012 1929. 12. Tucker Automobiles.

There’s a reason only four of landscape architecture, them ever died. The ambitious car company that Preston Tucker started was only in business one year (‘47-‘48). It produced a mere of 51 cars, but its story remains enshrined in museums, car clubs, film and even a video game where everyone drives a Tucker. The fatal flaw? Offering customers the option to buy their accessories before their car was built. Essay? This program started a witch-hunt by the SEC. Amid accusations of fraud and the “Big Three’s” influence over research towel government, Tucker Automobiles went belly-up.

I will spare you the argument of baillie gifford 2012, whether it was the best car ever made, but out of that original 51, 47 Tuckers still exist today. Let that be your clue. 11. Sharper Image. Buy, but do not inhale. Started in 1977 as a catalog selling jogging watches, the research towel, Sharper Image eventually grew into a high-end customer electronics store.

As iPods and other branded, high-tech items took over the store’s traditional market share, it launched into the infomercial business with the Oreck vacuum and Ionic Breeze. Unfortunately, the Ionic Breeze did not purify the air as it said it did. After losing a lawsuit against Consumer Reports for a negative review, the testing company released findings that the baillie gifford 2012, Ionic breeze actually produced trace levels of ozone. In 2008, the store went bankrupt, forcing shoppers to buy their overpriced, Japanese made, brushed steel, throw-away executive gifts elsewhere. 10. Washington Mutual Bank. WaMu was America’s largest Savings and towel, Loan association, the sixth largest bank in the U.S., and (drumroll please…) the largest bank failure in history.

Let that sink in for a minute. After a 10-day run on baillie the bank in late September 2008, with total withdrawals in excess of $16 billion USD–almost 10% of the deposits–the FDIC seized WaMu’s assets. JPMorgan Chase bought WaMu subsidiaries the next day for what many suspect at pennies on the dollar. The holding company is currently in essays about trees Chapter 11. They made the E crooked for a reason. Enron was an energy sector leader that started to dabble in e-commerce and exotic investment areas, such as weather futures.

In 2001, Enron, once valued at $90 billion and the 7th largest company in the United States, went bankrupt. It took jobs, investor savings, retiree futures and even some lives with it. In following years, it emerged that they shredded documents, started partnerships with their own shell companies, and engaged in massive inside trading. Enron is now synonymous with the business outcomes of galloping greed. Go digital or die. Shake it like a Polaroid picture! You know you’re good when your name is the baillie gifford essay 2012, product. (Hello, Kleenex). Technion? But while you and I were buying our first digital camera, printing pictures and later taking photos with our phones and baillie gifford, PDA’s, the execs at Polaroid were snapping and shaking their pictures into oblivion.

So loved was the brand that countless people took daily shots of and created art, diaries and literature using these magical snapshots taped to their walls or to the street. The leader of an amazing niche technology that so enriched anyone born before 1980, Polaroid went bankrupt in gay marriage 2005. The name may emerge again, but the brand and the impact will always be retro. 7. Atkins Nutritionals. Fadkins takes a bad fall. Apparently, bread won. Remember when all of your friends ordered their lunch without the bun and no potatoes, but with lard-laden beef and gifford essay 2012, cheese? Atkins engineered the thesis, “low-carb” craze, a fad diet claiming you could “lose fat by eating fat.” Dr. Baillie Gifford Essay? Robert Atkins released Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution in 1972. In 1992, revised version gained popularity; the fad really took off at the beginning of millennium.

Questions arose from the medical community about the thesis, diet’s long-term effects. Countless others, from the FDA to top chefs, also lined up to take shots at baillie gifford it. In 2003, it was reported to a skeptical public that the legalizing gay marriage essay, good doctor slipped on an icy sidewalk and died. The company went bankrupt within two years amidst the suspicion that his diet killed him. Meanwhile, a fickle public ditched low-card for the next fad.

A year later, a leaked medical examinations report revealed that Dr. Atkins, 72, had a history of heart attack and congestive heart failure. Baillie 2012? He weighed 258 pounds at death. 6. Bethlehem Steel. When service kills steel.

Everything you know about historic America has Bethlehem Steel in it. Founded when James Buchanan was our nation’s president, Bethlehem Steel was the backbone of the one page essay, first blasting furnace, railroads, skyscrapers, coal, nuclear reactors, warships, cargo vessels, large construction projects like arenas, and other major infrastructural accomplishments. However, the company never adjusted to the new service-based economy that gained ground in the 1990s. Cheap imports worsened the situation. Bethlehem Steel, a piece of American history, disappeared forever when it filed for bankruptcy in 2001. Pet’s can’t drive, and baillie essay, sock puppets make bad spokespeople, but made the dot-com bubble their own in 2000.

They overexpanded by write one page essay, opening a nationwide network of warehouses nationwide too quickly (taking a hint from gifford essay, Starbucks). Unfortunately, profits never caught up with media buys for legalizing gay marriage essay, commercials. In marketing, nothing is worse than having everyone know who you are and baillie gifford essay, no one interested in what you sell. Widely recognized as the icon or poster child for dot-com failure, its stock went from over $11 in research on paper early 2000 to just $.19 on Election Day that same year, when the gifford, company closed its doors. 4. White Star Lines’ “Titanic” A disaster of titanic proportions. White Star Lines, which built the Titanic, has oddly disappeared from the lore surrounding the fated giant. The fated vessel was conceived of in 1907, when executives Bruce Ismay and technion thesis, Lord Pirrie drastically changed and expanded their shipping transportation business to compete with Cunard’s new luxury oceanliners. The result was a line of gargantuan luxury liners that moved more passengers and gifford 2012, freight than anyone else on the market. Technion? Three ships came out of the venture: The Olympic, the Titanic, and gifford, the Brittanic. Research On Paper? You know the rest of the story.

Cue the music! 3. Commodore Computers. You can’t kill the C64. Between 1983-1986, Apple, IBM, and Atari computer were quaking in baillie gifford essay their boots. Essays? The reason? The Commodore 64 was selling 2 million units a year and dominated nearly 50% of the total market. Baillie Gifford Essay? As the company tried to innovate by releasing the Commodore plus/4, a faster, smarter version with a color screen, they alienated their original customer base. The new model was incompatible with the cherished C64.

Commodore tried to discontinue the old line in the US by 1990 and write one page essay, announced it would stop shipping them in 1995. The tactic didn’t work. Customers all over Europe continued to snap up the baillie essay 2012, C64s until it became impossible for the company to write essay manufacture them at a reasonable price without selling new, more expensive models. As they say, “you can’t kill the C64.” The company went bankrupt in gifford essay the spring 1994. 2. DeLorean Motor Company. A man, his cocaine, and his car. As is often the case in the automobile industry, it’s hard to separate the man from the vehicle. John DeLorean was a hero amongst the very rich for creating the kind of coursework, car the baillie 2012, future promised.

With a stainless steel-skinned body, sleek lines and doors that opened vertically (gull wings), his DMC-12 hit the streets in 1980. Over the next three years, only 8,900 cars would be made. The car played a feature role in “Back to the Future” and become a potent status symbol. Gay Marriage Essay? Then, in 1983, a sting revealed John on tape saying “this cocaine is baillie gifford, as good as gold,” referring to a suitcase full of drugs valued at $24 million. Essay Coursework? Later acquitted on entrapment grounds and cleared of baillie gifford essay 2012, defrauding his partners, he would never gain the investor’s trust again. The icon that didn’t pan out. It’s amazing how a country’s identity can be so closely tied to a business.

Such was the case with PanAm. Founded in 1927, the airline was a part of American culture for the better part of the 20th century. It led the architecture thesis proposals, industry in international flights and luxury travel. Baillie Gifford 2012? It was also the first airline to make widespread use of jumbo jets, and the first to use an malayalam essays air staff of stewardesses as a PR focal point. Baillie 2012? Little girls grew up wanting to be PanAm stewardesses, and boys grew up wanting to pilot one of the fleet. Heck, the Beatles arrived on one. Unfortunately, as an American icon, PanAm was also a target for terrorism. A few horrific incidents, coupled with the increased global competition that came with deregulation, caused the airline—and its accompanying era—to collapse in 1991. Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging.

I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.

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analizing essay You’ve been staring at gifford 2012, your blank computer screen for what feels like hours, trying to figure out how to start your analytical essay. You try to write one page choose between writing the baillie 2012 introduction first or getting right into the meat of it. On Paper Towel. But somehow, it seems too difficult to do either. What you need is is a blueprint—a foolproof way to get your essay structured. Then all you have to do is fill in the blanks. By Anonymous [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. What an Analytical Essay Is—And What It Isn’t.

Helpful, right? Um, not so much. First, it might be more useful to explain what an analytical essay isn’t before getting to what it is . An analytical essay isn’t a summary. Though this may seem obvious in theory, it’s more difficult in practice. If you read your essay and it sounds a lot like a book report, it’s probably only summarizing events or characters. One way to figure out if you’re summarizing instead of analyzing is to look at your support. Are you simply stating what happened, or are you relating it back to your main point? Okay, so what is an essay 2012 analytical essay, exactly ? Usually, it’s writing that has a more narrowed focus than a summary. Analytical essays usually concentrate on how the book or poem was written—for example, how certain themes present themselves in the story, or how the use of metaphor brings a certain meaning to a poem.

In short, this type of essay requires you to write essay look at the smaller parts of the work to help shed light on the larger picture. An example of a prompt—and the example I’m going to gifford essay use for thesis lyx, the rest of baillie gifford, this post—could be something like: Analyze the theme of sacrifice in the Harry Potter series. (Note: there might be some spoilers, but I figured everyone who was planning on reading the malayalam essays books has done so already—or at least has seen the movies.) One Way To Form Your Analytical Essay Outline. There are quite a few ways to organize your analytical essay, but no matter how you choose to write it, your essay should always have three main parts: I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of this soon, but for all you visual learners, here is a nice representation of gifford 2012, all the components that make a great analytical essay outline. Write One Page. You can see that I’ve added a few more details than just the introduction, body, and gifford essay 2012, conclusion. Frankenstein Essay. But hold your horses—we’re getting to those parts right now. Gifford Essay 2012. Introduction of Your Analytical Essay Outline. The purpose of your introduction is to legalizing essay get the baillie gifford 2012 reader interested in your analysis.

The introduction should include at least three things—a hook, your thesis statement, and a sentence or two describing how you intend to prove your thesis statement. 1. You gotta hook ‘em from the start. The first part of your introduction should draw the gay marriage reader in. This is called the hook. The hook should be interesting or surprising.

You can achieve this by asking a rhetorical question, giving some relevant statistics, or making a statement that’s unusual or controversial. For my Harry Potter example, I might say, “Since the publication of the first book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone , some Christian groups have attacked the books for promoting witchcraft. However, one of the main themes of the books draws inspiration from Christianity itself—that of sacrifice.” Okay, so that’s two sentences. But it’s got a little bit of controversy and relates to what the baillie gifford rest of the essay will discuss. 2. Get to the good stuff—write a killer thesis statement. Okay, so now that you’ve got your reader hooked, you need to start getting to the point.

This is where the write one page thesis statement comes in. Baillie Gifford Essay 2012. My thesis might be, “The theme of sacrifice is prevalent throughout the technion series and is embodied as sacrifice for the greater good, sacrifice for an ultimate gain, and baillie, sacrifice to keep a promise.” 3. Technion Lyx. It’s time to back up your thesis. Let the baillie gifford essay 2012 reader know how you’re going to prove your claim. For my example, I would let the reader know that I intend to analyze the instances of Harry’s “death,” Voldemort’s sacrifice of his soul in exchange for legalizing gay marriage, immortality, and how Snape sacrifices in gifford essay order to honor a promise made to malayalam about Lily Potter. These points will be the 2012 building blocks of the body paragraphs. Body of Your Analytical Essay Outline. Legalizing Essay. The body is where you can start to get really creative and play around with formatting.

In the flowchart, there are three body paragraphs. But that’s because I was trained in the 5-paragraph outline. But you can include as many or as few body paragraphs as you want—as long as you end up thoroughly supporting your thesis. For my outline, each body paragraph includes a topic sentence, followed by gifford essay, three sets of claims, evidence to essay coursework support those claims, and gifford, how that evidence ties back to the topic sentence. Write. Again, three is not necessarily a magic number here. You could make one claim with a lot of gifford 2012, evidence, or five claims to support your topic sentence. Essays Trees. But let’s get into it, shall we? 1. Baillie Gifford 2012. Develop a strong topic sentence.

Each topic sentence in each body paragraph of research on paper, your analytical essay outline should tell the reader exactly what that section is baillie, going to be about. Frankenstein. My first body paragraph might start with, “Harry Potter is gifford, willing to fulfill prophecy and make the ultimate sacrifice—that of his life—in order to technion save the rest of the wizarding world.” 2. Make your claim. The claim should dive into a smaller part of the 2012 overarching topic sentence. The topic sentence I gave can be broken down into several smaller claims—that Harry knew that he was fulfilling prophecy, that he was actually willing to die, and that his death would be of profound significance. 3. Thesis Proposals. Provide evidence from the text to back your claim. You can’t just go around making claims without any support.

You can use quotes or paraphrase parts of the baillie essay 2012 text to add evidence. For evidence that Harry knew that he was fulfilling prophecy, you could cite the instance in the hall of prophecies with the quote, “and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.” 4. Tie that evidence to on paper the topic sentence. You have to make it absolutely clear why you included the evidence. If you don’t, your analytical essay runs the baillie risk of being a summary. For example, with the citing of the prophecy, I would tell the reader that Harry and his friends found said prophecy and figured out that it had to legalizing be about him (although there are objections that it could’ve been referring to Neville, but we’ll leave that out of this example). They knew that either Voldemort had to die or Harry did, and he had to be willing to do that.

They’re not needed in the outline, but when you write your final essay, be sure you include effective transitions. This will help your essay flow. Conclusion of essay, Your Analytical Essay Outline. After you’ve built up all of essay, your body paragraphs, given the appropriate evidence to back your claims, and baillie essay, tied that evidence to your awesome topic sentences, you’re ready to wrap it all up. The conclusion should be a brief restatement of thesis lyx, your main points without being a direct copy. For example, “There are many motivations behind sacrifice—to help others, to help oneself, or to keep a promise to a loved one—and J.K.

Rowling explores several of them through the characters in baillie gifford the Harry Potter book series.” This, of course, does not suffice as a full conclusion. To fill it out and give the reader a sense of closure, you can relate the research on paper towel theme to the real world or end with a final quote from the text or the gifford 2012 author. Use This Downloadable Analytical Essay Outline as a Guide. Easy, right? I know you’re pumped to get started, but before you do, I have a template for on paper towel, the analytical essay outline for you to download. Of course, your instructor’s directions will trump mine, so if they say to do something a specific way, I won’t be offended if you take their advice over mine.

And don’t forget about the Kibin editors. When your analytical essay is baillie, all typed up, they can help you make sure that it’s as good as it can get. Psst. 98% of thesis lyx, Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays.

About the Author. Eden Meirow is a self-employed freelance writer with a passion for English, history and education. You can find her on Google+. dis was absooltelee fantasteec thxc you 4 de owwline. awesome! Glad you liked it. #128578; @naomi_tepper:disqus Oh my Gosh! this was amazing thank you so much! This helped a lot with my Economics essay for Humanities 6 World Studies!

Woot woot! Happy to help. #128578; Thanks for the comment. This is undoubtedly very much helpful#8230; Thanks a lot. You#8217;re welcome! Thanks for the comment and thanks for baillie gifford essay 2012, reading. #128578; Hi#8230;.Eden thank you for orienting me on how to frankenstein essay coursework structure an baillie analytical essay. because of many reasons which i don#8217;t like to name writing an analytical essay has been my Achilies Hill. Your effort in writing this article has thrown much need light as far as I#8217;m concerned. I look forward to your reply on the question of structuring of analytical political essay on issues like say Affirmative Action or Constitutionalism. Essays About. Thank you for your kind words. Baillie Gifford 2012. In regards to one page essay writing a political analytical essay, it varies depending on the course and the requirements of gifford essay 2012, your instructor. However, you can follow the same advice in this post.

Introduction with a hook and thesis, body paragraphs that make claims with evidence to support those claims, and a conclusion that wraps it all up. The main difference is that you#8217;ll have to thesis lyx do more research than reading just one book. (And make sure to cite your sources.) I hope that helped! Thank you, this will help ? This was really useful I went through so many websites the finally got this one. Sweet! Glad you found it helpful. hi this is great.

Fabulous! Happy to help. Gifford Essay. How would I write an analytic essay using dramatic conventions? I#8217;m supposed to write an essay on The Tempest from Shakespeare using dramatic conventions and I#8217;m not doing so well at understanding how to do it. basically it#8217;s also asking me #8220;how dramatic conventions make the essays about reader see characters in a certain way. Please respond to this if you can. I think that I would devote one body paragraph to each of the dramatic conventions that you#8217;re covering in your paper. For instance, in one paragraph, if you are writing about the baillie gifford essay conventions of soliloquy, the play-within-a-play convention, and towel, asides (these are the first three conventions I thought of #8212; I#8217;m not sure which ones you#8217;ve studied in class), then you could devote one body paragraph to each of these topics and gifford essay 2012, their influence on how the audience views the characters. I hope this puts you on frankenstein coursework, the right track!

I have two write an essay about Animals by O#8217;Hara and how it reflects the innocence and simplicity of childhood. I don#8217;t know how to start. Could anyone suggest the first sentence of the baillie essay 2012 introduction? I#8217;ve already got my outline #128578; Hi Lily Awesome that you have your outline ready to go. You might want to start with the quintessential quote from the text that stands out as reflecting these qualities of innocence/childhood simplicity. For more great hook sentence tips visit: This is amazing and extremely helpful! Thank you author. Malayalam. Hey, thanks for essay, reading and for the nice comment! I#8217;ll be sure to show the author. #128578; do you eat pussy? Haha!

Awesome. We#8217;re happy to help, but don#8217;t sell yourself short just because of your blonde hair. Research On Paper. #128578; great site but second para 24th word should be ALWAYS not away. Gifford. dont take this as offensive but im just trying to legalizing gay marriage essay improve this site that is essay 2012, all. Thanks for keeping us on architecture thesis proposals, our toes, Shayan! No offense taken #8212; we#8217;ll get that updated #128578; Great blog post ! Just to add my thoughts if you are wanting a Express Evictions 3-Day Notice to baillie 2012 Pay Rent or Quit , my secretary came across a blank version here Hi there!

Although this was really helpful for literary analysis, I was wondering if you had an idea as to how to apply this to historical analysis. I have to write about the effects of European migration, warfare, and disease on Native Americans, and was thinking of finding 3 specific examples of each and explaining the effect that each had on technion thesis, Native Americans. Is this a good plan? You could *definitely* apply this framework to a historical analysis, yes! As Eden mentions, you can have as many body paragraphs as you want, so you could devote a single paragraph to each of your examples #8212; giving you 9 body paragraphs. Baillie. Since that would get pretty lengthy, you could add a header before each of your 3-paragraph sections to keep your paper organized.

DIOS MIO! this is really helpful. Woot! That#8217;s awesome. So happy you found this post helpful. Thesis Lyx. #128578; Thanks for the kind comment. Gifford 2012. This is so helpful, thank you. I have to write an analytical essay about The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara and I#8217;m stuck. This is my second essay and on malayalam essays trees, the first I received a C #128577; I don#8217;t know how to start and baillie essay 2012, it isn#8217;t even about the landscape architecture proposals whole book, its only for half the book. Please help. Starting is definitely the hardest part sometimes :/ thanks so much for your blog. you have made it very easy for me to understand this (horrible) essay. I have to write my first Analytical essay. kind regards to you.

And thanks to you for reading! Good luck with your essay #8212; you#8217;ve got this. I have to write an analytical essay for my college English course, and its about an American folk song called #8220;Frankie and baillie gifford 2012, Johnny#8221; and legalizing gay marriage essay, im stuck in how to gifford essay begin it! my professor gave me an example on how to start, she said #8220;to summarize a short definition of North American folk music from Oxford Music Online#8221; please help. A definition is one way to start your essay, sure! This post contains lots more great advice (plus you can sign up for 14 hook types + examples in gay marriage essay the bottom right corner): Damn am I thirsty, any fine white beothches dtf. NAH MEAN.

Thank you so much. I was dying a moment ago. Gifford. Now I think I can manage it. love the example! it got me even more excited! #128516;#128523;#128526; Yesss, you can totally manage it! Thanks for reading #128578; I feel motivated and have been trying my best all these days#8230; Grateful for essays trees, everything. )

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essay research topic Tired of writing about the same tired old topics like the ban on smoking in public places, the essay 2012 dangers of texting and driving, or gun control? Good. Write One Page! Your professors are tired of reading about these topics, too. When you’re writing a research paper, you want to impress your professors with your writing skills, but you also want to offer new insights into a topic. You won’t likely be able to baillie 2012 write anything new and enlightening about these tired old topics in landscape thesis only a few thousand words. So how do you impress your professor if you think he or she has heard it all before?

To begin with, try a newer and more original topic. Stumped for fresh ideas? Don’t worry. This blog post contains 25 interesting research paper topics to get you started. 5 Interesting Research Paper Topics on Local Issues. True, it might take a little more effort to research local issues, but you’re up for baillie essay, the challenge, right? Besides, learning and writing about the concerns of your community not only keeps you informed and involved, but also makes for a great research paper. A great research paper means a great grade, so how can you go wrong? To start researching local issues, head straight to local newspapers and online sources. They won’t provide all the gay marriage details you’ll need to write an in-depth research essay, but they’re a good place to begin your research.

Researching local issues is also another chance for you to practice your interviewing skills. Baillie Gifford Essay 2012! (After all, you’ll need them when you become the next host of malayalam essays The Tonight Show , right?) Seriously though, what better way to get the inside scoop than by interviewing the parties directly involved in the issue? Not sure what types of local issues to research? Try one of these. Interesting Research Paper Topic #1. Local Political Scandals. Has a local politician embezzled money, been charged with corruption, or been involved in a sizzling sex scandal? Interesting Research Paper Topic #2: Local University Dramas. Are employees trying to form (or break) local unions? Are students fighting for lower tuition or book costs? Has the college president (or other administrator) been in the local news lately for any number of issues? Are police investigating a cheating or athletic scandal?

Interesting Research Paper Topic #3: Small Business Struggles and Triumphs. Is a small business a cornerstone in essay 2012 your community, and you want to research its impact on essay the community? Is a small business struggling due to essay a new big box store in the area? Interesting Research Paper Topic #4: Local Government Issues. Should local government do more to frankenstein essay coursework help its citizens? Should more money be allocated to fix roads and bridges? Is the essay city providing adequate services such as clean water, trash pick up, safe neighborhoods, etc.? Interesting Research Paper Topic #5. Local Public School Battles. Have students and/or teachers been involved in a sexting scandal? Are the school board and/or parents battling over a new curriculum, athletic reform, or some other topic?

5 Interesting Research Paper Topics on Health and technion lyx, the Environment. You can research environmental or health topics ranging from small, local and regional topics to large, global issues. For instance, you might research the best practices of sustainable cities to explain how your own city might work to emulate them. On the other hand, you might write from a global perspective and examine sustainable cities across the world. If you’re writing about the environment or health, you might consider one of the following topics. Interesting Research Paper Topic #6: BPA. Due to concerns with contaminants such a BPA, are canned foods safe to eat? Should stricter regulations be in place for labeling plastics containing BPA? Interesting Research Paper Topic #7: Hunting Carnivores. Should the practice of killing carnivorous animals (such as wolves) to protect farms and livestock be stopped?

Do ranchers have a right to protect their livestock by killing wolves? What are the results of allowing wolves to thrive? Interesting Research Paper Topic #8: Sustainable Cities. Are sustainable cities and neighborhoods really possible? What are some examples of existing sustainable cities, and baillie essay 2012, what are their best practices? What steps can you take to make your community sustainable? Interesting Research Paper Topic #9: Plastic Bags. Should plastic bags (including plastic grocery bags) be banned in all 50 states? Should grocery stores charge a fee for each plastic bag used at the checkout?

What are the effects of plastic bag bans in states that have already adopted the policy? Interesting Research Paper Topic #10: Mountaintop Removal Mining. Should mountaintop removal mining be allowed to continue? Is mountaintop removal mining an effective coal mining method? What are the research towel impacts of baillie essay 2012 this type of mining on the communities that do it? 5 Interesting Research Paper Topics on Social Issues.

Social topics impact us all. If you’re writing about essays about trees, social issues, you will generally be writing about how the 2012 topic affects larger groups of people, such as how poverty affects an legalizing gay marriage essay, entire generation. However, keep in mind that social issues might also focus on smaller groups, such as a city or neighborhood. If you’re feeling a little antisocial right now, spend a few minutes Googling some of these topics to see if they might work for your research paper. Interesting Research Paper Topic #11: High School Dropouts. What social, personal, and political concerns lead to high school dropout rates? What are possible solutions to 2012 help decrease the dropout rate? Interesting Research Paper Topic #12: Children and on paper towel, Poverty. How are children affected by poverty?

What can governments do to help reduce child poverty? What can you do to help reduce child poverty? Interesting Research Paper Topic #13: Medical Rights of Youths. Should 16 and 17 year olds have the baillie essay right to refuse medical treatment? At what age do people have the right to determine whether or not they receive medical treatment? Interesting Research Paper Topic #14: Overmedication of Children. Are children being overly medicated? If so, what is the driving force behind the rise in technion lyx prescriptions? Interesting Research Paper Topic #15: Free College Education. Should a college education be free for all U.S. citizens? How are free universities in baillie gifford 2012 Germany and essays about, other European countries benefiting these countries and students?

5 Interesting Research Paper Topics on Law Enforcement. Researching any issue about government or laws can become overwhelming because of the baillie gifford essay 2012 complexity of the issues and even because of the essay wording of baillie some laws. Spending time to review sufficient sources (and maybe getting a little help from a political science professor) will help you understand the write one page essay topic. Here are 5 topics to baillie essay get you started. Interesting Research Paper Topic #16: Technology and the Justice System. Is ShotSpotter technology reliable? Should the landscape thesis surveillance technology be admissible in court? Interesting Research Paper Topic #17: Policing U.S.

Law Enforcement. Should all police officers be required to wear body cameras? Will the essay 2012 use of technion thesis lyx body cameras reduce police brutality, and/or will it create a safer working environment for police? Interesting Research Paper Topic #18: Juvenile Crime and Punishment. Should solitary confinement be banned for juveniles? Should juveniles be exempt from life sentences? Should juveniles be punished as adults for certain types of crimes? Interesting Research Paper Topic #19: Incarceration Rates in the U.S. What factors have led to baillie gifford increasing incarceration rates?

How has this affected the U.S. economically and socially? Interesting Research Paper Topic #20: License Plate Readers. Are license plate readers an invasion of privacy? Or, are these readers a necessary tool for law enforcement? 5 Interesting Research Paper Topics on Media, Social Media, and Advertising. As with anything involving media, social media, and advertising, watch out for biased and inaccurate information. People like to share their opinions on such topics through forums, blogs, and their own websites. You know the type: the guy or gal who does nothing but blog all day long about the newest movie, the newest XBox game, or even the thesis lyx funniest Super Bowl commercial. Though reading some anonymous blog that includes a glowing review of Grand Theft Auto and reading another that includes a scathing criticism of the sexism in essay the game might inspire some creative thought, you shouldn’t consider them credible research sources. So remember, as you’re researching, make sure to look for credible resources. (Read How to architecture thesis proposals Apply the CRAAP Test to Your Essay Sources.) Not sure where to begin to baillie gifford look for technion lyx, ideas for media-related topics?

You start with these. Interesting Research Paper Topic #21: Business Exploitation of Social Media Profiles. Are teens (or adults) concerned that their use of social media is being exploited for essay 2012, profit by large companies? How do these new marketing strategies affect consumers and consumerism? Interesting Research Paper Topic #22: Social Media and Self-Esteem. Can the use of social media, such as Facebook, lower teens’ self-esteem? Are there instances where these sites can help to coursework raise teens’ self-esteem? Interesting Research Paper Topic #23: E-Sports. Should e-sports be recognized as college sports? Can a sport that requires little physical ability really be considered a sport?

Interesting Research Paper Topic #24: Advertising in Schools. Should corporate advertising be allowed in public schools? Does corporate advertising provide much needed revenue to schools with limited federal funding? Interesting Research Paper Topic #25: Advertising and Stereotypes. How does advertising perpetuate gender and/or racial stereotypes? Are ad campaigns that attempt to reverse the baillie norms more or less effective? Closing Tips on Writing an Interesting Research Paper. Remember, an interesting research paper starts with an interesting research paper topic.

But choosing your topic is only the beginning. Make sure you read How to technion lyx Write a Research Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide to help you with refining and researching your topic and writing the final paper. Don’t forget to choose a topic that interest you. If you’re bored while writing your paper, that will definitely show in gifford essay 2012 your final product. If you’re excited about the write one page topic, that will show too!

Not sure if you can work with any of the topics here? For more ideas, read 50 Research Paper Topics to Help Jumpstart Your Writing. Looking for additional help choosing and baillie gifford 2012, refining interesting research paper topics? Try this resource! Want some additional help finding and narrowing your topic? Read this! After you’ve written your paper and feel it’s complete, have one of one page essay our Kibin editors review it to make sure it’s great! Psst.

98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. About the gifford essay 2012 Author. Susan M. Inez is a professor of English and writing goddess based out of the Northeast. Please help me… our teacher didn’t allowed us to landscape architecture thesis proposals write a research paper that can be search on 2012 the internet…she wants us to write a research paper by using books in our library… the technion thesis problem is baillie gifford essay 2012 our library its too old and the books can’t help that much… I’m not able to write a topic. You’re going to want to narrow down your topic quite a bit since “media” is very broad. You can see how other students approached the media in their essays by malayalam about trees checking out these examples: Your perfect thesis will depend on baillie gifford 2012 the type of essay that you’re writing and your angle on the topic; “local government functions” is architecture pretty broad! I’d encourage you to read and for baillie gifford, some inspiration.

i really need help on choosing my reasearch topic on coursework the basis of my interest domain. Hi there! I’d be happy to gifford essay make some suggestions if you can share more about your interest domain #128578; my interest lies more within issues related to women and proposals, more importantly related to human psychology. Oh, there are loads of possibilities there! You might consider exploring how a specific psychological disorder or phenomenon affects women differently than men. One thing that immediately comes to mind is the recent research indicating that ADHD presents differently in girls than in boys, for instance.

I think that you could also research topics related to essay 2012 how environment (such as being brought up in societies with very traditional views on women’s roles) shapes a woman’s psyche or influences her psychologically. I hope that gives you some ideas to consider! thanku…for your much needed help !:) You’re welcome. Good luck with your paper! hey I want topic for my thesis actually on social issues I am very tensed as I have to select and find information related to it by tomorrow. “Social issues” is a pretty broad term!

Any of the social issues topics in this post would be a great place to start. There are some other topics on social issues in this post, too: When it comes to writing your thesis, you’ll need to first take a stance on the topic you choose. Research On Paper! You can then use the Thesis Builder ( to help you write your thesis. I’d also recommend that you check out How to Write a Thesis Statement ( and check out some of baillie these thesis statement examples (

I have a research paper coming up and the topic has to be on a health topic. I would I definitely want to focus on gay marriage social health. I am having a hard time narrowing down a topic. Narrowing down a topic can be hard, and social health is definitely a pretty broad category. You might check out our post on that narrowing your topic for baillie gifford essay, some tips ( I especially like the who/what/when/where/why/how approach outlined in gay marriage that article; it’s a really great way to generate some potential topics to gifford 2012 write about. Here’s how I might use that approach to come up with some potential topics:

Who: children, women, young adults. What: smoking/vaping, dating culture, school lunches. When: the past decade, the future. Where: United States, Canada. Why: compare to other countries, highlight an landscape, emerging issue, analyze a trend. How: How is a health issue affecting a certain demographic? How has a health issue changed in recent years? How did a trend start? So looking over those ideas, a few things come to mind: you could look at vaping as an gifford essay, alternative to smoking and how it’s impacting children/adolescents, for legalizing essay, instance.

You might look at dating culture and whether it’s affecting adolescents at a younger age than it did in the past (or focus specifically on women). You could compare today’s school lunches with those at a certain point in the past and see if there is a correlation with the childhood obesity epidemic. Those are all just possibilities, but I’d encourage you to try that method and baillie essay, generate some more if none of legalizing them are quite what you’re looking for. Happy writing! “Interesting Research Paper Topic #23: E-Sports. Should e-sports be recognized as college sports?

Can a sport that requires little physical ability really be considered a sport?” I’d like to thank you for bringing this topic to my attention. I’ve always been a big supporter of baillie 2012 E-sports in colleges and research towel, one of the colleges I hope to go to essay actually has a sponsored e-sports team. If there’s any useful articles or information regarding this topic please do email me at [emailprotected] I’m doing an argumentative research paper which will then turn into gay marriage essay my senior project which I’ll need to find hours for somehow. Thank you! I’d also recommend that you check out some of our posts on argumentative essays (, as they might give you some guidance regarding the baillie essay types of information and support you should be searching for. Happy writing (and gaming)! I need to come up with a topic for towel, my research paper, and my two last choices are: cyber bullying, or GMOs. which one should I choose?

Both topics interest me, but I don’t know which one would be more appealing to readers. I have a hard time deciding. Help, please! Those are both great, timely topics. From my perspective, I think that GMOs might be the most appealing to readers. While cyberbullying is certainly an interesting topic, GMOs are more divisive, since few people would argue that cyberbullying is a good thing. Writing about baillie gifford 2012, GMOs gives you a stronger opportunity to engage with readers and frankenstein essay coursework, potentially change their minds or challenge their thinking on the topic regardless of your stance (whether you think they’re generally harmless/beneficial or harmful/detrimental). I hope that helps you make your decision. Gifford Essay 2012! Happy writing!

Thank you so much for helping me make my decision! You’re welcome. Research On Paper Towel! Good luck with your essay #128578; I need to write a term paper. If i wanna write about obesity, what can i write about gifford essay 2012, it? As you have probably already discovered “obesity” is a big topic. Landscape Proposals! You’re going to want to narrow your focus in order to tackle it in a way that won’t stress you out. Here is a great post about narrowing your topic down: I think if you follow the advice outlined here, you can get a focus and start developing an achievable thesis statement. I’m a medical student and we’re supposed to write a research article on baillie something interesting and research, not cliche like education or exercise.. etc help?? That’s a pretty wide open assignment ( write about gifford essay, something interesting :). You might start by landscape architecture digging into topics that are super interesting to you.

For example, check out baillie gifford some Science podcasts (SciFri is a good one) or YouTube videos (Vsauce is fun) and see if there are any new and write, interesting research findings for you to baillie 2012 dig into. Landscape Architecture Proposals! Or do some searching on Google Scholar ( in baillie 2012 topics that intrigue you. Architecture Thesis! Once you come up with a topic, you’ll want to narrow it down to fit your article (and choose an –ahem– interesting angle. Here’s a post that can help you with that: I’m doing MS in HRM… Today was our first day at gifford essay 2012 university… I have been given an assignment on essay research… If you have to conduct a research now, what would the topic be? And what factors would influence your choice? (HR related) Words should not exceed 750. Submit by baillie gifford 2012 tomorrow.

This is my first research type assignment ever and i have very less time in hand for write one page essay, this task :'( I can’t think of any topic to write on. Clueless and maybe brainless :'( I really need some help. What would be the topic??

What should i write?? :'( Hi Saima, first of all don’t panic. Baillie Essay! I bet this first assignment is to help your professor determine a benchmark for where you are at now so that he or she can measure your progress through the legalizing semester. So just try your best! You’re not brainless, you just need to get acquainted with this assignment. Gifford Essay! #128578; I found this resource which might help you pinpoint a HR good topic: I hope that helps! I’d choose something that inspires your curiosity. Coursework! It’s always easier to write about something that you are curious about. Thanks #128578; I’ll talk to you if i needany kind of help. Baillie Gifford Essay! thanks.. xx. hey there, you can send your essay related questions to malayalam essays [emailprotected] I am doing research project and the topic should be problematic and it should have more than one opinion. it should not be related to religion or politician. please help me in finding a good research question.

Those 50 argumentative topics are debatable (have more than one opinion). The most important thing is to pick a topic that 1. interests you and 2. Baillie Essay! has a lot of potential sources so that you can build your evidence. I am doing my final year project for technion thesis, my degree. The lecturer required us either to gifford choose accounting topic or finance topic. I am decided to look into the topic which are “effect of technion thesis firm size on firm profitability”.

Is this a good topic? Or I will be appreciate if u can recommend me others topic. I am looking forward to your reply and appreciate your valuable opinion! Thanks! This is definitely an interesting topic idea, but I would recommend only gifford essay 2012 taking it on once you are positive that you have enough sources to help you write a compelling paper. Having enough sources will ensure your successful research. So definitely do some preliminary searching and start compiling your sources. I’d aim to write one page essay find about 1 source for every two pages you have to write (so a 10 page paper you should have a minimum of 5 sources to draw from–though you don’t have to pull from all 5, it’s nice to have options). Here is one study I found that possibly relates to your paper: Thank you for your reply!

I’m grade 10 student and I need to find a thesis topic. My last two choices is gifford Chid abuse and write one page, Cyber bullying. What do you think should I choose? It depends on which topic you have more interest in. I think cyber bullying is a good topic because there are a lot of different angles you could choose to essay examine its causes and solutions. Here is a helpful post on Cyber Bullying resources: and frankenstein essay, here are some example essays on cyber bullying (so you can see how other students have tackled the topic): hi i’m looking for a topic that will relate everyone especially my classmates I’m grade 10 student by the way. hope you can help me:) Maybe you could focus in on something related to gifford your school or community. Are there any dramas or issues surrounding school lunches, school events, or school sports? Is there something that your school could and should be doing better for its students?

If so, do you know any teachers/school officials who would be willing to speak on the issue? Has there been any news coverage on these issues? A topic that is tied to legalizing your school would be very relatable to gifford essay your classmates. Maybe you could do some brainstorming there. Otherwise, there are lots of ideas in this post to choose from! Pick a topic that really gets you interested to learn more. Hi, I have a research paper in English 111 and I’m looking for technion, help with my thesis statement. My topic is Policing US law enforcement. Is this a good topic to research on?

Can someone help. Hi Shonya–yes this would be an excellent topic since it’s timely and gifford, has a variety of essays trees opinions. First you need to baillie do some preliminary research on malayalam essays about trees some possible methods for policing US law enforcement and baillie gifford 2012, then you’ll want to base your thesis statement on what should be done to architecture thesis proposals hold the police accountable. Here’s an example structure you could use: There is baillie gifford no question that U.S. law enforcement requires oversight to mitigate the thesis lyx abuse of power; cities should implement METHOD 1 and METHOD 2 to hold police officers and baillie, law enforcement accountable.

Do you have any life experiences that might translate well into a project of this nature? For example, have you ever had a friend or family member who has experienced a social care related problem, and you now have (maybe vague or seedling) ideas for how to improve that type of experience? I feel like the best topics are ones that you actually care about landscape proposals, because at some point or another you’ve had (or still have) some skin in the game. Baillie Gifford Essay! If you could find a topic that resonates with you, you’d be golden. Hi, for my final year project I’m designing/creating a social media application which doubles up as a travel agency and need to think of frankenstein essay coursework a research question to write about baillie gifford essay, and to help with creating the app. Legalizing! Not sure if it should be related to the design of the application or if it should be about travel. Baillie Essay! I had a question but was told it was too broad: “Importance of User Interface Design on Social Media in regards to essay user satisfaction” Any help is appreciated cheers. I don’t have a precise answer for baillie, you because (as you know), it would take a lot of research to get up to write essay speed on your topic. That said, you might find this post helpful to learn how to formulate a better, more specific research question: Hi, I’m studying sustainable design and I’m interested in doing my research on food waste.

I’m having difficulty in finding the correct topic for it. I think the correct topic will be one that you find particularly interesting. Baillie! Sometimes when I’m looking for coursework, a topic to write about , I turn to the news to see what’s on essay the cutting edge of the subject. Here is a great list of topic ideas based on NPR’s recent coverage of food waste: (seriously, artisanal food waste?? who would have thought!? #128578; You can start with a news story and essay coursework, reverse engineer it back into the science and research to come up with a compelling project. The most important thing is to essay 2012 approach your project from a place of about curiosity (and not stress!). i’m in my last year and i need a research question for the dissertation and i want it to gifford be on one page essay social media but i’m struggling with finding a good research question.

“Social Media” is a pretty big topic that could go a lot of different directions, so you’re going to want to baillie gifford 2012 narrow your topic and choose your angle. Here’s a helpful post that should help you build your research question: Here’s a great post about narrowing your topic: Finally–here are some angles that other students have taken on writing about social media, maybe one of architecture thesis these examples can help jog your imagination on the direction you want to take: Hi, I have research paper to write. I am struggling to find a good topic. I want to baillie gifford essay write something in IT Governance Framework or Project Management. How I do start? any suggestions? Looks like you have a broad topic idea in malayalam about mind, so now you just need to baillie narrow your focus: Thank you, Naomi. I will check the links.

Hi, I’m in a project based school, and they wish for me to write a science paper, preferably on lyx the brain. Essay! I cannot find a topic I just “need” to write about. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The brain is such a fascinating topic! You’re so lucky to have an assignment like this.

The difficulty is there are soo many different ways you could approach a topic as broad and as complex as “the brain.” Your first mission will be to narrow your topic: If it were me, I’d start looking into some interesting, recent research on the human brain. NPR, for write one page, example, covers some cool brain related topics in this podcast: If you scroll through the shows, you might find something interesting that will lead you back to credible scientific research and a topic that you can wrap your mind around. The important thing is to approach this topic with a sense of curiosity and baillie, choose an angle that actually piques your interest. There are lots of potential ways to write one page essay approach that topic. You could write about how the media is changing in baillie essay 2012 the age of the Internet and the role that citizens play in reporting (such as cell phone videos, etc.). Another interesting angle would be how social media is used/covered by the media, either in general (a more broad approach) or in legalizing a specific context, such as the gifford essay current US elections. Lastly, another timely topic would be the ethics of reporting on on paper information gained through hacks/leaks.

Does the media have a responsibility to gifford essay 2012 share this information with the frankenstein coursework public? I hope these give you some ideas! Please i really need help, I was given a task to find and write on a topic… And the baillie 2012 topic must have Security / Privacy challenges affecting it… Please what topic do you advise i choose? Hi, I am studding bsc occupational safety health and environment. I need to write research project but I am struggling to find topic. my topic need to be on health safety. please give me some ideas.

You definitely have a lot of options! One suggestion I have is to look over this list of gay marriage essay topics related to occupational safety and health from the essay CDC and architecture thesis, see if anything interests you: Then, once you’ve decided on a topic of discussion, this blog post can help you narrow your focus: For instance, maybe you decide to write about “Green, Safe, and Healthy Jobs” — one of the CDC topics. You might decide to examine how “old” health and essay 2012, safety guidelines apply to “new” green jobs, or what kinds of new considerations workplaces have to make in “green” environments that didn’t apply to write one page essay traditional work environments. I hope that gives you some ideas for uncovering a topic! Hi,I have a research paper in my English class and baillie gifford, I’m looking for help with my thesis statement. Thesis! My topic is Autonomous Cars and the influence in economy . Is this a good topic to research on? can someone advise me and gifford essay, give me some ideas… I think this is a brilliant idea and malayalam essays about, one that will be quite interesting to research. Autonomous cars are becoming a reality and their economic impact is sure to be widespread from how they will affect ownership of essay 2012 vehicles to economic-environmental impacts to how they will affect the sharing economy. One challenge you might be up against is there probably isn’t a ton of credible research on the impacts yet since this is such a fledgling technology.

However, there have been some pretty fascinating articles on the topic:;ion=1#038;espv=2#038;ie=UTF-8#q=impacts%20of%20autonomous%20cars%20on%20the%20economy. You’ll want to make sure that the resources you do cite are credible and research on paper, authoritative. If you’re not sure how to figure that out, here’s a helpful resource: Thank you for your response, but please can you give me an essay, idea on a possible thesis about my topic? I will really appreciate it. A general structure for your thesis statement in favor of autonomous cars might look like this: While there are fears that autonomous cars will be terrible for the economy because of FEAR 1, in fact research shows that this technology will result in an economic gain as evidenced by REASON 1, REASON 2, and REASON 3. Can you help me ?What is the best topic for a research peper of one page AB English student.The topic must be connected to baillie gifford 2012 AB English field..’Modern English’ can that topic be possible? Help me please.I need a topic on my research paper.The topic must be related to my course which is AB English.Can the write one page topic ‘Modern English’ be possible? Thanks in advance.

“Modern English” is pretty broad and baillie gifford 2012, vague, so you’re going to want to focus it better to make it work for frankenstein, you. Baillie Essay 2012! Here is thesis proposals a helpful post about how to do just that: Thanks for reading, and good luck! Can you give me some examples of a specific topic that is baillie gifford 2012 related to AB English course ..please? How about a topic ‘British Language’? or ‘English Literature’ ? Is that possible? Please help me..I have no one to ask to .I know you can help me.I would really appreciate it. Can you give me some examples of a specific topic that is related to technion thesis lyx AB English course ..please? How about a topic ‘British Language’? or ‘English Literature’ ? Is that possible? Pleaae help me..I have no one to gifford essay ask to .I know you can help me.I would really appreciate it. If you want to pursue a topic in English Lit, you would be smart to landscape focus in on the work(s) of a specific author or comparing the works of two authors. You need to focus your topic down (so I hope you read the post I linked you to yesterday).

Also here are some great ideas for specific topics in English Literature so you can get an gifford 2012, idea of what it means to narrow your focus: Ask yourself, have you read any interesting works in technion lyx English Lit? Which ones stood out the most to you and gifford 2012, why? Do you feel connected to or identify with any characters? Why? It’s super important that you question and examine your experience with English Literature in architecture order to baillie essay flesh a topic out that will be fun to write about in your AB English course. Also, don’t hesitate to talk to your teacher about your ideas too! I’m sure he or she can give you direction as well. Ok .Thank you so much. You’re the best #128578;

Efficiency of English language teaching to the students in MSU . Can that topic be possible? Origin of write one page English Language ..that could be a possible topic right? That’s still rather broad — I’m afraid that once you start digging you’ll find that it’s a really big topic! Like Naomi said, the best paper will be something that you’re really interested in. Baillie Gifford! If you have questions about the origin of English, I’d start with one of those: maybe “When did English become its own distinct language”? Answering that question alone could be a research paper’s worth of info! ah can i use that question instead as a topic for my research paper?

“When did English become its own distinct language”? hi, I’m a marketing student. Can you plz tell me whether “digital marketing involvement in customer engagement” is a good research topic? please… It’s the start of a good topic, yes, but it’s a little broad right now. You might pick a specific type of digital marketing to focus on — social media, ads in write one page essay mobile apps, emails, etc. — to gifford 2012 focus on so that your topic is something more like, “Do ads in mobile applications have an essays about, effect on the level of customer engagement with a product?” Honing your focus to a specific type of marketing will result in gifford essay a more detailed and more interesting research paper.

Hi, My Teacher has given me an essay coursework, assignment…I have yo make a presentation but the gifford essay topic is free of choice….But I want to do something that no one could copy like something unique but I want every one to write essay be entertained, I want it to be interesting as well….so please help me getting ideas…..Thank You. The best thing you can do to create an entertaining/interesting presentation, essay, or anything else is to gifford essay pick something that *you* find interesting, because your enthusiasm will shine through. That said, I think that many of the topics in this post could be covered in frankenstein an interesting or entertaining way. Another way to generate ideas is to scroll through the baillie gifford essay 2012 news on any major news website, or maybe a website in a niche that interests you, such as technology. What kinds of legalizing questions pop into your head? If you’re curious about essay, them, they could be great topics to research. Once you have a broad idea of malayalam essays what you want to cover, you can also check out this blog post on narrowing your topic: Thank you very much Erin, it helped me really well and I got an A on my report, thanks to you…..Appreciate it. Hi, I am doing a research paper for my English class and I thought about doing my paper on crime against cops.

Would this be a unique paper and essay 2012, where would be some good resources for this topic? Yes, I definitely think you could write an excellent essay on malayalam essays trees crimes against police officers. The trick is going to be picking what angle you want to write about. You might start by baillie gifford narrowing your focus (here is coursework a great post about baillie, how to do just that: Are you focusing on the solutions to reducing crimes against police officers? Are you focusing on essays about trees the reasons crimes against police officers may be on the rise (or decreasing)? Maybe you want to zoom on baillie essay 2012 a single city like Chicago or Detroit and pick apart the legalizing gay marriage essay trends, causes and solutions to baillie essay this problem there? What about the relationship between gun control (or lack thereof) and malayalam trees, crimes against 2012, police? (For example, do they have more or less crime against police in places with open carry laws such as TX and Alaska compared to states with stricter gun control laws such as California)? A good place to find some credible and relevant research would be Google scholar. Those sources are likely to pass the CRAAP test ( News articles could also give you some great sources of information, but you want to frankenstein make sure they are credible as well. I think I’d start by identifying your purpose: maybe you want to focus on gifford 2012 the effectiveness of research your local government. You could start by gathering research about baillie gifford 2012, these issues, whether by attending meetings, interviewing local officials, downloading the minutes of local government meetings online, or reading local news articles about issues handled by landscape thesis your local government.

Then, you might choose two or three main issues that support your stance (that local government is effective, or that it isn’t), and use your research to build your defense of that stance. I hope this helps! Good luck with your paper. Hi, I needed a research topic for baillie, the competition I am entering for where the main criteria is to be innovative primary data collection. I am thinking about something related to one page colleges, college student because it is easier to gather data. I am thinking about “College Fests”. Could you suggest to me how can I use it as a research topic? P.s.- Any other suggestions for research topic is welcome. I think that “college fests” is 2012 a good starting place, but it could probably be a little more specific.

What if you, for instance, researched access to campus facilities for holding festivals? Do all groups/organizations have equal access to those facilities for their events, or is it easier for certain groups to access the resources they need? As for gathering data, you could interview organizers or administrators who are involved in the planning or resource allocation for these events, or you could request budget records, etc. from various groups or authorities. If you decide to take another avenue, then I’d recommend that you check out How to Narrow a Topic and Write a Focused Paper: Happy writing (and researching!).

Hi! I am studying Business Economics. Towel! I really need help with my thesis statement. I want to do something about poverty or unemployment but the baillie gifford essay setting is within our local community. is research on paper this a good topic to baillie study on? I’m having a hard time constructing my title #128577; Actually, the landscape architecture thesis proposals fact that you’re focusing on your local community is even better, as that helps to narrow down those pretty-broad topics significantly. Before you write your thesis statement, you should really focus in on your topic. For instance, you could focus on the decline or rise of unemployment (or poverty levels) in your community over baillie, a specific period and determine what has contributed to it.

I’d recommend that you check out thesis How to Narrow a Topic and Write a Focused Paper ( for some pointers. As for your title, I always recommend that you write it *last*. Baillie Gifford Essay! There’s no reason to malayalam about trees let it stress you out before the baillie essay 2012 hard work is done, and sometimes you’ll have a great phrase in malayalam about your paper that turns out to be an awesome title. Okay! Thanks so much! #128578; I am zubair from UCP. I am interested in baillie cricket but not much literature is research on paper towel available so it is difficult for me to baillie essay choose a topic kindly guide me. Cricket is a pretty broad topic. Gay Marriage! You’re going to gifford essay 2012 want to narrow down what aspect of the sport you want to cover. Essay! For example: Are there any rules of the baillie 2012 game that should be changed?

If so, what are these and landscape architecture proposals, why do you propose they should be changed? Do you want to write a research paper on baillie gifford 2012 the cultural impacts of the sport of cricket on a given city or country? Or perhaps you want to essays about discuss the ways that cricket could be expanded to a larger audience? You see? These are just a few ideas about how to gifford essay approach this topic, but there are many more.

Whatever direction you choose, make sure you can find enough evidence to support your research. thank you for giving direction but unable to choose because i cant find gap so tell me a topic on which gap is shown related to restaurant industry. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “gap” here? Are you talking about proposals, a gender or income gap? Or something else? I am quite confuse so i am mixed two things so i am change my topic with the help of my class fellow now i decided “Effect of organizational justice on employee performance” did you think it is more better than last night. I think that’s a strong, specific topic, yes!

Nicely done. If you want to baillie 2012 narrow it even further, you might choose a specific industry to focus on, too. Thank you very much. You’re welcome! Thanks for reading.

I think there will be information out there on ANY of those topics, so I’d recommend choosing one that is most interesting to you, because the paper will be stronger if it’s something you’re really interested in researching and writing about. Personally, I’d be really interested to read about whether the malayalam performance of 2012 a company depends on the quality of the CEO — you could compare the success of corporations before/after CEO changes or perhaps examine the traits that successful CEOs tend to have. Thesis Lyx! Discrimination in the workplace is a perennially interesting topic, too (though I’d narrow that down — maybe a specific type of discrimination that is particularly relevant today, such as that based on gender identity). That’s an interesting topic! You definitely want to baillie 2012 define your issue — maybe “Should people be allowed to ‘design’ the genetics of their children?” — and then do some examination of gay marriage essay your values, etc. to decide how you feel about baillie, it. If I were going to take a “pro-engineering” angle, then I might start such a paper with a description of a genetic issue that could be solved through such “engineering,” which would lead into my thesis about essay coursework, why parents should be allowed to make genetic decisions. If I were going to write a paper about why it shouldn’t be allowed, then I might start the baillie paper with a surprising fact/statistic about technion, genetic engineering, an anecdote about a case in which it hasn’t gone as planned, or even a fictional scenario that shows what could happen (though I’d be sure to provide evidence in your paper to show why this is a possibility).

You could also look for an interesting quote from a scifi movie/book on this topic — Gattaca comes to mind! You have lots of potential topics that you could tackle! I would say that you focus on an area that interests you most. In this post, I think that the baillie 2012 BPA, sustainable cities, plastic bags and mountaintop mining topics would all be excellent ones to consider, since they’re all related to essay the field of baillie gifford essay 2012 science. The most important criteria to remember when choosing your topic are: 1) it should be interesting to you, 2) there should be existing information about technion thesis lyx, it, and 3) you should be able to formulate a question about the topic to answer through your research. Hi,good day im a student of a 2 year course w/c is business office administrative service. Baillie! Our teacher told us to one page essay give atleast 3 topics relevant to our course, can you please help me, i really appreciate it..thanks. I’m afraid there is no short cut to getting out there and digging into the research topics to find three that you like and baillie gifford, that are relevant to your course. Hi, my chosen topic is on paper all about Dreams. Yet, I dont know how to start it. Do you have any idea how can I start it?

Also, Is this a good topic to research? Dreams are definitely worth researching, I think, but I would definitely narrow down your topic first, because there’s so much you could possible cover. I’d recommend that you take a look at baillie 2012 this post on narrowing your topic: As for how to research on paper towel start it, every essay needs a great hook! Depending on how you focus your topic, I think that a perfect way to baillie gifford lead into an essay about dreams is to describe one — people love hearing about other people’s dreams, and they tend to be strange enough that this would serve as a great attention-grabber #128578; HI, I have a research paper to do based on trends that the essay class observed in a media studies survey. Two trends observed were:the increased usage of apps to access media content and the increasing access of 2012 newspapers through online platforms. How could I create an interesting thesis statement based on these particular trends?

You could argue that the newspaper isn’t dead, but that this form of on paper media has been reborn through online platforms (such as…) and is stronger than ever. Hi, In my research class, we are required to do a research proposal and my topic was Social media. Baillie Essay! can you help me make a research topic out of social media that will relate with business? please. I badly needed help. I can see why this is going to be a challenge. Social media and business is a pretty wide open topic that can go in many different directions. First thing you need to do is towel some preliminary research and brainstorming to baillie gifford 2012 help you narrow your topic down. You can also look at how others have tackled this type of research. For example, here are the results for the query “social media and business” on Google Scholar:;q=social+media+and+business#038;hl=en#038;as_sdt=0,5. One interesting angle might be to examine how a business can manage its reputation on social media and how a poorly thought out Tweet or social message can do major damage to a business’ reputation. Hi!

We are going to write a library research paper and landscape, my topic is about the baillie 2012 mining industry but it is still too broad. Can you recommend a specific topic/s about mining and to lyx how I would start it? Btw I’m in the anti-mining side. Thank you. It will prompt you to essay 2012 answer some questions about how you want to approach the topic. Off the top of my head, I’d want to know what kind of mining you are talking about, which communities you are concerned about, and what benefits would be had by eliminating this type of mining in these communities. Hi mam , Am studying M.phil (Commerce). am going to do my dissertation in technion lyx marketing field . Essay 2012! can you suggest some different topics in related to advertising and research on paper towel, branding. so please advise some purposeful topics.. This university professor has some really great questions and topic ideas that could point you in essay the right direction here: You might also read this post about narrowing your topic since “advertising and branding” is obviously very broad and legalizing essay, wide open with possibility: Thanks you so much mam .. Hi, I’m gonna make a research paper in my Research class and baillie gifford, I’m having an hard time searching for an catchy or interesting title and descriptive title about frankenstein coursework, business or investing or stock market.

Can anybody help?? Thank your very much. Here are a few ideas: 1. How has technology impacted the tourism industry? Have there been any surprising developments or effects due to the Internet, travel apps, etc.? 2. How do travelers choose a destination for travel? What factors are most important? 3. Gifford Essay! How does marketing for “dark” tourism destinations, such as ghost tours or the sites of major tragedies, differ from marketing for “happier” locales? I hope these give you some ideas to chew on! It sounds like you’ve really thought about your topic, and it sounds like you’re on your way to an interesting paper with some solid reasons to back up your claims about the industry policy.

Well done. That is an interesting topic to research! A few ideas that come to mind for making your topic narrower and more specific: 1. Architecture Thesis! Do food cravings vary based on baillie essay sex or gender? 2. Do food cravings result from deficiencies in specific nutrients? (This is a common notion, but I’ve always wondered if it’s true or not!) 3. Are there any benefits or drawbacks to legalizing gay marriage essay giving in to baillie gifford 2012 a food craving (or not giving in)? I’m trying to do a Persuasive research on Artificial Intelligence related topic, do you think below topic is a resanable topic? Is society going to research on paper be controlled by Artificial intelligence? Ooh A.I. should be a very fun topic. Essay 2012! Since you’re writing a persuasive paper, you just need to pick a topic that allows you to lyx take a stance on one side or another.

For example, is artificial intelligence ultimately positive or negative for society? Does it pose any threats or dangers? Should A.I. be accepted and at what level? It’s a pretty big topic, so you’re going to want to narrow your focus and baillie, choose a debatable and specific focus to frankenstein coursework zero in on. Here is a post about gifford, narrowing your topic: and here is one about persuasive essay writing: Thanks for replying, #128578; Hi, I have an assignment wherein I am supposed to make an overview of 5 suggested topics for technion lyx, our qualitative research. I thought about these topics: 1) Food Cravings.

2) One-Way Learning Method on essay Students (using books only) 3) Maturity Level of Teenagers Nowadays. 4) Preparedness of a Community in Times of an landscape thesis proposals, Earthquake. 5) How Different Types of Parenting Affect a Student’s Academic Performance. I would really like your help on baillie 2012 how I’m supposed to explain my overviews for frankenstein essay, these topics I’ve listed down. Baillie! And if they are really suitable enough for conducting a qualitative research? Thank you very much for your advice. #128578; God bless and I hope you continue inspiring us with your articles. Frankenstein Essay! #128578;

Wow, writing is such a vast universe that your possible topics are pretty infinite here. What type of class is this for? What types of topics have you studied in gifford essay 2012 the class? That might give you a clue of how to narrow down your topic. For example, if you spent the semester reading a lot of fiction, you might write an essays trees, essay related to methods of fiction writing: how to baillie gifford dream up characters, ways to on paper stop procrastination, a study of essay 2012 a particular author’s approach to writing a specific book.

What type of essay are you supposed to write? An argumentative essay means you’d have to choose a topic that you can defend, for write one page, example an essay arguing that public schools need to improve their writing programs. Gifford 2012! A reflective essay, on the other hand, would call on you to write about frankenstein, your own writing journey and discuss how you have improved and what you have learned about baillie gifford 2012, writing. If you can answer the above two questions, that will help you narrow down to thesis lyx a topic. You might also want to baillie gifford essay 2012 read this blog post about landscape thesis proposals, how to narrow a topic: One approach would be to make an 2012, argument that something *should* be done about the thesis problem of adolescents suffering from baillie essay 2012, alcoholism. Malayalam About Trees! If you go this route, your thesis statement template may look like this: Schools/families/communities (who exactly?) should approach the problem of adolescents suffering from essay 2012, alcoholism seriously and apply SOLUTION 1, SOLUTION 2, and SOLUTION 3. The rest of your paper would be used to discuss each of the solutions using supporting evidence.

Or you might just be writing a paper discussing the technion causes of gifford 2012 youth alcoholism, in which case your template may look something like: There are three main contributing factors leading to alcoholism in adolescents including CAUSE 1, CAUSE 2, and CAUSE 3. The rest of your paper would be used to landscape proposals discuss each of the causes using supporting evidence. These are just a couple of example approaches you can take. The important thing is to determine the purpose of your paper. Baillie Essay! Are you taking a stance? Are you proposing a solution? Or are you just trying to understand the causes? Hello, can anyone help me what is the best title for my research in thesis..our topic research theme Operation Reasearch, technology and knowledge management, service inovation and management, e-business and e-commerce?

True, that’s a tough topic to title (how’s that for alliteration?) Maybe you can get some inspiration from this post about malayalam essays about, writing essay titles: Hi good day #128578; My professor told us to give topics that’s about baillie gifford essay 2012, I decided to choose Social Media Marketing but I’m having a hard time constructing a title.My professor didn’t want the other two titles I passed.Can you help me get a right title for write one page essay, my topic..some suggestions on how My title would revolve about gifford essay, my topic.. Thanks. Sometimes writing the malayalam essays trees title is the hardest part! hi! good day, i have my research topic which is about the influences of parenting styles on students academic performance. is it a good topic to research on? please help. I think this is a great idea as long as you are able to baillie 2012 find some quality sources to back up your research. You also need to make sure you’re very specific about which parenting styles exactly you will be evaluating.

You might have the best luck by architecture thesis proposals selecting two very specific and opposing ones to compare. Thanks Ms. Naomi, this help a lot #128578; Hi can you give me topics related to tourism and hospitality management? New topic only please.

Hi can you help me give research topics for gifford essay 2012, tourism and malayalam essays, hospitality management? Thank you new topics only please. Hi can you help me give research topics for tourism and hospitality management? Thank you new topics only please. Maybe you could talk about the boom of medical tourism or maybe you could talk about the specific technologies that have made tourism easier. Speaking of, how has AirBnB changed the essay 2012 face of the hospitality industry? Should it be regulated? I think it would be smart for technion thesis, you to gifford essay 2012 sit down and brainstorm a list of potential topics that are tied to your interests.

Then you’ll want to do some cursory research to essays see if you’ll be able to find adequate sources on baillie essay 2012 these topics. Frankenstein Essay! Finally, go with the baillie gifford essay one that offers the most resources. Hi, I have a research paper in my English class and i’m looking for some topics on technology? Thank you for your time. “Technology” is a very broad topic so you could take this in research a zillion different directions. Check out these example essays to see how other students have approached the baillie gifford essay 2012 topic of gay marriage technology in their papers:

Also, you might benefit from reading this blog post about gifford essay, narrowing your topic: Hi! I have research paper in gay marriage my major class and I’m looking for a social issues Topics! Please help me.Thank you. There is essay a section devoted to Sociology that might get you started. For example, Do governments with more women in positions of frankenstein essay power rule more fairly? or Is solitary confinement effective for dangerous inmates? You might also want to essay narrow down your topic. Check out this blog post that will walk you through that: For my university i have to legalizing essay search for gifford 2012, an interesting topic and put the basis for a future market research.

I don’t have to collect any data but I have to explain my topic, the method that I will use for the market research and one page, how collect data. One topic that i found interesting it’s “neuromarketing” and all the “tricks” that advertisers use to increase selling and brand recognition. The question is: which aspect should I analyze in order to get a nice and intresting work? Hi there, Matteo, Wow sounds like you are traveling an interesting road with this one. I like it! One thing you might do is some cursory research on Google Scholar to see what potential topic directions are out there.;hl=en#038;as_sdt=0#038;as_vis=1#038;oi=scholart#038;sa=X#038;ved=0ahUKEwjG78Wvl6fRAhVIqVQKHYoIDmsQgQMIGDAA. For example, I’m seeing a lot of baillie essay references trying to determine the future of gay marriage essay neuromarketing.

The more credible sources you can find to support your intended focus, the better you will be. I don’t know anything about neuromarketing, so I’m sorry that I can’t offer more specific advice than this. Half the fun is the discovery. is it okay to write about extra terrestrial stuff? Nothing much of aliens just about stars and planets and stuff like that. If yes, then what could i write about? A specific topic as suggestion would be very helpful. Definitely — as long as it’s interesting, specific enough, and you can find information about it, you can write a research paper about it #128578; Writing about stars and planets is fine, but those are pretty broad subjects on essay 2012 their own. Essays! A few space-related topics that come to mind would be: – How close are we to baillie gifford essay 2012 being able to form colonies that support human life on Mars (or another planet)? – Which obstacles do we need to overcome in order to colonize space? – Which known planets are most likely to support life?

I hope these give you some ideas that you can chew on for your paper. Happy writing! Hello, just yesterday the 12th of January, our teacher gave us topics on technion thesis lyx our research paper so I have chosen the essay 2012 topic “Wildlife Conservation: HUNTING”. Now I am having a hard time making an introduction with its thesis, will someone help me ? This is my first time making a reasearch paper and on paper, I really can’t understand the gifford essay 2012 guides #128577; . First, you need to take a stance. Do you think that hunting is good or bad for wildlife conservation? There are valid arguments on technion both side of that topic.

Your thesis statement could look something like this: “Hunting is an effective wildlife conversation method because of baillie A, B, and essay, C.” OR “Hunting is detrimental to wildlife conversation evidenced by essay A, B, and C.” Choose arguments (A,B, C) that you can defend with your research. Once you have your thesis statement developed, you’ll be able to build your paper. I suggest doing your introduction last. Here are some helpful resources: As part of my SACE, I have to research research a topic of my choice for a semester and present with a 2000 word essay (along with a few other things, but they aren’t as important at this stage). I have recently taken an interest in baillie gifford where my food actually comes from, and write essay, have done some digging into baillie gifford essay 2012 the contribution of factory farming in relation to essays trees global warming. Do you think that “to what extent has factory farming contributed to climate change/global warming” is a good proposal question? Should I add a timeframe to the question, and what length of time would be most appropriate? I think that’s an gifford essay, excellent topic, yes.

It’s never a bad idea to write one page essay make your topic as specific as possible; adding a timeline is one way to 2012 do that, sure. You could narrow your topic to “To what extent has factory farming contributed to climate change/global warming in legalizing gay marriage essay the past 25 years”, for instance — the exact length of time would sort of depend on baillie essay 2012 what the research you’ve done suggests. If it seems like the most damage has been done within the past 10-15 years, it might be more appropriate to focus your efforts on describing that timeframe. Another way to approach the topic might be focusing on architecture large-scale industrial farming, which has primarily been a phenomenon of the baillie essay 2012 past couple of decades (factory farming itself has been around longer, albeit on a smaller scale) so there would be a bit of an implied timeframe. Something like: “To what extent has large-scale industrial farming contributed to malayalam climate change/global warming”? Sounds like you’re on the way to a great paper! Hi! I need a topic for my research paper and essay, I was thinking about of writing about GMO.

Do you think this topic is architecture proposals possible or should I change it? Can you recommend ways on baillie 2012 how I can talk about this topic. Do you think I can relate this to food cravings and technion thesis lyx, food starvation? I really appreciate your help. Baillie 2012! Thank you. Yes, GMO is a great topic because you can take it in many different directions.

I’m not sure about food cravings/ starvation but if you have done some research and found good resources to help you make an argument around that, I say go for it! Also check out these example essays on GMO: You could get ideas of how to technion lyx approach your essay from them. Hi, in my english subject we are actually required to make a research paper and can i ask if cyber bullying is baillie essay 2012 a good topic? how should i start it? this is my first time so it’s a new thing for essays, me. Baillie! thank yoi. Yes, you can write an excellent essay on the topic of cyber bullying. However, it’s a pretty broad topic, so you’ll want to write one page take some time to narrow your focus down to something specific to baillie essay talk about. Here are some helpful articles for you: And here is a post about narrowing a topic: Hope this helps and happy writing! Hi, I need a topic for may research paper and I am confused on write where to start. Can I ask for some suggestions and ideas about a thesis title and statement. Thank you.

I’d pick something that 1) you are interested in 2) that you can support with research and essay 2012, 3) that is relevant to your course (if necessary). I know it’s difficult to come up with an research towel, idea when you can choose from anything under the sun. Thank you for the suggestions. I cant still narow down something. My course is psychology and I still bother on the topic that I would choose. Essay 2012! Thank you.

Maybe you can look at some example essays written by other students in the subject of psychology. Essays Trees! This may give you some ideas for baillie essay, your own essay. Thank you for essays about trees, the suggestions. But Can I ask if this good for research paper. Effects to the criterion of women beyond deminism and authority. Gifford! or Coping Mechanism of essay battered women? How I formulate my objectives with this? Thank you for your help. I’m not sure I understand the first topic you suggest, but the second one “coping mechanisms of battered women” could yield a good research project. I suggest you do some preliminary research to make sure you can find enough information on the topic before you proceed.

Hello, maybe I can ask for 2012, help how can I formulate research questions regarding a tpoic “Coping mechanism of frankenstein coursework battered women”. Thank you. Baillie! It would be big help. Yes, I think you could turn this into a good topic. First, you’ll want to landscape thesis proposals do some research to find out if there are any resources that you can use as evidence.

A quick look into Google Scholar tells me that you should have no trouble there:;q=social+media+self+esteem#038;btnG=#038;as_sdt=1%2C5#038;as_sdtp=#038;oq=social+media+self+ Then you’ll want to 2012 take a stance on this. Are you going to argue that social media has a positive or negative impact on social media? Why? This will be the root of your thesis statement. I am taking part in lyx a research competition based in UAE and i have to baillie gifford 2012 come up with a topic that would further develop the country’s innovation systems. Can you please suggest me a topic that would fulfill the criteria of the contest. The competition is direct support of the essay UAE government’s drive towards fostering innovation and it should benefit the gifford essay country in terms of malayalam essays trees development and progress. Also, I am planning to pick the topic Small Business Struggles and baillie gifford 2012, Triumphs specifically in UAE! but not sure about it.

Would love to know from you..if you have a better topic. Lastly, For the topic i mentioned above…How do i make it extensive to the criteria of the contest? How do i relate UAE’s Economic development through this topc “Small Business Struggles and Triumphs” Thank you for write essay, the ideas and baillie 2012, your time. I am really looking forward to your views. It seems that you are on a great track with your project so far, you just need to refine and landscape proposals, focus. To further refine your topic of small business struggles and triumphs while also relating it to UAE’s economic development maybe you can investigate ways that the UAE government can and baillie essay 2012, should foster small business development. Here are some questions for research, you: How can the UAE help small businesses succeed? How can these small businesses, in turn, help the UAE innovate and grow?

Are there specific small businesses that you can focus on? How are these specific small businesses innovating and baillie essay, what exactly can the coursework UAE government do to help them mitigate their struggles and be more triumphant in the end? You might also find this post helpful as you narrow and refine your topic: Hi again!! Thank you soooo much for responding! Your reply was indeed very helpful. Unfortunately, my teacher wants me to work on gifford essay the topic that ‘she’ selected for me.

And the topic given to me is Financial Literacy. Basically, it is one page about how Financial Literacy Program can help solve Debt Problem of UAE. But the main thing is…the title of the gifford 2012 project should be powerful enough to attract the audience. Can you please help me frame a title….that could attract and make the technion thesis reader WANT to read my project….and also..I would be utterly grateful if you could give me some ideas on what all i could include in my project and how i can relate it to UAE? I really respect and appreciate the help you have given. and Thank you again for baillie gifford essay 2012, your time… As far as titles go, you might find this post helpful as you come up with yours: However, I probably wouldn’t worry about the title until after you’ve written the essay since there’s a good chance you’ll find inspiration from your content! A few questions for you to answer: What is gay marriage financial literacy? Where and when should students begin a financial literacy program?

Who should organize the baillie 2012 financial literacy programs? What exactly should the financial literacy program entail? Finally, how will this financial literacy program address and prevent debt in gay marriage the UAE? I think if you could find answers to the above, you’ll be off to a good start. As far as the baillie gifford topic you choose, you’ll want to make sure that it’s of essays about interest to you, that you can find plenty of evidence to support your research, and that it fits your assignment guidelines.

If none of the 25 topics listed here helped you, you might try this post: hi, i have an assignment about 2012, research method, but this is my first time by thesis lyx doing this particular assignment. the scope that has been given to me is about english language in my college, can you give some example of topic that suitable to my scope… i done several topic but its not quite good, and hello from malaysian student :), hope you can help me #128578; Hi Mike in baillie gifford Malaysia #128578; First you need to legalizing gay marriage essay narrow your topic down to something that is interesting and manageable. Baillie 2012! I’d suggest reading this post to help you with that process: Ask yourself questions like: Is there anything you would recommend to improve English language studies at your school? If so, what would that be? Are students from your college graduating with high levels of English language proficiency? Why or why not?

What types of jobs do students from your school get? How many of these jobs require English? If you can start digging into some questions and considerations about the English language program at your school, you should be able to narrow in on coursework a good research topic. Hi I have a research paper in Project Management, my topic is baillie The impact of load shedding by eskom(service provider) on malayalam Government projects on the debt owing municipalities(local government). Im having difficulty in proposing solutions to local government. I hate to say it but for a research project like this, there really isn’t a shortcut for doing your research. You won’t have the answers until you really immerse yourself in the topic. Gifford! I’d approach this by doing as much reading as you can for at least a few hours and gay marriage essay, starting to essay 2012 jot down possible solutions.

For example, after reading this article , you might determine that a potential solution is a “better alignment of write one page essay schedules” you might then try to 2012 find other evidence to prove this point. Come up with three solid solutions backed by thesis evidence from your research and you should be in great shape to write this paper. Here are some other resources on baillie essay how to write a research paper: Thesis getting real, huh? You’re going to frankenstein essay coursework need to sit down and start brainstorming topics. Visiting this post was a good start, but here are a few more ideas: You might also try looking at baillie gifford essay 2012 example essays written by other students. You can start a search here:

Once you have a general topic idea, you’ll need to narrow it down. Write! I highly recommend reading this post to learn how: Most importantly, choose a topic that interests you and that you can find plenty of baillie gifford credible research on. Great shared work Madam Susan, acknowledged. Thanks for reading #128578;

Hi, am Benson from Nkumba University, I have a research to do, wanted to a comment on my topic whether its a good topic to get on. This is my research topic, AN EXPLORATION ON THE BETTER METHODS TO STOP TOBACCO AND MARIJUANA SMOKING IN UGANDA. I think your topic sounds promising! You might make it a little more clear/concise, something like: An Exploration of malayalam essays about trees Improved Methods to Stop Tobacco and baillie, Marijuana Smoking in lyx Uganda or An Exploration of the Best Methods… Which one you choose will depend on whether you’re arguing that the current methods have been improved or whether you want to baillie gifford essay focus on landscape thesis the very *best* and most effective methods. I have some research topics for my final project work and would like to know your views about gifford, it from University of research on paper towel Ghana- LegoN. DIVORCE AND ITS EFFECT ON THE DEVELOPMENT ON CHILDREN. THE SECOND IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF SAFETY PRACTICES AMONG HOUSEKEEPING STAFFS OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SETTINGS (PANTRY). THE THIRD IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF SAFETY PRACTICES AMONG HOUSEKEEPING STAFFS OF 3 OR 4 STAR HOTELS IN ACCRA. I think that all three of those topics sound promising. The one about divorce is probably too broad, however; if you decide to gifford essay 2012 choose that one, you might narrow the frankenstein topic by focusing on divorce’s effects on children in a specific age group or location.

My advice is to select the topic that is most meaningful and interesting to you personally — the best papers are the ones where the author’s interest in the subject shines through. Hi, I have to get a good research topic preferably related to health and medicine. I need ideas please. Hello.. I’m so depressed now in choosing my research topic #128577; can you suggest some? I prefer more on social science related in gifford essay my school ..thank you #128578; Have you also read ? There are some sociology/anthropology topics listed there that might be of interest to you. What are the possible Research Topic Proposals related to Plastic bags. Or What are the best possible research topics for on paper, STEM (Science And Technology Mathematics curriculum)…. Please help!

Still New! See #9 above! There are quite a few ways to approach the “plastic bag” topic listed there #128578; Omyyghaaash! Thanks Erin! hi bessy what are you grade now? im grade 6 now im doing research in baillie essay 2012 the class. hi all i need some topics that so easy. The “easiest” topic to write about will be one that you’re already interested in! That goes a long way since you tend to enjoy the research process more.

If your teacher gave you topics to choose from, then I’d pick the one that sounds most interesting to technion you. If you get to pick your own topic, then I would start by listing a few of essay 2012 your interests/things you want to know more about — if none of the ones in technion lyx this list sound too interesting, I would also read for more ideas! Uhmmm! What could be the gifford best research proposal that will impress teachers that is also easy. Please Reply… Thanks! #128578; For High School.

Hmm, tough one. I think the essay way I’d approach this is to baillie gifford essay first pick a problem that you want to solve — something that you feel at least somewhat strongly about! So using the write one page essay plastic bag example from yesterday, maybe your new product could have something to baillie 2012 do with recycling plastic bags quickly — what if you could stuff 20 in a machine at landscape thesis proposals the grocery store and gifford 2012, it would spit out a sturdy, reusable bag? You could take the same approach to technion thesis lots of baillie problems: an alternative to disposable packaging on one of coursework your favorite products, a way to reduce littering from vehicles (like, I dunno…a built-in trash compactor!), etc. I think any idea that you’re a little excited about that solves a clear problem will be pretty dang impressive #128578; Happy writing! My topic is psychology do you think i can have a successful outcome? Psychology is gifford 2012 a really broad topic, so it’s hard to say for sure how successful your paper might be. Essays Trees! I think you’ll have the best success with a narrower topic.

I’d encourage you to check out this post: Hi, i am a senior high school student and we have a research subject. Baillie Essay! we already have a topic for qualitative research, but we can’t get the right term for people who have jobs that are not related to their degree/college degree. For example, you graduated in essay education but your current job is an office manager. what do you think is the right term for them. we thought it is “underemployed”, but our teacher said, its not the baillie gifford essay right term. Landscape Proposals! do you think you can help us? we will really appreciate any help from you #128578; That’s a really good question! Honestly, I don’t think there is an agreed-upon term for such employees. Your teacher is right that “underemployed” doesn’t really work, as that describes someone who doesn’t have enough work (like someone who wants to work full-time but can only gifford achieve part-time hours). I think this would actually be a cool opportunity to brainstorm/create your own term — researchers do this all the time! The first word that pops into my head is “outfielders” — that’s obviously a term borrowed from the trees sport of baseball, but I think that you could define it in your research as someone who works outside the field in gifford which they studied. Malayalam Essays About! Then you’ll have a word, a type of shorthand, for this type of baillie 2012 worker without always having to write “people who have jobs that are not related to their degree” #128521; No matter how you choose to thesis proposals label these workers, be sure to explain why/how you’re using the gifford label in your paper so that your readers understand. My teacher requires us to do research paper as our final requirement this semester and lyx, I can’t still construct a particular topic perfect for baillie essay 2012, it. Can you help me?

Whenever I give her a topic she will always say that my topic is too broad and that it should be narrowed down. What should I do? Can you share a little more about the write one page class/the specific assignment? The topics above are a good starting place for narrow, specific topics. There are 50 more here: If none of gifford those are quite what you’re looking for, then I would recommend that you read for some good advice on narrowing a topic that you find interesting #128578;

Hello, I need your help. I’m struggling on constructing a good title for my topic. My topic is about teenage stress. Technion Lyx! We, the gifford essay researchers, want to know the main causes of stress to frankenstein essay coursework the students. Gifford Essay 2012! Also, we want to know how the students deal or overcome with the stress. On Paper! Is it a good topic? By the baillie gifford essay 2012 way, our teacher said that our research should be qualitative and quantitave (mixed) research. I hope you can help me asap. Thank you #128578;

It sounds like you’re on about trees the right track with your topic; one suggestion is to specify the population you’re studying in a bit more detail: are they high school students? high school students at a specific school? high school students in gifford essay a particular class at a specific school? You get the idea #128578; Questionnaires that include both close-ended questions (such as scales, yes/no questions, etc.) and open-ended questions (short-answer) could help you to achieve the mixed research requirement. Malayalam Essays! For instance, you might ask students to identify how many courses they’re taking on baillie essay 2012 a scale of 1-8 and ask a series of yes/no questions regarding specific behaviors, and research towel, then you might ask a few questions that ask students to write out baillie short responses to the questions (such as “What do you do when you feel stressed?”). Best of luck with your research! Thank you for helping me, Ms. Technion Lyx! Erin. I have contructed my title already. “Physiological and psychological effects of stress on NHS-SHS (our school) STEM (track) students” “The effects of essay 2012 stress on NHS-SHS STEM students’ physical health and academic success”

Is my title good enough? ???. I think the first title is perfect! Thank you very much Ms. Erin Hempfling! I’m sure gonna acknowledge you in malayalam essays about my research. You really did help me a lot! Have a good day #128578; Thanks for the kind words; glad I could help! #128578;

Hi! I’m lost. Baillie Essay! Need help. Technion Thesis Lyx! I don’t know what topic to work on for a qualitative research. This should be about school matters. I actually have something i mind, but I don’t if it’s good or if it can be for qualitative. I would like to 2012 know about the technion thesis effectivity of baillie gifford e-books in student’s learning. Are books installed in their iPad better than hard copies? Are e-books more helpful or distracting? What should be my title? Also what can be my thesis statement about write one page, this?

I will really appreciate your response. Thank you very much in advance! One common approach for baillie gifford, conducting qualitative research is to use a questionnaire. Could you ask some students some open-ended survey questions about their experiences with e-books? Thank you very much.

Hi everyone so I can’t think of a research title even though our teacher said we have a good research problem. How can we make a interesting and good research title? Hi from ST. On Paper! AUGUSTINE UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA, i am expecting to do my research about 1. the essay impact of social media on one page essay accuracy reporting in journalism ,2. social media and the influence rural development,3. the impact of social media on freedom of expression in Tanzania,4. Gifford! political enviroment in social media 5 the write one page impact of essay 2012 social media on yellow journalism. would you plzz suggest a good topic for thesis proposals, me. and give me some idea on how to conduct my research?? It seems like you’re trying to gifford essay cover a LOT in your paper. That might be okay if it’s very long, but otherwise, I’d recommend that you narrow that down a bit. Here is a great place to start:

As for essay, conducting your research, I would recommend that you start with scholarly sources since they’ll be the essay 2012 most credible. Here are some good recommendations to help you get started: i hahe decide to choose one topic. the IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT IN RURAL AREA. is gay marriage this good for research topic? and what it could be the statement of problem. That’s an interesting topic!

To state the problem, you might first consider what led you to choose this topic: do you think that social media helps or hurts agricultural development in rural areas, for instance? Do you know of an area that’s facing problems with agricultural development? How can I state theoretical frame work. Hi . I’am struggling with my thesis title it is all about literature and I dont know how to start, What should be my topic for essay, qualitative research. can you please help me#128534; Literature is *really* broad!

What are you focusing on within the gay marriage literature realm? If you’re struggling to nail down your topic, I would read — it should help you a lot! So I’m doing this research paper on drug abuse and criminal behaviour patterns, but I’m stuck #128577; I really want to write on this topic but the lack of data (criminal records and such) in baillie my country limits and trees, degrades the quality of my paper. What should I do? That does sound frustrating! I think that I’d step back from the topic a bit and baillie, consider the resources you *do* have on this topic: journal articles, articles in one page credible newspapers, etc. and how you could best use those to essay approach your topic. Technion Thesis Lyx! Also, you might consider doing some first-hand/primary research by interviewing people in your community who have been affected by baillie drug abuse and/or criminal behavior patterns. Hello, my teacher wanted me to research about the violations of essay language policy in our school publication.

How can I state this as a topic? And I can’t think of the dependent and independent variables #128577; please help huhu. I’m not super-clear on your topic, specifically what you mean by “violations of language policy”. Do you mean that there are instances of biased language slipping into the school publication, for baillie essay 2012, instance? If you can clarify your topic a bit I’d be glad to give you a hand! I think you’re right about write, social media and baillie essay 2012, self-esteem, though it could still be an interesting unique topic as long as you take a narrow approach to it! For instance, if you focused on the effects of social media on the self-esteem of middle-school-aged girls (or any other specific demographic), the approach is narrow enough to be unique. I agree that “racism” by itself is really broad, though again, with a narrow approach it could certainly work. I think your national hero idea is a good one, particularly if it’s okay for you to take an argumentative approach in your research essay. It’s narrow, it’s interesting, and essay, if there has already been some debate on the topic, then it sounds like a good issue to discuss in your paper #128578; hello. Baillie Gifford Essay! im trying to start a thesis for frankenstein essay coursework, my course Painting but i;m stuck and baillie gifford essay, cant think of good ideas. is the correlation between selfies and self portraits good enough? if not, how can i improve or make a better statement of the problem for it? or would you know any better ideas than that one? Hi, we have a thesis in essay coursework operations management, can you help me with our thesis title?

Hi, we have a thesis in operations management, can you help me with our thesis title? Hello guys need help for my language research. Will you help me guys to construct title or topic about English? Any will do as long as the english as subject is gifford 2012 there. thanks in. my research topic is.

THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT IN RURAL AREA. can this be a good research topic. Hi, on research topic, “the impact of social media on agriculture development in rural area”. Proposals! Can you help me to write the research question and objective please!!

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Fire Officers: What Would You Do When No One is Watching? Photo 1 - To be effective on the fireground, a fire officer must have a sound understanding of building construction and fire behavior. Photo credit: Photo by Michael Daley. Photo 2 - Fire officers need a good blend of baillie gifford essay, tactical competency and flexibility in all aspects of their response capabilities. Photo credit: Photo by Michael Daley.

Photo 3 - Being decisive on the fireground is a critical skill for the fire officer to create a successful outcome at an incident. Photo credit: Courtesy of the landscape architecture thesis proposals, Author. As a fire officer, you are a direct front line representative for your respective department. You greet the public at many different instances, from the wide-eyed child that wants to baillie 2012, grow up and be a firefighter, to the couple who stare at the charred remains of their lives work, looking for answers to where to begin from here. There is a significant balance needed to thesis, be able to handle these incidents and keep the balance between the brass and the crew members, along with keeping a keen focus on essay 2012, our customer service delivery. Research! We are the problem solvers, the essay, reassuring voice, the unyielding sign of research, confidence and essay 2012, determination while ordering troops into a raging inferno, while the spectators stand agape with wonder. Recently, a fellow fire service professional was telling me about an issue that arose at a meeting of the rank and file in his department. It seems as though this department has firefighters who act in research on paper towel an officer capacity when the company officer is not on shift, for whatever reason. Baillie 2012! A member raised a point; he stated that everyone in the department should be able to frankenstein essay, serve as an acting officer. His reasoning was that “…everyone was the same…” and he continued on to discuss the financial perks that come with riding the gifford 2012, front seat, and he deserved some consideration in about that matter, regardless of this member’s training and capabilities.

Actually, many officers who I relay this story to become highly insulted, as these comments can only serve to lessen the efforts of those assigned these responsibilities took to ensure the safety and efficiency of their respective companies. Let me make my position crystal clear… There is a significant difference when making the transition from firefighter to company officer . A look at the headlines recently reminds us just how dangerous, and fatal, our jobs can be at any call, at any given moment. We in the service must insist on competent, effective leaders in our departments to serve as officers; it isn’t enough to just be lucky, these days you have to excel at commanding operations on the fireground. Admittedly, I am not surprised by the comments of this person. There are constant examples of “leadership turned entitlement” in our profession, and it is essay making our fireground operations much more hazardous. Want proof? Just read through some of the recent line-of-duty death (LODD) reports at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and frankenstein, Health (NIOSH) website, and you will see some of these consistent themes in each one:

Lack of a sound understanding of fire behavior, and 2012, extreme fireground dynamics; Lack of essay, a proper size-up (risk vs. Gifford Essay 2012! gain) early into the operation; Lack of understanding of extreme fire effects on lightweight construction; Lack of existing standard operating procedures (SOPs); Lack of use of an Incident Command System; Lack of sufficient training; And the list goes on and on. Who has the responsibility to control each of these issues? The Officer . Do these responsibilities sound like something to landscape thesis, bestow upon someone who feels like its “their turn” to be the baillie essay, boss for the day? Officer/Leadership Characteristics. First and foremost, the company officer must have a sound background in write one page every aspect of response that is provided by the department. Gifford Essay! While many departments provide a wide variety of services, such as EMS, Hazmat and Technical Rescue capabilities, there are two areas of knowledge that stand out above most other topics: Fire Behavior and Building Construction (photo 1).

The foundation of frankenstein essay coursework, our job is suppression, so it is imperative that fire behavior is second nature to the officer. Baillie Gifford 2012! As fire loads and heat release rates have increased exponentially over the years, our basic training in boot school regarding fire behavior is only scraping the surface. Many websites provide great training and proven factual information in regards to fire behavior. Continuing education in this area includes study in Fuel Loading, Air Tracking and coursework, Compartment Characteristics. Each area is equally important, and there are great training opportunities and study materials available for the aspiring officer.

I started my career in the fire service over 25 years ago, dealing with stubborn fires in durable structures; today’s responders are facing potentially explosive fire behavior while contained in baillie gifford 2012 what are referred to as “disposable buildings.” The introduction of lightweight materials, engineered structural components, and increased flammable sheathing has significantly reduced the time we have to mount an offensive attack within newer compartment fires. Understanding construction methods and material shortfalls are vital for technion thesis, the officer. The initial size-up must take these factors into gifford, consideration when choosing a mode of attack upon arrival, based upon the appropriate level of on paper, risk the baillie gifford essay 2012, situation is dictating. The officer must also serve as a leader to the members of the company as well. While there are essential characteristics for emergency scene skills, officers should possess other leadership traits as well: Strong Tactical Focus: Fire officers who serve as Incident Commanders need to have a thorough blend of tactical competency and “street smarts”; assigning companies to specific tasks based upon landscape the situation at hand comes from a strong knowledge base and detailed comprehension of the response area (photo 2). Discipline: Officers must set the example; doing the right thing the gifford essay, first time, every time, sets a level of acceptable behavior within the company, while allowing enough ability to about, be flexible when need be. Inspiration: An officer should inspire their company members to strive to do their best. Being able to motivate the baillie essay 2012, company members will enhance their skills during an emergency, increasing the level of service they provide. Know Your Troops: Each member brings a variety of skills to the team; a good officer should identify each member’s strong points and malayalam essays trees, allow them to gifford essay, apply them to the incident.

Be Involved: The officer should be visual, and have their hands in every aspect of the company’s daily assignments. Getting involved in equipment checks, maintenance and repairs, inspections and legalizing gay marriage, station operations helps to solidify the Esprit de corps, or the gifford 2012, morale of the company. Accept feedback: A wise Chief Officer once told me that we are given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Frankenstein Essay Coursework! Being a good listener is gifford essay 2012 vital for an officer; decisions during emergencies require as much information as possible to arrive at the correct decision. Listening skills requires full attention to towel, the details before beginning to baillie gifford, develop a response to gay marriage, the information. Be Decisive: At times fire officers can suffer from “Paralysis by Analysis,” taking so much time to make any decision, while time on the emergency scene is critical. It is wise to practice “Tactical Patience”; taking a breath, so to speak, to get all the size-up information right to gifford, make the right call the first time (photo 3). But, make the gay marriage essay, call so the companies can get to work. Being able to baillie essay, make sound decisions and show assertion while doing so will increase confidence in gay marriage the members of the company. Walk the Walk: Credibility comes from the decisions that the officer makes.

Wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE), stepping off the apparatus with a tool in their hand, operating with everyone’s safety in gifford essay mind, and “getting dirty” with hands-on training are just some of the things the essays about trees, officer can do to show the 2012, troops that they are in good hands. Rank as an officer is a title that can be, at times, given far too often before it is earned. Many times we get promoted or appointed, and we start a new “pseudo-career” as an officer within the one we began when we entered the write, fire service. It is not enough to just have the title; while it may have been given, it still must be honed and polished throughout one’s career. 2012! Throughout my career, I have earned many titles, and legalizing gay marriage, I am proud to have each of baillie essay, them. I have been called lieutenant, loo, Instructor Daley, Master Instructor Daley, Mister Daley, Sir and technion, Daddy (that one’s my favorite), but each of these titles are switched like disposable name tags at a speed-dating event, depending on which hat I am wearing that day. There are very few people who come into our lives that hold a title permanently, no matter what the audience; they are called mentors . I have a few; it is important to be able to draw experience by baillie gifford essay 2012 example from multiple resources. There exists many great examples of this in the service; these people have earned the respect and admiration of their peers, and the rank is bestowed upon them, not out of about trees, procedure, but out of respect. I would like to tell you about The Chief. I have worked at my local fire academy for close to 22 years, and from the moment one walks through the door on their first night, it is a humbling experience. Humbling, because once you leave your personal comfort zone, you find that there isn’t a shortage of baillie 2012, well-trained, competent firefighters in your demographics.

You honestly believe that you are on your game as a firefighter, and then you find out how much you still have to learn. Some instructors stay the duration, some stay until other responsibilities get in the way, and some stay far too long. Technion Thesis! Unfortunately, some do not stay long enough. My tenure in the fire academy, hopefully along with my capabilities, allows me the gifford essay 2012, privilege to serve as a Lead Instructor for legalizing, the recruit classes that enter our hallways each semester. However, every semester, I make it clear that I will stand aside and follow the leadership of The Chief during Boot School. The Chief has been with us for over 20 years, and gifford 2012, a lot more frequently since he retired from his position as a Deputy Chief of a very busy fire department in architecture Central New Jersey. His disposition and demeanor on an emergency was second to none; in fact, in all the years I have worked with him, both in a training capacity and during an emergency, I cannot think of a single time where he was without grasp of his surroundings.

Those who served under him followed his lead without question, for gifford essay, his way worked, every time. Malayalam Essays About! His delivery as an instructor, coupled with his calm demeanor on the fireground, made him a natural leader, even for his peer instructors. There were no shortcuts, no doubts, no second-guesses; any doubts about his orders eroded once he demonstrated it. He would never ask anyone to do anything that he wouldn’t do. If you were at the academy looking for him, you would find him early in the morning, about an hour before class started, sitting in baillie gifford 2012 the cafeteria, “holding court” with a bunch of recruits feverishly taking notes as he spoke of skills and techniques of our job with a hot cup of essay, coffee in his hand. Moreover, he would listen to their questions, concerns and fears about their new journey, only to remind them of the rewards that await them from doing this job. So for essay, the last few years, the malayalam essays about, decision to follow The Chief’s lead was an gifford essay 2012, easy one for all of us to make. This past semester, I served as the Lead Instructor for gay marriage, the Recruit Class.

The Chief was unavailable to take the essay, reins; a significant issue required his full and immediate attention. I took the reins begrudgingly, as all of us would prefer to see The Chief bark out orders and set companies into motion on the fireground, no matter what the task. Frankenstein Essay! We all followed his lead, even when he wasn’t there to lead it himself. About six weeks into the recruit class, the training grounds were full of activity; smoke filled cellars with PASS devices sounding for “simulated” firefighter/mannequins down, with students following hoselines to baillie 2012, get themselves to safety, while emergency ladder slides from second floor areas were being conducted with instructors keeping a watchful eye on the progress. Instructors were manning belay lines for sliding students, hose lines were covering recruits finding their egress, and radio reports for “victim removals” were being transmitted to the Lead Instructor as the “fireground” was alive with activity. Around mid-point through the session, a familiar car pulled up, and parked on the A/D corner of the technion thesis, training grounds. Two people sat in the front of the car and watched our progress. I stared at essay 2012, the vehicle for a few minutes; then the Chief rolled down the passenger window. Students watched as every instructor made their way to the passenger door, wanting to greet the chief, just to essay, say hi and greet his wife. In a true example of The Brotherhood, each and every one of us reminded The Chief and his wife that the “family” is baillie gifford 2012 here, and we stand ready to do what is needed. Gay Marriage! We all would stand ready, for baillie essay, that is the true meaning of “The Brotherhood” that we enter when we “boot up” for the first time.

This “Brotherhood” needs to be re-visited and re-energized, for next to our own families, we owe our second “family” members the thesis, same respect that we would want in our own time of need. I had to get back to work, but I wished I could stay by the window for a bit longer. I shook The Chief’s hand, and told him I would call him in gifford essay 2012 a few days. He and his wife watched for a little while, and then quietly drove away. I was standing by our aerial during the remaining evolutions, keeping watch as The Chief would time after time, making sure there were no shortcuts, no doubts, no second-guesses; keeping the standard he set for us. A short time later, one of the students approached me, shook his head, and said one of the most profound statements I have ever heard anyone in the fire service say, yet alone a recruit:

“You know, I watched every one of you instructors stop what you were doing, walk over to research on paper towel, that car, and shake that man’s hand. Baillie Gifford 2012! I don’t know who that was, but I know one thing; I want to malayalam about trees, be him.” “Yeah…” I added, “so do I.” Godspeed, Chief. Well done. We are forever grateful to you for showing us the way… We will take it from here.

Until next time, stay focused and stay safe. See Mike Live! Lt. Michael Daley will be presenting “Basement Fires” and “Strategies and Tactics for baillie essay, Fires in coursework Attics and Cocklofts” at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, July 23 - 27.