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International Legal & Ethical Issues

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International Legal & Ethical Issues

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B MUD Case Study: Eden Corporation. This app endix describes a fictional case study that shows how the multiuser development environment might be used for Legal & Ethical Issues a particular business case. Latest Business Articles. This appendix contains the following topics: About the Eden Corporation Fictional Case Study. Eden Corporation (a fictional company) recently purchased Oracle Business Intelligence. They have two divisions that are licensed and plan to use the product. Because of this, the company has two separate initiatives: Initiative S: The Sales Division wants to use Oracle Business Intelligence for dashboarding and Legal analysis of revenue versus plan.

They want to deploy an initial phase to production quickly to meet an immediate need. Then, they want to roll out more functionality in Phases II and III. Initiative S is large enough that they will have two developers working on it. Initiative H: The Human Resources Division (HR) needs to do dashboarding and analysis of HR data. Initiative H is a smaller initiative, so it will have only one developer. They plan to deliver their application to production between Initiative S Phases II and III. Note that the Sales developers and the HR developers are not allowed to see each others' data or metadata.

The metadata administrator is the only person who has security privileges for all the metadata. As in english literature coursework, all organizations, there will also be a steady stream of urgent requests and occasional bugs from International & Ethical, production. The developers will need to deliver fixes for these within days, even though the longer-term initiatives S and literature coursework grades H are in development at the same time. About the Technical Team Roles and Responsibilities. Legal. Eden Corporation has staffed the gay marriage essay team as follows: Adam Straight - MUD Administrator.

Sally Andre - Developer for Sales Division, Revenue project. Scott Baker - Developer for Sales Division, Quota project. Helen Rowe - Developer for International Legal & Ethical Issues HR Division. About the Eden Corporation Development Phases. Eden Corporation plans to deploy RPDs to production based on the following timeline: January - Sales Phase I (projects Revenue and Quota) February - Sales Phase II (add project Target, extend projects Revenue and Quota) March - HR (one project used) April - Sales Phase III (extend all three projects) About the Eden Corporation Topology. Gay Marriage. Eden Corporation plans to use the following systems for Legal Issues their multiuser development environment: MUD Administrator - NT computer with a share. Sally Andre - NT computer for Administration Tool client, and Linux computer to run the Oracle Business Intelligence stack. Scott Baker - high-powered NT computer.

Helen Rowe - either of the above. Test - Linux computer. The Importance Of Critical Thinking. Production - Clustered Linux computers. About the Repository Architecture. Because of Eden Corporation's business structure and International initiatives, they need to have two independent semantic models in their repository: one for Sales and one for HR. Each of these models can have multiple projects. Legalizing. Planning the Legal & Ethical Issues Repository Structure.

Eden Corporation knows that it is important to plan the english grades structure of their repository file so that it will be able to support the multiuser development needs of their organization. They assigned owners to major objects, so the International Legal Issues developers know who to go to when conflicts arise, and which objects they should not modify on their own. Tip: When hosting multiple independent semantic models, be sure to itemize the names of top-level objects to prevent duplicate names. Table B-1 and Table B-2 show the high-level repository objects in main.rpd for both Initiative S and Initiative H, mapped to projects and owners. Note that Adam is the overall owner of both Initiative S and Initiative H. Table B-1 Initiative S Repository Objects Mapped to Projects and Owners. Sample App Data. logical fact table 1. logical fact table 2. F30 Facts Targets. logical fact table 3. Slavery In The. F50 Facts Quotas. application role (1) application role (2) Table B-2 Initiative H Repository Objects Mapped to Projects and Owners.

Human Resources Data. logical fact table (1) logical fact table (2) Medical Ins Facts. International Legal. application role (1) application role (2) Phase I - Initiating Multiuser Development (MUD) In the first phase, both Sally Andre and Scott Baker will develop in parallel. Sally will create the slavery in the civil war essays starter content, which Adam Straight will divide into projects. He will then create the MUD directory so that Sally and Scott can check out and perform their development. After unit testing, they merge and International Legal & Ethical publish their changes, and then Adam migrates the essay on secret repository to & Ethical Issues the test environment. After a bug fix cycle, Adam promotes the repository to legalizing production. The following sections describe Phase I development: Sally Andre starts off Initiative S from an empty RPD. Because it is easier to divide the repository into International Legal & Ethical Issues MUD projects if you define some logical stars and subject areas first, she begins by developing the physical model needed for Phase I. She includes connection pool details for her own local test data sources. Tip: The physical model should include the thinking for students physical tables, the best practice of aliasing all the physical tables to give them meaningful names, and joins. Figure B-1 shows the International Legal & Ethical Issues physical model for Initiative S. Figure B-1 Initiative S Physical Model. Sally drags the the importance thinking for students Physical layer to International Issues the Business Model and Mapping layer to create some starter content.

She removes unneeded tables, and ensures that the star joins are correct. She also ensures that all the physical tables that will be needed during development have mappings from the starter logical tables, so that they will be included in the projects when they are checked out. Legalizing Essay. For Sally, these steps create two logical fact tables, F10 Revenue and & Ethical Issues F50 Quotas, that can act as the basis for the projects. Sally also needs to have some subject areas to map to the projects in gay marriage, the business model. She could drag the entire business model, but a convenient way to accomplish this is to instead right-click the business model and International & Ethical select Create Subject Areas for Logical Stars and Snowflakes . This feature creates a subject area from each logical fact table. Sally does not need to literature grades be concerned about the contents of the International & Ethical subject areas yet. All that matters is that each subject area maps to the logical fact table for the same project. However, she does name the subject areas based on the plan agreed to in the of good health governance meeting: Sales Quota and Sales Revenue. Sally now has enough content for the MUD administrator to create the first two projects based on the Revenue and Quota fact tables.

To review, Sally has made sure that she meets the following criteria at Legal Issues, a minimum: At least one logical fact table according to the governance plan, to anchor the projects. The columns of the the importance thinking logical fact tables need not be complete or even properly named, but they do need to be complete enough to map all the physical content. Enough logical dimensions so that the repository will pass the consistency check. Physical content that maps to one or more logical fact tables, so they will be included in projects. & Ethical. The subject areas needed according to the governance plan. The MUD administrator for Eden Corporation, Adam Straight, now handles the next few steps to coursework grades create the projects and International & Ethical Issues get them ready for for students checkout. First, he creates the MUD directory, RPD_main, where the master RPD will be stored. This master RPD contains the superset of content for the developers. International & Ethical Issues. The users will check their projects out of the thinking master, and merge them back in when they want to share their changes.

Sally copies her started RPD to the master folder so that Adam can create the first two projects, ProjRevenue and ProjQuota. First, Adam opens the master RPD in the Administration Tool and selects Manage Projects . International Legal & Ethical Issues. Then, in the Project Manager, he selects Action New Project . Adam names the project ProjRevenue and proceeds to pick the the importance of critical thinking for students logical fact tables at the center of the project. The top object in International Legal, the list expands to show the logical fact tables, but he has a choice of seeing them grouped by the Business Model to which they belong, or by Subject Area. Figure B-2 shows the different ways Adam can view the logical fact tables. Figure B-2 Project Dialog with Facts Grouped by Business Model and Subject Area. Adam decides to group facts by Business Model for convenience, although he could have used the Subject Area grouping to select the same fact table. He adds the fact table, plus the default application roles and subject areas specified for this project. Because there are no custom-defined application roles, users, variables, or initialization blocks yet, he cannot yet add them to the project.

Adam repeats this process for ProjQuota, the second project. Civil. Tip: Note that some of the explicit objects are the same in both projects, because both projects share application roles. Similarly, many of the International Legal implicit project objects are shared, particularly dimension tables in both the logical and physical models. Keep in mind that projects are a convenience for creating small subsets that are easy to work with; they are not for security. It is civil, critical in your governance process that the owner of each top-level object is assigned and documented for the whole team, because this enables developers to avoid conflicts. Adam included the logical fact table F10 Bill Rev in the project, even though it is owned by Sally Andre, not by Scott Baker, the owner of this project. He did this because Scott needs to create a measure that derives from & Ethical Issues, measures in both fact tables (Sales percent of quota).

Again, the point is to provide the user with the subset of content they need to implement their requirements, not just the objects they own. Essay Parenting Styles. Adam saves the master RPD to the shared drive, RPD_Main, as sales.rpd. It is now ready for users to & Ethical Issues check out projects and begin working in parallel. Now, the two developers will set up their Administration Tool clients for the master repository, check out compare styles, their projects, and begin working. Sally starts by setting up her Administration Tool client to use the master repository. To do this, she selects Tools Options , and then selects the Multiuser tab. There, she sets up the pointer to the master repository directory. She also enters her full name, which will be useful in logs and locks. Now, she can check out her project and begin working on it. Meanwhile, in International Legal & Ethical Issues, the Master Repository directory, two new files have been created: sales.000 and slavery sales.mhl. Figure B-3 shows the new files.

Figure B-3 Two New Files in the Master Repository Directory. The sales.000 file is an automatic backup created for sales.rpd when Sally checked it out. This file can be used to International Legal roll back if problems occur. The sales.mhl file tracks her checkout status and parameters, including project, computer, and user. Meanwhile, three files have been created in Sally's local repository directory: originalProjRevenue.rpd: This file is the project subset RPD at the time of checkout. It will be used later as the english literature coursework grades original in International, the three-way merge process, and also if Sally discards her changes. ProjRevenue.rpd: This file contains only the self-consistent subset project (ProjRevenue). This is the file that is open for editing. ProjRevenue.rpd.Log: This file is the log file for this editing session in the Administration Tool.

You can view its contents in the Administration Tool using File Multiuser History . Figure B-4 shows the three files in compare and contrast essay styles, the local repository directory. Figure B-4 Three New Files in the Local Repository Directory. Now, Sally begins to work on the model for her application. She does not need to change her connection pool settings because she used her own test data source connection pool details when she created the starter content. Sally starts by Issues, opening her fact table and deleting the unused keys based on the modeling best practice. Essay. Then, she adds SUM aggregation rules to three measures, Discnt_Value, Revenue, and Legal & Ethical Units. She also changes the name of Discnt_Value to Discount Amount, Units to Units Sold, and Revenue to Sales Revenue. Sally also needs to add a new column to the D10 Product table, an upper-case version of the Prod_Dsc column called PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. It uses the following expression: Upper(Sales.D10 Product (Dynamic Table).Prod_Dsc).

She also adds dimension hierarchies, creates a variable called Constant One, and initializes it to the value 1. She uses it to essay create a new measure, Constant One. Sally starts her sandbox Oracle Business Intelligence stack so that she can add application roles, and then test her repository using Answers. She follows these steps to International start her components in the right order and to configure her system environment: Start the database containing the RCU schema, using its standard controls. Start the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Server. For example, on Windows, select Start Programs Oracle WebLogic User Projects bifoundation_domain Start Admin Server for compare and contrast essay parenting WebLogic Server Domain and enter the user and password created during installation when prompted.

Note that if you used an Enterprise or Software-Only install type, you must also start the Oracle WebLogic Server Managed Server using the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console. Typically, you use the Simple install type when installing development sandboxes. Log in to Fusion Middleware Control and upload the repository file, making sure to enter the correct repository password. International. Also in Fusion Middleware Control, turn off Oracle BI Server caching, so that interpreting the query log is simpler. Still in Fusion Middleware Control, start the system components from the Business Intelligence Overview page. Because Sally's Oracle BI Server is on a Linux system, she must set up ODBC connectivity on her Windows computer so that her Administration Tool client can access the BI Server there. Sally manually adds an Oracle BI Server ODBC DSN pointing to the importance for students the Oracle BI Server on the Linux computer. See Integrating Other Clients with Oracle Business Intelligence in Oracle Fusion Middleware Integrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition for information about how to create an ODBC DSN for the Oracle BI Server. Sally is using the Oracle WebLogic Server embedded policy store and needs to add two application roles, Sales Management and Sales Rep. To add the roles, she opens a Web browser on her Windows computer and logs in to Fusion Middleware Control (pointing to her Oracle Business Intelligence stack on International Legal Issues, Linux). She uses Fusion Middleware Control to essay on secret of good health create the new roles, maps it to the appropriate users, groups, or other roles, and grants the appropriate permissions to the role.

Next, Sally needs to Legal Issues add the new application roles to of critical thinking her repository, and Legal & Ethical then use them for object permissions and data access filters. To accomplish this, Sally does the following: Sally open the Administration Tool and selects File Open Online . She picks the local Windows ODBC DSN that connects to her Oracle Business Intelligence stack, enters her repository password, and also enters the default user name and password for administering her stack that she created upon install. Next, Sally selects Manage , and then selects Identity to open the Identity Manager. She clicks BI Repository in the navigation tree and then clicks the Application Roles tab. She sees the five default application roles, as well as the new ones she just created. Sally double-clicks the Sales Rep application role, and then clicks Permissions . On the Data Filters tab, she adds a data filter with an expression that only essay of good, allows users who belong to this role to see sales that they themselves have made. On the International Legal Issues Object Permissions tab, she sets Read, Read/Write, or No Access permissions that allow Sales Rep users to see revenue, but not quota or cost information.

On the Query Limits tab, she keeps the defaults for Max Rows and Max Time, and latest business does not set any time restrictions. She clicks OK to return to the Identity Manager. Legal Issues. Next, Sally double-clicks the Sales Management application role and sets up Data Filters, Object Permissions, and Query Limits appropriate for this role, based on the decisions of the governance committee. Finally, Sally exits the Identity Manager. For the new variable and application roles to be in Sally's project the next time she checks it out, she must add them to the project before she checks in her changes. To do this, she performs the same steps that Adam did when he created the projects: She selects Manage Projects , selects her project, selects the legalizing essay new objects in the left pane, and clicks Add . While Sally Andre is International Legal & Ethical Issues, working on coursework, the ProjRevenue project, Scott Baker is getting started on International & Ethical, ProjQuota.

He set up his Administration Tool options for MUD, checked out his project, and started working. Scott prefers to work in online mode. Doing this tightens the development/unit test loop, because he is modifying the repository while it is running in the Oracle BI Server. The Importance Thinking. Every time he clicks Check In Changes in International & Ethical, the Administration Tool toolbar, his changes are applied to the running server. He can then immediately move to Answers and test the changes there. Note that when he adds, deletes, renames, or reorganizes Presentation layer objects, he must reload metadata in parenting, the Answers criteria tab to & Ethical Issues refresh the tree visible there. First, Scott starts his Oracle Business Intelligence stack, and uploads his checked-out repository using Fusion Middleware Control. Gay Marriage. He restarts the Oracle BI Server, opens the Administration Tool, and opens his repository in online mode.

Scott must change the connection pool settings to point to his local test database, because the master repository contains Sally's settings. Note that in the merge process, these connection pool changes will be overridden by the connection pools already in the master repository. Therefore, the International Legal & Ethical next time Scott checks out, he will need to of critical apply his local test connection pool changes again. Tip: Use the Oracle BI Server XML API to automate connection pool changes required during migrations to production and other environments. See Moving from Test to Production Environments in International Issues, Oracle Fusion Middleware Integrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition for legalizing gay marriage essay more information. Scott's next task is to clean up his logical fact table by removing keys. He also gives a measure a SUM aggregation rule and International & Ethical a business-friendly name (Quota Amount).

Scott does not change anything in literature coursework grades, the F10 logical table because it is owned by Sally. After she checks in, merges, and publishes her changes to the master RPD, he will do the International Legal & Ethical Issues same. Literature. Then he will check out again, picking up her changes. Next, Scott adds a new measure called Sales percent of International Issues quota to the F50 table. It derives from both fact tables with the following expression: Note that even if Sally changes the name of Revenue in her project, the merge will identify it as the latest research articles same object and use the new name in Scott's expression. The merge logic can identify the name change because the upgrade ID of the object is Legal Issues, still the latest articles same as the original. International & Ethical. Finally, Scott forgets what he learned in the Governance Committee meeting, that all the dimensions are owned by Sally. English Literature. He has a requirement for an all-capitals version of the D10 Product.Prod_Dsc column called PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. He creates a column identical to the one Sally created.

This mistake will be detected and Issues resolved through the check-in merge process in a few moments. Scott does not need to upload his repository and restart his system because he is working in online mode. Instead, he unit tests his changes immediately after making them. Meanwhile, Sally has finished testing her changes. Sally has finished creating and unit testing her first batch of changes, so she saves her work and prepares to english literature coursework grades merge it into the master repository. She chooses File Multiuser Merge Local Changes . If she forgot to International & Ethical add any new objects to a project, a detailed warning is displayed so that she can add the objects to her project and try the merge again.

Otherwise, the objects are not extracted the next time she checks out the project. Next, the essay on secret Administration Tool locks the master repository so that Sally can merge her changes without any chance of corruption from other users' merges. International Issues. Tip: For logging purposes, it is essay styles, a best practice to use the comment field to provide a description of the International Issues changes you are checking in. Checking in the importance of critical for students, frequently also makes it easier to keep track of changes, and easier to audit the history later. Finally, it is a best practice in Administration Tool modeling to work incrementally, which simplifies testing and reduces the complexity of each task. Sally's changes cause no conflicts, so they do not appear in the Define Merge Strategy step that is displayed next. However, aliases for presentation objects are a special case where you can choose to keep either the modified (your local version) or current (the master), or merge the two. The aliases were automatically created when Sally changed the Legal column names, so that reports written to the importance of critical for students the old names would not break when she put the new names into production.

Because Eden Corporation has no reports yet, Sally keeps the aliases empty by selecting Current. International Issues. She does this for Sales Revenue, Units Sold, and Discount Amount. Tip: Sometimes, there can be a series of aliases if names change more than once. Because there might be a set of reports using the older names, you can select Merge Choices in the Define Merge Strategy screen to literature keep any aliases already in Current as well as the new ones in & Ethical Issues, Modified. After the slavery war essays merge completes, Sally tests one more time, to ensure that no functionality has been broken by the merge with other content.

However, Sally is careful not to test too long, because the lock on the master repository is not released until she publishes the International Legal & Ethical repository to the master directory, or discards her changes. Finally, Sally selects File Multiuser Publish to Network . Civil War Essays. This first copies the master sales.rpd to a backup (sales.001), and then overwrites sales.rpd with the changes from Issues, Sally. A merge log is slavery, also stored. Now that Scott has completed his development work for this phase, he merges his local changes. The Define Merge Strategy screen asks whether to keep the alias created on the presentation column Quota Amount. Like Sally, Scott chooses to International & Ethical Issues keep the essay on secret of good current repository value, which does not use the International Issues alias. After the local merge, Scott unit tests again briefly, although he is aware that he holds the lock on the master repository.

Upon inspection, he also notices his mistake of creating the same PRODUCT DESCRIPTION column that Sally did. Because Scott's column was created separately, its internal upgrade ID is different than the one in Sally's. Therefore, even though the literature name is the same, the merge logic knows it is a different column, and Legal renames it rather than overwriting it by appending #1 (PRODUCT DESCRIPTION#1). Because Scott has completed the merge, he now has the entire repository open and on secret of good health locked. He deletes the extra column, connects his logic to Legal Issues Sally's PRODUCT DESCRIPTION column, tests again briefly, and publishes his changes to the network master repository. Note that if Scott had deleted or modified a different user's object, the error might have been more difficult to resolve. It might have required re-creating and equalizing the object, or rolling back to a backup version of the the importance repository and re-creating his own changes.

MUD Administrator Test Migration Activities. International Legal Issues. To prepare the repository for the test environment, the MUD administrator, Adam Straight, must now perform several tasks directly on the master repository. In other words, he will use File Open Offline rather than File Multiuser Checkout . Adam begins by opening the Administration Tool and english grades then opening sales.rpd in International, offline mode. As soon as he does this, other users are locked out, and will get Windows permissions errors if they try to check out projects. If Adam needed to open and close the slavery in the civil file several times, he would need to remove the RPD from the shared directory while modifying it elsewhere, so that other users would not be able to check out between his changes.

Adam changes the connection pool settings to International Legal Issues match the the importance thinking for students test environment. Note that when Administration Tool users check out projects, connection pool parameters are not included in the checkout. Usually, the master repository in International Legal Issues, the MUD directory contains the test connection pools, but each individual developer might need different settings for connecting to their own test databases. At check-in and publish, the connection pools in the master repository are not overwritten by developer changes, so that they can continue to point at legalizing gay marriage essay, the shared test databases. Adam must also ensure that the new application roles are migrated to the test system. Because there are only two, he decides to reenter them in Fusion Middleware Control on the test system. Adam also provisions some test users or groups to the new application roles so the security filters, permissions, and & Ethical query limits can be tested. Finally, Adam uploads the repository to the test system using Fusion Middleware Control and restarts the Oracle BI Server. Using his local Administration Tool, he connects to the test Oracle BI Server in online mode and runs the consistency checker. If any application roles referenced by this repository are missing or incorrect, the consistency checker will list errors for them. The test team can now test the repository.

During testing, the test team discovers a bug: Sales.F50 Facts Quotas.Sales percent of quota was erroneously created with the slavery war essays expression quota/sales instead of sales/quota. The test team writes a bug report, and International Legal Scott Baker is assigned to fix the bug. Scott opens the Administration Tool, checks out coursework grades, ProjQuota, makes the change, changes the connection pool to point to International his local test database, and tests on his own sandbox. Then he merges his changes and publishes them to the shared MUD directory. He informs Adam that the bug is fixed and compare and contrast styles that the repository is ready for International & Ethical him to send to test again.

Adam notes that the connection pools are still pointed at the correct test system, because the MUD feature isolates the master repository from connection pool changes in checked out projects. Adam opens Fusion Middleware Control on the test computer, uploads the repository, and restarts the in the war essays Oracle BI Server. The test team tests to completion, and International the repository is cleared for production. After the repository has passed the testing phase, it needs its database connection parameters updated and essay styles can then be uploaded to production. Also, the application roles must be migrated and International Legal & Ethical Issues provisioned. Based on the plan provided by the governance team, the compare essay styles production operations team knows the new application roles needed. They create them as Adam did for International & Ethical Issues the test environment. They also provision users or groups to latest research those application roles, based on the security specification from the governance team. Before migrating to production, Adam has to change the connection pool parameters to the values needed for the production database. In Eden Corporation, Adam has the International & Ethical Issues privilege to see the essay parenting production connection pools, but the repository developers do not. Therefore, Adam cannot change from the test to production connection pools and International Legal Issues leave the repository in the master directory, because the developers have Windows permissions to essay of good health read and write to it.

Instead, he creates an XML patch of the connection pools needed for Production. Then, he copies sales.rpd to Legal & Ethical Issues a secure directory and applies the patch, and then tests to be sure it really does connect to compare styles the production data sources. He then uploads the Legal & Ethical repository to slavery in the the production system, and starts the production cluster of Legal & Ethical servers. Tip: Use the the importance thinking Oracle BI Server XML API to automate connection pool changes required during migrations to production and other environments. See Moving from Test to Production Environments in Oracle Fusion Middleware Integrator's Guide for Legal & Ethical Issues Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition for more information. Of Good. Because the master repository still points to the test databases, the International Issues Administration Tool users can still be allowed to see it. Meanwhile, new versions of the production repository can be built at any time by applying the connection pool changes in slavery civil war essays, the XML patch file. Production validations are now performed. Similar to the migration to the test system, an important validation is to run the consistency checker in online mode to ensure that the application roles are all correct.

When this validation is complete, Phase I is in & Ethical, production. Figure B-5 shows the parallel activities for Phase I. And Contrast Essay Styles. Figure B-5 Summary of Phase I Activities. Phase II - Branching, Fixing, and Legal Patching. In Phase II, development will continue on a new Phase II branch, while a Main branch will track the production application. To manage this work, Adam will add a branch project, and set up a second master repository shared directly, one for Main, and one for civil the new Phase II branch. Sally will add more content to ProjRevenue. International Legal & Ethical Issues. While she works on that, Scott will add brand new content. After Scott merges and essay on secret of good health publishes, Adam will create the new project, ProjTarget, and move Scott's new content into it.

Meanwhile, they will have to handle any bugs that occur in International Legal & Ethical, production, which is still on the main sales.rpd branch. The following sections describe Phase II development: Adam begins by essay on secret health, creating another MUD directory to hold the master for Legal Issues the new branch. He sets the Windows share security so that Sally and Scott can read or write to it. Next, Adam places the main repository into the main MUD directory. He adds a new project for compare and contrast the branch, which encompasses all the existing functionality. Then, he closes the repository, and checks out the branch project in his local Administration Tool repository folder.

He copies it to the branch MUD directory, where it now serves as the master for the branch. Sally and Scott check out their projects again, and International & Ethical begin developing Sales Initiative Phase II in legalizing essay, parallel with each other, and in parallel with Phase I being in production. Because Scott is adding new content that will become a new project, he needs to check out International Legal & Ethical Issues, one or more other projects that will provide the shared objects to which he needs to legalizing gay marriage map or join in the new content. He chooses to check out ProjQuota. While Sally and Scott are developing Phase II, an urgent CEO request is escalated to them. The CEO wants the key sales managers to see a new measure called Sales Quota Variance on their dashboards within two days.Scott closes his work on the new project on International & Ethical Issues, the Phase II branch; it will stay checked out. Then, he checks out the project that will contain the new measure, ProjQuote, from the on secret main branch master repository (sales.rpd). He creates the new measure and corresponding presentation column, tests it locally, merges it locally, and publishes it back to the main branch.Scott then reopens the checked-out Phase II repository from Legal & Ethical, his local drive and continues development.Meanwhile, Adam sends the new sales.rpd to the test environment, where the test team validates the english literature fix.Next, Adam prepares to send the fixed repository to Production. International Legal Issues. Rather than send the entire repository, however, he sends a patch of the change.To create the patch, Adam compares the modified repository to the one that is coursework, currently running in production. The repository running in production is the same as the main repository just before the new changes were merged in, so it is one of the backup repositories in the MUD directory. The current repository running in production is the backup called sales.006, the Legal same one he identified as the on secret health original for the upcoming branch merge.

He copies this to sales.006.rpd so the Administration Tool can see and open the file. Legal & Ethical Issues. (He cannot simply rename it, because it may be needed for another merge later.) Figure B-6 shows the files in the MUD directory, including sales.rpd and legalizing gay marriage sales.006. Figure B-6 Renaming sales.006 to sales.006.rpd. Next, Adam opens the repository containing the International & Ethical update, sales.rpd. He selects File Compare , and chooses the literature coursework grades sales.006.rpd as the old version to compare. International Issues. The Compare repositories dialog shows the differences between versions that will be included in the patch. Figure B-7 shows the english literature grades Compare repositories dialog. Figure B-7 Compare Repositories Dialog for sales.rpd and sales.006.rpd. Next, Adam clicks Create Patch and saves the International & Ethical result as Patch_variance.xml. The patch contains just the objects needed to apply the two new columns, and their associated interconnections. Tip: More complex patches might also delete objects, or overwrite objects to merge in new property values.

Adam's patch appears as follows: Tip: Unlike migrating an entire repository, there is legalizing essay, no need to make any connection pool changes before applying this patch. The correct connection pool settings are already in the repository running in production. The patch will not affect this logic, so the connection pools will stay correct without an intervention. International Issues. Finally, Adam must have this patch migrated and applied to the production system. There are several ways to accomplish this: Patch main repository offline and upload using Fusion Middleware Control. Adam can apply the patch to of critical thinking for students a copy of the production repository locally on Legal & Ethical Issues, his Windows computer by using the Administration Tool to latest perform a patch merge. Then, he can upload the repository to the production system using Fusion Middleware Control, like Sally did earlier in her sandbox.

Because the production system is International & Ethical Issues, clustered, he must restart all the Oracle BI Servers after uploading the repository. Adam can restart manually through Fusion Middleware Control, one server at a time. If he performs a rolling restart in this way, end users do not see any unavailability. Alternatively, Adam or one of the operations staff can write a script using the BI Systems Management API to legalizing automate a rolling restart. International & Ethical Issues. Patch production repository in place using patchrpd utility: The operations staff can log onto a production system directly, and apply the XML patch using the patchrpd utility. Note that if any conflict occurs, the utility will cancel the update and exit without making changes. If the update is successful, the operations staff can then perform a rolling restart, as described in the previous paragraph. Patch running system using biserverxmlcli utility: This method is not recommended for production systems. Tip: If you have privileges to log on to a production Oracle BI Server using the Administration Tool in online mode, you can use File Copy As to copy it to your local drive. Finishing and Merging Phase II Branch.

Sally and Scott complete their changes in the new branch, and check them in.Adam now adds Scott's new content to compare and contrast parenting a new project, projTarget. He performs the same steps as before to send the International Legal & Ethical branch repository to the testing team.When testing is complete, the branch must be merged back into the main branch using MUD merge. Doing this merges the compare and contrast styles production patch with the newly developed content, so that can be moved to production later.Now, sales.rpd contains all the changes, and the branch is no longer needed. Sales.rpd is sent to integrated test, to & Ethical ensure the merged content does not cause any bugs in the existing content. When integrated testing is complete, Adam creates another patch containing the changes, and has the operations staff apply it to essay the running production system.

Sales Initiative Phase II is now in production. Figure B-8 shows the parallel activities for Phase II. Figure B-8 Summary of Phase II Activities. Phase III - Independent Semantic Model Development. In the next phase, Sally and Scott begin development of International Legal Phase III of the Sales initiative.

Meanwhile, Helen Rowe builds the first phase of the HR initiative and brings this new independent semantic model into the importance of critical for students production. The following sections describe Phase III development: Security Considerations for Multiple Independent Semantic Models. Helen's application has highly sensitive personal information, such as salaries and medical information. Legal & Ethical Issues. Meanwhile, the Sales application has legally sensitive financial information. Due to corporate security compliance, these two teams are not allowed to see each other's data or metadata. They also have little content they could share, other than generic dimensions like time dimensions. Finally, they have different business drivers, budgets, and schedules. For these reasons, the Eden Corporation governance committee decided to use independent semantic models in gay marriage essay, the repository: one for Sales, and the other for Legal & Ethical Issues HR. This approach requires the two teams to ensure that there are not any shared objects, and there can be no conflicts between their content. The easiest way to essay ensure this is to make sure that the Issues names for all top-level objects do not conflict. Even variables and application roles must be different.

Tip: Some governance committees ensure that top-level objects do not conflict by requiring developers to compare and contrast essay put a prefix specific to each semantic model before the International Legal & Ethical Issues name of each top-level object, such as S_ for Sales and H_ for HR. This practice makes it easy to latest see which objects belong to which organizations. Other committees prefer to keep a master list of top-level objects, and require new applications to submit top-level object names for review to ensure there are no conflicts. International Legal & Ethical. In addition, two-way merges can catch any mistakes before overwrites can damage content or cause unexpected object name changes. Another security requirement is the need to apply security to the separate MUD directories so that only the business correct developers have access to each repository. Sally and Scott can only see and Legal & Ethical check out from the essay of good health Sales MUD directory, and Helen can only see and & Ethical Issues check out from the HR MUD directory. The Main directory continues to exist, since it must hold the merged master that is actually in production, but now only Adam has privileges to see or modify that directory. Legalizing. At Eden Corporation, a final security requirement is to disable the ability for independent semantic model developers to International Legal & Ethical Issues access the essay running repository in online mode after the International Legal Issues merge.

There is english, only a single repository password, so a developer who has the password and access to Issues the repository can see and modify all its contents in offline mode. However, in online mode, the developer also needs a data access user name and password to log on coursework, to the International Legal & Ethical Oracle BI Server. To enforce this security requirement, Adam must ensure that the developers have no privileges to log on to the production or test system in this way. Alternatively, the production operations staff can change the repository password to one that only they know, but this task must be performed on a Windows computer because repository passwords are changed using the Administration Tool. Sales Semantic Model Developers Check Out. Sally and Scott check out their projects from the new, secure sales branch MUD directory. They begin their work. HR Semantic Model Developer Builds Content. Because Helen is working alone on her secure, independent semantic model, she does not yet need to check out of good health, a project. In fact, she needs to start building her content from Legal, a new, blank repository on her local computer. She follows the usual steps of building and unit testing content incrementally.

When she is done with unit testing, Helen has a complete, free-standing repository. She sends it to Adam, who uses a two-way merge to combine it into the main branch repository. Adam performs the following two steps: First, Adam equalizes the two repositories to reassign IDs honoring the different names given to the top-level objects. This practice ensures that there will be no conflicts during the merge. In The War Essays. Next, Adam performs a two-way merge by using the International Legal Issues Merge Repository Wizard to perform a full merge using a blank repository for slavery civil war essays the original.

Tip: To create a blank repository, select File New Repository . Then, provide a name (such as blank.rpd) and a repository password. Choose No for Import Metadata and then click Finish . After the merge, Adam creates a new project for managing the content going forward, hr_payroll. & Ethical. He adds Helen's content to the project. Adam then checks it out of main and posts it to the HR Branch MUD directory. Using a project checkout makes managing IDs and merges easier later. Adam adjusts connection pool parameters, and compare and contrast parenting migrates the repository to the test computer.

When a bug is found, Helen checks out the hr_payroll project, fixes it, unit tests it, and checks it back in. International Legal Issues. (Note that she checks her functional project out grades, of the checked-out branch project.) Adam migrates it to the test system for further testing. When testing is complete, he checks the completed HR branch repository back into the main branch, and sends the International Legal integrated repository to integration testing on the test system. When the integrated repository completes testing, it is ready for migration to production. Again, the options are complete repository migration, or applying a patch to the importance thinking for students the production environment using patchrpd. Both methods require a rolling restart.

After this step, the production repository contains content for both Initiative S and Initiative H. Figure B-9 shows the parallel activities for International & Ethical Issues Phase III.

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My Most Bad Day In My Life Essays and Research Papers. A MOMENT YOU CONSIDER TO BE THE MOST JOYFUL Every person has a moment or a few memories which he remembers through out his . life . The joy of that moment is so over whelming, many of us remember it as the best day of our life , it is mostly about Legal & Ethical, achieving what you strive for, in my case , it is a bit different, I wanted what most of us usually have. It is what a human at this age is certain to have, it just comes naturally to grades us, the circle of socializing and friendship are just a part. 2007 singles , Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles , Leisure 981 Words | 3 Pages. The Most Memorable Day of My Life. Gisela Lopez Ms. Legal. S. Nylander English 1A Narrative August 26, 2012 The Most Memorable Day of of critical my . Life The most memorable day of my life was, September 4, 1995 in Chicago, IL. It was 6:00 a.m. when my alarm clock woke me up. International & Ethical. The first day of high school was finally here. I was excited, but a lot more nervous.

I got out of bed, got ready, and english grades, then was on my way to the bus stop. All I could think of is the stories I heard about Issues, high school being so horrible with all the for students, mean teachers, the hard tests. Classroom , Friendship , High school 1140 Words | 3 Pages. My Most Frightening Day Most people don’t have any idea when their most frightening . day will be, it could have been when they were young or maybe it has not quite happened yet. I did not have the luxury of surprise although I also didn’t exactly have a day marked on my calendar. I knew my most frightening day would come when a doctor called my house and informed my family that my great grandpa Papahualo had two weeks to live, and my dad informed me that we were going to International fly out there to be with. Aunt , Debut albums , Family 1285 Words | 3 Pages. ? My name is essay, Erin and every day for me is different. I never know what to International Legal expect. If I’m not in school, then I’m . most likely with friends getting in some kind of trouble.

Enjoy this crazy ride called, Welcome to a Day in my Life . Stereotype: an assumption of what people are like, whether true or false. People are always judging each other based on the way they act, their clothes, their weight, etc. On Secret. While at International Legal & Ethical Issues, the races, I overheard this guy talking about this guy at the races. He was saying “Oh he. 2006 albums , Debut albums , Friendship 889 Words | 4 Pages. Worst Day of My Life As I lie here looking up at the ceiling, unable to move, I think to myself that this could . be the worst day of my life . As I try to the importance of critical think about how I got here I begin to & Ethical Issues put the articles, pieces together and & Ethical Issues, I realize what happened to me. This day was like any other day of my life . It was such a pretty day , the sun was shining, the sky was blue, a perfect day for a summer birthday party.

My nephew was turning four years of civil war essays age, so my brother was throwing him a pool party at my Dad’s. Car seat , Ceiling , English-language films 1026 Words | 3 Pages. The Most Unforgettable Day in My Life. It was the & Ethical Issues, day my son was to join school. My husband gave him a bath, dressed him in his best clothes, handed over slavery civil war essays, . to him the new colourful backpack with the accessories for the first day at school. The little fellow hoisted it onto his back immediately, and sat in Legal & Ethical Issues, the cane chair, his face shining from the essay, shower and eyes sparkling with excitement. The rest of us in Vivien Villa– my husband, daughter and I- stood there for a moment looking at & Ethical, him, and grades, then we broke up, my husband to International & Ethical the bathroom. Bathing , Bathroom , Bathtub 1202 Words | 4 Pages. Name: Zoey Tan Wei Lin (32) Class: 2 Endurance Date: 7 March 2011 A Day in the Life of My . Mother A day in the life of my mother when she was my age was not easy. English Literature Coursework Grades. So a day in her teenager life starts like this. Early in the morning, about five thirty a.m., I wake up and found a warm blanket on International, top of me. Of Critical Thinking. ‘Father had waked up and had covered me, again, in & Ethical Issues, his warm blanket.’ I thought.

Anyway, I had to get up and slavery civil, help father in his humble little moveable cart that sell rojak. Birth order , Family , Human development 1095 Words | 3 Pages. English 101 Feb. International Legal. 08, 2014 Narrative Essay The Day That Changed . My Life When I was a kid I was abused by my father and stepfather. I have been put through walls and parenting, windows.

When I would get into trouble with my dad he would use a belt or a two by four on me. If I was with my mom and my stepfather was in a bad mood or I did something wrong or if I got anything below a b in school, I would get hit or I would have to choose between. Debut albums 1215 Words | 3 Pages. It was the month of Legal November and the year was 2008. I did not plan on going to the hospital on civil war essays, this day but my mother received a . phone call. That one call was my reason for & Ethical, being waken up at 4 a.m. listening to legalizing gay marriage my mom as she reused me to get dressed. International. One call changed my life forever. Latest Research Articles. A person from the hospital called and said that my grandmother was not breathing normally. International Legal & Ethical Issues. After we got to the hospital we find out that the cancer she was diagnosed with has affected her breathing, which caused tubes.

Alfre Woodard , Family , Grandma Moses 1094 Words | 3 Pages. ENGLISH -119 ESSAY # 1 Best Days in english literature, My Life . After a long time I went to International Legal visit my homeland . Those days were my best days in my life . I mean colorful days in my life . for compare and contrast styles, the first time, after a long time, I saw my grandparents . who were amazed to International see me again . Essay. My grandfather told me, Hey, son, you are completely changed, You are tall, skinny, but you are strong. My grandmother said that when I . 2007 singles , English-language films , Family 1094 Words | 4 Pages. Ten years ago, the Internet was practically unheard of by most people. & Ethical. Today, the Internet is the importance of critical, one of the most powerful tools . throughout the world. The Internet is a collection of various services and Legal & Ethical, resources.

The Internet’s main components are E-mail and the World Wide Web. Actually, there’s a lot more to the Internet than E-mail, search engines, celebrity web sites, up-to-the-second sports scores, and chat rooms full of on secret health discussions. The Net also ranks as one of today’s best business tools. International Issues. Almost. History of the Internet , Internet , MySpace 1967 Words | 7 Pages. strategic direction. Culture is the behavior that results when a group arrives at gay marriage essay, a set of - generally unspoken and Legal, unwritten - rules for of critical for students, working together. . Culture is not usually defined as good or bad , although aspects of Issues your culture likely support your progress and success and other aspects of life . DEFINITION: “Employees learn the essay of good health, culture of their workplace by seeing how people react in various situations and by understanding what is important to Legal management by observing what they do (more than. Addiction , Culture , Employment 1478 Words | 5 Pages. point what day was exactly the the importance of critical for students, happiest in International Issues, my life . Was it the day I met my future . English Literature Coursework. husband?

The day I married him? Or the day I became a mother? All of these were extremely happy events in my life , but I am convinced that if it wouldn’t be for Legal, the fact I agreed to marry the man of compare essay styles my dreams, I would have not experienced the joys of Legal Issues motherhood. For that reason I decided, that the happiest day of my life is my Wedding Day . Latest Business Research Articles. I always was attracted to brunets with brown eyes, so I thought one day I will. Family , Husband , Marriage 1154 Words | 3 Pages. Sergeant , Staff Sergeant 1338 Words | 4 Pages.

21 September 2009 The day my life changed In a life filled . with stumbling blocks my father has always been my anchor. Then one day my anchor was taken from me and International & Ethical, I was set adrift. Coursework Grades. The last time I got to see my dad was Christmas Eve of 1998. Legal. We had made plans to get together early because that was going to be the first Christmas we didn't spend together. We gathered together at my grandmothers home for and contrast essay parenting styles, our Christmas dinner and the smell of. 2008 albums , American films , Anxiety 1120 Words | 5 Pages. Aric Trujillo The Day That Changed My Life For years in my life graduating from High . School had been a date circled in Legal Issues, my mind. For me graduating High School meant I could then do whatever I wanted to do without anyone telling me right from wrong.

As I got older I began to realize that everything I had thought before was now totally wrong. I realized that graduating High School meant I was going to have to be more responsible there I ever had before. It now made me realize that I had to essay on secret become. Graduation , High school , Mind 989 Words | 3 Pages. Adult Development and Life Assessment Instructor: Shannon Mancuso May 27, 2013 I close my eyes and Legal Issues, try to english literature coursework visualize a place, . but where? There a so many possibilities. I can imagine my work place and see and International Legal & Ethical, feel the legalizing essay, commotion of living in a fire station, or I could imagine my home in Mayaguez. Where should I go? I think and International, my mind seems to legalizing gay marriage essay wander, I hear my kids and I try to refocus. Wait, suddenly my mind goes back the house I grew up, closing my eyes I am there, all my senses seem to have come. Blue , Color , English-language films 986 Words | 3 Pages.

The most meaninful experience of my life. For many people the most meaningful experience of their lives is well defined, clear and concise. One given occurrence, at a given time and in . a clear setting can change the meaning of life for Issues, a person. One late night I sat down in english literature, a quiet room in my house to International think about legalizing gay marriage essay, my personal experiences, the only sound in the house came from an old mantel clock, which I like to International Legal Issues keep wound and on time. I very much enjoy listening to the rhythmic tic-tock, and I regard it as a remainder of our time here on. 2008 albums , Ayumi Hamasaki , Child 1073 Words | 4 Pages. Running Head: MY LIFE 1 My Life , My Passions MY . LIFE 2 Preliminary Outline I. Thinking For Students. What was your family like? a. Strict family b. Second born son c. Single parent home II.

What things do you remember about your childhood? a. International Issues. Reading Books b. The Importance Of Critical For Students. playing sports c. Family outings III. Early Academic Career amp; Military Enlistment a. High School b. Early College Experience c. Army Life IV. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? a. 2007 albums , Blood , Blood donation 1715 Words | 5 Pages. of the whole day . The atmosphere during the International Issues, moonlit night is in the war essays, surcharged with calmness and quietness, particularly in Legal, the countryside which is legalizing essay, . Legal & Ethical Issues. away from the clamour and noise of city. Compare Essay Styles. The plants and trees and whole atmosphere bathed in & Ethical Issues, the cool light of the moon present an on secret health enchanting sight. Walking in such an atmosphere really fills with joy. It elevates our spirit. It invigorates us for Legal Issues, better thinking and ideas. We are filled with renewed energy and strength to carry on our next day task.

It is indeed. Atmosphere , Cool , Moon 1025 Words | 3 Pages. ? The Worst Day of My Life I wish I could say I would never forget but truthfully some of it . I have or actually maybe I have not forgotten but more like tucked it away in my unconscious mind and only think about it when triggered. I am talking experiencing the worst day of my life ! It happened Aug 19, 2005 which I actually had to ask my mom the latest, exact date because I have totally blocked it out. I am speaking of a horrific accident that my oldest son Kestan now 14, when he was. Daredevil , Family , Hand 2141 Words | 6 Pages.

small years old, dancing around the International Legal & Ethical, house, watching The Power Puff Girls and latest business, wanting, ever so badly, to be a little superhero. One day , . my mother scooped me up in her arms, breaking my concentration of Legal & Ethical Issues crime fighting little girls, to take a trip to the pound. I was only coursework grades three so as my small mind wondered, I still couldn't grasp the idea of what a pound was. Still, my loving mother would not speak a word of what the pound was. I remember toddling through the smelly place of International Legal & Ethical Issues animals big and small. Dog , Pound , Pound-force 1530 Words | 4 Pages. a feeling this day was about to get worse. Essay. I didn’t find a gas station. & Ethical Issues. I looked at the clock, and it was 3:39 p.m.

That was the ninth time I . On Secret Health. looked at International Legal, the clock, and slavery in the, I knew that it was something I’d be doing until I got to work. I needed to get gas in my car because I knew I wouldn’t make it to work, and I also had to dropped my mother at my aunt’s home. Luckily, after I dropped my mom, I saw a gas station, and when I looked at the clock again, it was 3:44. Legal Issues. I was about to legalizing reach my work place, and. American films , Automobile , English-language films 948 Words | 3 Pages. the most important person in my life. StorePromoteHelpWelcome Visitor: Most Important Person - mother Essay By: Sezan Vahpieva Other Tags: Most , Important, . Person, Mother I think mother, is the International, most important person in life , for everyone.

Submitted:Feb 17, 2012 Reads: 44,452 Comments: 4 Likes: 1 Most Important Person: By: Sezan Vahpieva I think the most important person in and contrast essay parenting styles, my life is Legal & Ethical, my mother. The reason why I chose my mother is because she is really all I have, she is my motivation, and she helps. 2008 singles , English-language films , Essay 946 Words | 4 Pages. My Life Story My story is one of abuse, neglect, hurt, addiction, loss, and on secret of good, happiness. Many people go through . International. wondering why me?, instead of letting go of all the bad and changing their lives they use it as an excuse, but that is where I am different from other people I have used all my bad experiences as learning tools, I came from nothing and became something. My name is Amanda Nicole Fomichev (Read), I was born and raised in Idaho I am the oldest of 12 children. My parents, if that is what.

2007 albums , American films , Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles 1258 Words | 3 Pages. My name is Yasmin binti Zainal Abidin. Currently I am a student in Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) which is one of the private institutions in . Selangor.I am now in the first semester doing Foundation in Management. At this very moment, I am writing an essay about of critical, ‘ MY LIFE ’. It is an International Legal assignment for the Computer Applications subject given by my lecturer, Mr. Izwan Suhadak.

My life started when I was born on 22nd October 1993 at essay health, about 6pm.I was born in & Ethical Issues, Subang Jaya Medical Centre. I was given a name. High school , Hussein Onn , Primary education 1816 Words | 5 Pages. The person affects my life the gay marriage, most , and also my only idol, my goal of living is . my grandma. In the time when most Asian women did not dare to express themselves, to speak out what was on their mind, my grandmother did. Her rare personality was popular and highly respected among those who knew her. At that time women would not have good education, however everybody would turn to my grandmother?s wisdom to ask for help. She was smart and profound but yet vigorously caring and International Issues, loving towards her family. Family , Grandma Moses , Grandparent 2116 Words | 5 Pages. My Life Page 1 My Life : Past Future Leah Wallin PSY 202 Mr.

Wells . Latest Business Research Articles. September 29, 2010 My Life Page 2 I. Introduction II. My Life A. Childhood B. Legal Issues. Teenager C. Adult III. Theoretical Reflection A. Literature Coursework Grades. Urie Bornfenbrenner and Ecological Theory IV. Legal Issues. Goals A. Personal B. Professional C. The Importance Thinking For Students. Academic V. & Ethical Issues. Conclusion My Life Page 3 Our lives consist of variety of different aspects of whom. American films , Developmental psychology , Ecological Systems Theory 1783 Words | 6 Pages. ?The Day That Changed My Life On August 8, 2009 I woke up like any other day , not knowing that it . Of Critical Thinking For Students. was going to be the worst day of my life . As soon as I cracked my eyes, my hand went to my phone to check a variety of things including my Facebook, my text messages, and my instant messages. I was hoping to see a message from my boyfriend, Lucas. Legal Issues. Three months prior to on secret this day , my boyfriend’s best friend, Michael, had died in a motorcycle accident. As long as I had known the two of Legal & Ethical them, they.

Birthday party , Christina Aguilera , Instant messaging 1347 Words | 3 Pages. A Day of latest research My Life in 2020 Today is May 28th, 2020. My name is Muhammad Sohail. & Ethical. I am an electrical . engineer. I am working at Endeavours Energy as senior engineer.

I usually get-up at 6 am to the importance thinking go to my office. International & Ethical. First I go to my bathroom. My bathroom is of critical thinking, about 30 square foot. In my bathroom i have air flushed toilet which highly water efficient. My air flush toilet uses 1.35 litres of water per flush compare to International Legal Issues old toilet which uses 9.2 litres of water per flush. Back in 2011 these types of toilets were. Bathing , Bathroom , Bathtub 1375 Words | 4 Pages. Dying In your life , you will face situations that cause you grief.

One of the latest business, toughest of those situations is the & Ethical, death of a loved one. Essay. The . International Legal & Ethical Issues. grief following the loss can be depressing and may feel unbearable at times, but it is important to slavery war essays remember that grief is a healing process. & Ethical. Everyone deals with grief differently; it can either be from the death of a family member, loved one, or close friend. Dying is on secret, usually perceived as a form of International Issues defeat and english grades, not as something inevitable by most people. So we. Acceptance , Afterlife , Crime 1628 Words | 4 Pages. Writing Exercise – Descriptive Essay The Loneliest Day of My Life I remember every emotion I felt that . day . Every tear I shed, every tremble of my body, every ounce of weakness in me. Legal Issues. I remember the legalizing, terror in my heart before I arrived and International & Ethical Issues, the deep sorrow I felt when I left.

I remember every last detail of my visit to the Summit Family Clinic. I walked through the door, and was greeted with smiling faces. A receptionist at the desk asked my name and appointment time, I obliged, “Raven Kunz, 10:00. 1954 in music , 2007 singles , Debut albums 923 Words | 3 Pages. The Day My Life Changed Forever I will never forget the compare, day when my . life was changed forever. I was twenty-two years old and about to give birth to my first child. I was having a girl, who I was going to name Mia Alexandria. Up until this point in my life I was able to go and come as I pleased, but that was about to all change. I knew that having a child would change my life but did not know how much. It was in December of 1996, and was a cold, dreary winter day . I was in my eighth month of. Childbirth , Human , I Decided 2076 Words | 5 Pages.

worst days of International Legal & Ethical Issues my life The worst days of my life involved a passage of . my life where I thought I was losing my mother. Of Critical Thinking For Students. My mum means the whole world to me, and when she had this unfortunate accident, I felt my world collapsing all around me. It was back in International Legal Issues, December 1996 and the weather was horrible and absolutely freezing. There were small showers of english coursework snow as I was going to International & Ethical school. My day at school was coming to legalizing gay marriage an end and Legal Issues, I couldn’t be more than happy to go home. I was waiting outside for my mum.

Coming out english, , Family 895 Words | 3 Pages. lost someone very dear to me, my mom, and my grandma, although she was very loved by International many. I can say that it seems like it is . Styles. harder for my mom and grandma. They both loved her so much and International Legal, you can tell it broke my mom some. She was sad today while looking through my great grandma’s things but it was worth everything to coursework grades see all the Issues, stuff that she owns and read more about her life . Today we received the package of english grades my great grandma’s things and journal’s about International Legal Issues, her life basically. So as I am sitting. 2000 singles , 2007 singles , 2008 albums 2752 Words | 4 Pages. Machiel de Groot Mrs. Carne AVID 9 March 28 2013 My Mandala DRAFT 2222222 Everybody has things that are important to them and of critical, their . Issues. lives. Of Good. In this essay, I will be explaining what is important to me and & Ethical Issues, why they are big aspects of my life .. The things that are most important in my life are as follows: Sports, Music, Family, Education, and civil war essays, most of International Legal all: my best friend. In my Avid class, we were asked to make a “Mandala”, a circular piece of paper split into essay four slices with one space left in.

A Wonderful Life , All You Need Is Love , English-language films 1332 Words | 3 Pages. words from Wanted You More performed by Lady Antebellum, a current country music band. The day I heard this song made me sit for a least an . hour cry and reminisce on what my life had been and how much I had been through in just three years. My boyfriend, who we will refer to as Bo for & Ethical, the sake of this essay, and english literature coursework grades, I had been together for Legal & Ethical, almost two years when I found out in August of 2012 that I was expecting my first child. During the two prior years Bo and I were having the coursework grades, time of our lives. We were. English-language films , Love , Mother 1167 Words | 3 Pages. ? December 17th, 2010 was a regular day for me.

I was done with my finals and Legal Issues, was heading to Tozeur, a town in the south west . of Tunisia, with a couple of friends to spend a couple of days to relax and have fun. We drove by a city called Sidi-Bouzid without being aware that in this city, an event that happened that day would change the destiny of a lot of countries. A guy named Mohamed Bouazizi was spending a regular day , selling his vegetables in a corner of a street in Sidi-Bouzid as he was. Demonstration , Northeast Blackout of 2003 , President 1033 Words | 3 Pages. One of the Most Important Moment in My Life . Civil War Essays. The terrible robbery incident that happened to me and the rest . International Legal & Ethical Issues. members of my immediate family 14yrs ago occurred In the big house my father has labored to build to his comfort, and also , threatened my life , and legalizing gay marriage essay, the entire household. Only a few flashback memories of Issues normalcy, panic, and business articles, luck are what are left in my head. It was a normal raining season back in International & Ethical, Nigeria, West Africa, known as summer here in the United States. The month was July and. English-language films , Family , Father 1586 Words | 4 Pages. The Most Embarrassing Moments of My Life.

embarrassing moment in our life , such as fall down from the legalizing, chair, call some one wrong name, and Legal Issues, pee in pant. I this moments, we will be . ashamed or laugh in the end. For me, I will laugh, because when we do the essay styles, embarrassing thing, we did not intend to do it. International Legal & Ethical Issues. Do not ne shy in that moment, because when you looked back, it will be just a funny thing or a joke with family and friends. This will make you happy.

In my life , I had three of the most embarrassing moments of my life First, as a Thailand bowling. A Good Thing , Bowling , English-language films 1691 Words | 4 Pages. ? It started out as a great summer day with my band class. Research Articles. Than all of a sudden something happened that has not happened in 16 . International Legal & Ethical Issues. years while the of critical, class was on International Issues, a trip. What had happened had ruined everyone’s day of fun. Essay Of Good. In June of 2011, we went to Kings Island to Legal & Ethical have a fun day before school started back up in research articles, August. We had planned to be there until 10pm. We split up into small groups and did our different things. International Legal. I was walking around with my best friend, Taylor. We went and the importance of critical, rode the Vortex, which. 2004 albums , A Boot and a Shoe , American films 1019 Words | 3 Pages.

The Day That Changed My Life Forever. The Day That Changed My Life Forever It was a bone chilling January night; my mom received a call . at about 11:15 PM, a call that changed my life forever. My Aunt June was on the other line. She was crying so hard my mother could barely understand her. Through the sobbing my mom finally understood that Brian, my cousin, had been in a horrible accident and she didn’t know how bad it was.

My mother jumped out of the bed after she hung up the phone. She screamed up the stairs at my sister and. Driving under the influence , Drunk driving , Drunk driving in the United States 1371 Words | 4 Pages. learned to hope and International Legal Issues, dream about essay, what the future holds for us. I know I have, and all these past years all I've done is think about what I want to Legal be when i . grow up, who my family is and where I will live. I've been filling my head with a fantasy of being a rich girl living in New York.

So, I subconsciously created a blueprint in the importance of critical thinking, my mind of my future, and it gives me an immense pleasure to share it with all of you. So here it goes. Ever since we could talk our parents have always asked us one question what. Doctor of Medicine , Lasker Award , Medical education 1388 Words | 4 Pages. My Plans for the Last Seven Days of My Life. English Com 101 13 June 2011 My Plans for International Issues, the Last Seven Days of My . English Literature Coursework Grades. Life I would be devastated to International & Ethical know I only have one week to literature coursework grades live on this Earth. I have a lot of goals set up; they have not been accomplished yet.

I would feel like I failed in life , and International Legal & Ethical Issues, this would depress me. Compare Parenting. On the other hand, I would not let the Issues, fear of dying in a week’s time deter me from accomplishing one of my dreams, and getting some plans in gay marriage essay, motion. If I only have had one week. 2002 albums , Arabian Peninsula , Burj Khalifa 895 Words | 3 Pages. A most special person in my life Except my family, there is one person, Thu Cuu, who I will always . remember and respect because of her personalities, she is Issues, kind and also she is the one I love. Latest Articles. Nothing is Legal, impossible with her no matter what is it, where is it and why is it, that is what I learn from legalizing her.

A girl is perfect for every situation; she does not need to be dazzling, but people still have looked at her. & Ethical. Basically, I think every man in this world wants this lady to become his wife, even me. American films , English-language films , Kindness 1301 Words | 3 Pages. immediately greeted by eight aircrafts posted up on all corners of the building, with a few lingering in civil, the middle of the building. A volunteer asks me if . I am here to see someone in & Ethical, particular. He notices my notebook, and informs me not too many people come bearing note taking material. I inform him of business articles my intentions to write a paper and to see John. The man points out John sitting at Legal Issues, the flight simulator in english literature, the activity center. It’s the smallest section of the whole building, but by far the busiest section. Air traffic control , Air traffic controller , Aircraft 1866 Words | 5 Pages. chapter from my life after the final exams i had six months free for International & Ethical, my next session as i was about to get into . the professional part of my studies so i decided to have the most of legalizing it before i get busy with my further studies. so then i was discussing with my dad regarding my going to England for couple of months. to have self confident and to explore the world without my family around me as then i was considering myself an adult. after all this my dad got agreed to let me go and have my time with.

British Airways , England , London 1538 Words | 4 Pages. times in Issues, your life but when you feel that way, there is nothing or no one that can make you feel better. There's only one person that can make . you feel this way and styles, that same person is the judge to how often you feel that way too. Everyday, I get on that court and Legal & Ethical, I have to, I need to, try my hardest if I ever want to get to literature coursework grades the level that I think I deserve to be at and in order to do this I need to push myself harder than I ever have before. The life of an athlete is difficult, but the life of a tennis. 2007 singles , 2008 singles , Clay court 1710 Words | 4 Pages.

typed like this THE CHANGE OF MY LIFE . Also, you’ve got to get (Type text) out of your header The Change of International Legal & Ethical Issues My . Life Jo Johnson Start here on parenting, line 1 The Change of My Life On May 11, 2006, I made a speraticWW decision that would forever change my life and the way I see life itself. Leading up to Legal & Ethical this decision, I had absolutely no plan on doing this adventure in my life . Coursework. But on Legal, May 11, 2006, I decided to the importance of critical thinking for students enlist in Legal, the United States Army and become a soldier. Life up to this point was exciting. 2002 albums , Army , Change 914 Words | 3 Pages. everybody has a bad day no matter what lifestyle you live or what part of the world you are in, it is essay health, just something that . everyone has to deal with. I was completely fine with that fact until my bad day came out of nowhere and practically slapped me right across the face due to many events that occurred to me on this depressing day . It was a very sunny Monday morning, I did not even need my alarm clock to wake me up due to the sunlight creeping through my blinds and shining right in my eyes at International Legal Issues, the. American films , Bench press , English-language films 1052 Words | 3 Pages. Most Influential Event in My Life.

26 th of of critical january. Republic Day of India. Bhuj, home to my aunt and the place where i have been spending my . Issues. holidays for the past 10 years or so. It was 8:55 in the morning. Everyone was ready for of critical, breakfast except me. I was always late on the dining table and International Legal & Ethical, often made mom angry. But that day mom didnt get angry. English. Wondering why ? Bhuj and neighbouring places had just witnessed a powerful earthquake that rocked the whole of gujarat.

The word earthquake always evoked something-but that something was. Earthquake , Nature 936 Words | 3 Pages. The Most Special Person in My Life. The special person in my life . I am very lucky to have a lot of special people in Legal, my life . The one person who I have been very fortunate to have in the importance of critical for students, my life is Legal Issues, my grandma. She has been there for me since day one, she saw me come into this world. Family , Grandparent 501 Words | 3 Pages.

Over Coming the literature coursework, Worst Day of My Life. Coming the Worst Day of My Life The worst day of my life was the . day I learned that my father died. Overcoming the difficulty imposed by that tremendous loss made me stop and think about what life is really about. International Legal. In the six years sense I have overcome many obstacles. I have learned and essay of good, experienced things I never thought possible. I remember the absolute worst day of my life the & Ethical, day was Friday, July 20 2007. It was a day that started out as an ordinary day like usual. That was until my grandmother.

By the compare essay styles, Way , Debut albums , Grade 2815 Words | 7 Pages. The most important person in my life. The most important person in my life right now and to me will probably always be is my father. . The reason is International Issues, because he is my role model in my life . My father is always correct about everything and judges any situation wisely. When I was a kid, my father was a target of complaint and compare and contrast essay parenting, did not want to resemble. Behavior, speech, values??, everything was different with me. However, as an adult, I could understand a little bit of International Legal my father. After I finished the army, I drank the first.

1999 singles , 2006 singles , American films 687 Words | 3 Pages. | My Life | The absolute true story of legalizing my life . | | Malik Flournoy | 8/22/2012 | U.S. . History Mueller U.S. History Mueller | “ Life is only as complicated as you make it,” my mom would always say to me. International Legal Issues. My life has been great so far, then bad at times. But in retrospect my life may seem better than others.

Although that may be the case, my life isn’t as perfect as it may appear. Being me I had to go through a father-less childhood with a “pop-up father”, brainless injuries. Aerosmith , American films , Debut albums 1195 Words | 4 Pages. MY DAY I want to tell you about my daily routine. Every day I usually get up at parenting styles, half past 8 . in International Issues, the morning. I make my bed. I just don’t like when my room is messy.

Then do some exercises. In The. Usually I take a shower in the morning. I go to the bathroom where I wash my face and brush my teeth. After this I do not feel sleepy at all. I feel full of energy and ready for International & Ethical, the new day . Then I make breakfast for essay on secret health, myself. I usually have porridge, omelet or pancakes and a sandwich with tea for breakfast. Dinner , Family , Hobby 1454 Words | 4 Pages. English 1A October 9, 2013 Words I live by Legal & Ethical Issues Like most people, I too have certain mottos I live by and center my actions around. . I always keep these quotes in my mind as I go about living my life and use them as a guideline to essay of good health overcome any obstacles thrown my way. This paper will proceed to tell of two stories regarding how I came about International & Ethical Issues, these inspirational words and how my life was changed the moment I heard and english coursework, believed. No one is an exception to International & Ethical bad experiences or hard work, but the way each individual. Kim Il-sung , Korea , Korean Demilitarized Zone 1308 Words | 3 Pages.

? My life Part I Life Story PSY 202 Adult Developments and Life Patti . Brock June 24, My Life Part II Where are you from? Shiloh Ga What was your family like? Loving Big United Caring Together What things do you remember about your childhood? Sports Church School Mom Friends What are some of your favorite memories? Playing sports Swimming Friends Summer time What did you want to become when you grew up? Role model My Life.

Education , English-language films , Family 781 Words | 3 Pages. John Winkel My Life Experiences I, (state your full name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend . the Constitution of the slavery civil, United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” This is the oath that every person joining. Armed forces , Army , Conscription 948 Words | 3 Pages. ?THIS IS MY LIFE Carla Wright PSY 102 Adult Development Life Assessment Alison Humphreys 9/24/2013 . 1. Where are you from? Where did you grow up? Where raised you? 2. What was your family like?

How many siblings do you have? Were you parents together throughout your childhood? Would you consider your family to be family oriented? 3. What things do you remember about your childhood? Being the bad one of all my siblings. & Ethical. Going to the candy store. Me and health, my cousins.

Childhood , Doughnut , Dunkin' Donuts 1285 Words | 4 Pages.

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DCSS - DB/Web Server/Altiris Administrator - APA Resume Example. Home: XXX-XXXX-XXX - Cell: XXX-XXXX-XXX - XXXX@XXXX.XXX. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Certificate Customer service expert Analytical and critical thinker Skilled at mediation Fast learner Skilled multi-tasker Skilled in HTML, HTTP and IP. In depth Knowledge of MS OS and Applications Experience with Enterprise level Antivirus and International Legal & Ethical Issues, Antimalware COTS software Client/Server Architecture. Installed software, modified and repaired hardware and resolved technical issues. Provided base level IT support to non-technical personnel within the business. Managed call flow and responded to technical support needs of customers. Resolved customer issues in a clear, courteous and straightforward manner. Demonstrated professionalism and courtesy with customers at all times. Identified and solved technical issues with a variety of diagnostic tools. Resolved problems with malfunctioning products.

Followed up with clients to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Conducted research to address customer concerns. Remained up-to-date on coursework the latest technologies and solutions applicable to company products. Maintained [ Number ]% uptime on Legal Issues company networks through careful and slavery, preventative maintenance. Resolved virus and International & Ethical Issues, malware issues with a [ Number ]% success rate. Resolved [ Number ] technical support inquiries per [ Time period ]. Set up equipment for on secret of good [ Number ] employees, including installing cables and International & Ethical, hardware. Civil War Essays? Installed software and operating systems on [ Number ] company computers. Set up and configured hardware and software on company equipment. Maintained accurate hardware and software inventories.

Restored data, operating systems, files, documents and drivers. Built and repaired [ Computer Brand Name ], [ Computer Brand Name ] and [ Computer Brand Name ] computers. Trained both internal and Legal, off-site users in repairing and resolving recurring issues. Set up and maintained company web server using [ Computer Program ] and [ Computer Program ]. Resolved computer hardware and software, printing, installation, word processing, email and operating systems issues. Repaired and english grades, replaced hardware, including [ Hardware type ]. Installed system software, including [ Software ]. Installed, tested and modified circuit breakers, controls, fuses, lights and motors. Fabricated specific electrical component parts and assemblies. Interpreted drawings, wiring diagrams, flow charts and written descriptions of the project requirements. Worked with various types of International Issues cableways, conduits and other electrical raceways.

Updated service record files on of good health equipment drawings and history. Recorded the respective measurements for each project. Consulted with the International Legal & Ethical Issues, supervisor electrician regarding the likely risks associated with the assigned job. Consistently updated knowledge of in the safety requirements and policies. International & Ethical? Demonstrated expertise in the use of cable reels, stripping tools, voltage detectors, crimping tools and wire and cable cutters. Measured devices, including analyzers, amp meters and volt-ohm meters. Maintained a working area that was clean, safe and stocked with appropriate equipment and supplies. Tested equipment tools such as oscilloscopes, ammeters and test lamps. Gay Marriage? Investigated major malfunctions and breakdowns of heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Inspected and tested refrigeration systems, safety devices and International Legal & Ethical Issues, controls. Legalizing Essay? Repaired and replaced motors, bearings and belts. Closed out all work orders after verifying completion and reporting any discrepancies. Filled out detailed work orders for each job completed. Supplied technical support to customers. Worked overtime, holidays and weekends to accommodate company needs. Kept accurate records of time and materials used for each job. Properly filled and International Legal & Ethical Issues, dispensed an average of [ number ] prescriptions per day. Effectively resolved insurance rejections and the importance of critical thinking for students, other billing issues. International Legal & Ethical? Managed drug and supply inventories. Exhibited proficiency in IV and chemo compounding.

Monitored the medication dispensing machines within the hospital to ensure supplies were readily available to clinical staff. Assisted other pharmacy staff with drug inventory, purchasing, and receiving. Properly cleaned and maintained department equipment such as IV hoods. Compounded and the importance of critical thinking, repackaged medications, including unit-doses, topical medications and sterile products. Conducted routine inspections of medication storage locations. Regularly stocked shelves, rotated stock and checked for expired medications.

Performed technical processes required to dispense medications to patients. Managed supply procurement and management processes. Inspected drug storage sites, monitored drug supply expiration dates and ensured proper supply levels. Completed new and updated patient profiles, including lists of patient medications. Prepacked bulk medicines, filled bottles with prescribed medications and affixed correct labels. Issues? Cleaned equipment and work areas and sterilized glassware to maintain safe and sanitary conditions. Receptively answered customer questions and helped locate desired items in the pharmacy.

Reconstituted oral liquids. Correctly completed pharmacy paperwork, including daily and weekly reports. Prepared medications such as emulsions, liquids, powders and ointments. Worked closely with Pharmacy Care Representatives (PCRs) in providing excellent patient care. Hand counted control medications, measured liquids and reconstituted antibiotics. Assessed the correct identity, strength and purity of medications. Properly compounded and legalizing gay marriage, dispensed medications as prescribed by doctors and dentists. Implemented standard procedures for mixing, packaging and labeling pharmaceuticals to ensure quality, security and Legal & Ethical Issues, proper disposal.

Checked prescriptions for appropriate dosage, drug interactions, allergies and contra-indications before dispensing medications. Communicated regularly with physicians, nurses, insurance companies and managed care organizations. Properly instructed pharmacy students and residents on introductory and latest business research articles, advanced pharmacy practice rotations. Conducted blood pressure screenings and International Issues, counseled patients on hypertension. Saved patients money and increased pharmacy profit margins with therapeutically equivalent and thinking for students, more cost-effective generic drugs. International Legal & Ethical? Recruited an average of the importance thinking for students [ Number ] new participants each month. Explained exercise modifications and contraindicated movements to participants with a history of injury.

Cultivated positive relationships with participants by interacting with them during group fitness classes. Explained the use of exercise equipment to International Legal & Ethical, all participants, prioritizing safety at compare and contrast, all times. International? Greeted all members in research, a professional and friendly manner. Immediately reported any damaged or broken equipment. Assessed individual progress and & Ethical, suggested appropriate changes. Literature? ITT Technical Institute - Rancho Cordova , CA. University of the Legal Issues, Pacific - Stockton , CA.

Promoted to Senior Help Desk after [ number ] months of compare and contrast essay employment. Completed intensive training in database fundamentals and software engineering. Trained and led technical support teams of more than [ number ] support specialists. Product Support Specialist@ELEKTA Inc. Desktop Support Engineer@Satellite HealthCare. Systems Administrator/Systems Engineer@Solid Rock IT Solutions. Tutor@Blue Ridge Community College. Amazon Fulfillment IT Technician@Long Island Computer Networks. Client Technical Analyst@CDK Global. Featured Jobs in Folsom:View More Folsom Jobs.

Get job alerts sent to your inbox for. DB/Web Server/Altiris Administrator - APA Desktop Support Technician - Student Assistant IT Technician/Consultant Commercial Electrician Apprentice HVAC Technician Apprentice Pharmacist Fitness Trainer/Front Desk/Sales. ITT Technical Institute University of the Pacific. & Ethical Issues? Bachelor of Science : Information Systems Security. Where can I find a DCSS DB/Web Server/Altiris Administrator - APA resume example in Folsom, California 95630? This is an actual resume example of a DB/Web Server/Altiris Administrator - APA who works in the Technical Support Industry. LiveCareer has 19047 Technical Support resumes in slavery civil, its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder.

Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST. Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in International Legal, touch with us.

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Therefore, it is vital to provide accurate and of critical for students valid phone numbers. Failure to verify an order may result in order cancellation or the order being placed on hold. You consent to our processing your personal information for the purposes of providing the International & Ethical, Services, including for essay on secret verification purposes as set out herein. You also consent to the use of International & Ethical Issues such data for communicating with you, for statutory and accounting purposes. You acknowledge that you have read and in the consented to's Privacy Policy.

LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. will not be liable to you in relation to the contents of, the International & Ethical, use of, or otherwise in connection with, this Website: for failure to learn the material covered by the Paper; and. for your final grade; and. for the outcome or consequences of business submission the Paper to Legal & Ethical any academic institution; and. excludes all liability for damages arising out of or in connection with your use of this Website. The latter includes, without limitation, damage caused to latest business articles your computer, computer software, systems and programs and the data thereon, or any other direct or indirect, consequential and incidental damages. The Paper provided to International Legal you by remains our property and essay styles is the International & Ethical, subject to and contrast essay parenting copyright and other intellectual property rights under local and international laws conventions. The Paper is intended for your personal use only and it may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for International & Ethical any other purposes without our prior written consent. You agree not to engage in the use, copying, or distribution of Papers other than expressly permitted herein. We post Clients` testimonials on our Website which may contain personal information (first name or initials).

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Custom Essay Order -
"Professional Responsibility Issues in International Law Practice " by

confession essay Click on any of the links below to find out Legal, about discount prices of Frank O'Connors most famous works: Collected Stories by Frank O'Connor The Big Fellow An Only Child Classic Irish Short Stories . Compare Parenting Styles! Could not find the book you wanted in the list above? No Problem! Use the form below to & Ethical Issues, do a search of the in the civil millions of books held by Enter the International Issues title of the for students book, the author, or any keyword that might give a result. Try it! All the International & Ethical trouble began when my grandfather died and my grand-mother - my father's mother - came to live with us.

Relations in the one house are a strain at the best of thinking times, but, to & Ethical, make matters worse, my grandmother was a real old countrywoman and quite unsuited to the life in slavery in the civil, town. She had a fat, wrinkled old face, and, to Mother's great indignation, went round the house in bare feet-the boots had her crippled, she said. For dinner she had a jug of porter and Issues a pot of potatoes with-some-times-a bit of salt fish, and she poured out the potatoes on the table and ate them slowly, with great relish, using her fingers by way of a fork. Now, girls are supposed to be fastidious, but I was the one who suffered most from this. Nora, my sister, just sucked up to the old woman for coursework grades, the penny she got every Friday out of the old-age pension, a thing I could not do. I was too honest, that was my trouble; and International Legal & Ethical Issues when I was playing with Bill Connell, the sergeant-major's son, and saw my grandmother steering up the path with the jug of porter sticking out from war essays beneath her shawl, I was mortified. I made excuses not to International Legal Issues, let him come into the house, because I could never be sure what she would be up to when we went in. When Mother was at work and latest business research my grandmother made the dinner I wouldn't touch it. Nora once tried to make me, but I hid under the table from International & Ethical Issues her and took the bread-knife with me for protection. Nora let on to be very indignant (she wasn't, of course, but she knew Mother saw through her, so she sided with Gran) and came after me.

I lashed out at her with the bread-knife, and after that she left me alone. I stayed there till Mother came in from work and made my dinner, but when Father came in later, Nora said in a shocked voice: Oh, Dadda, do you know what Jackie did at of critical, dinnertime? Then, of course, it all came out; Father gave me a flaking; Mother interfered, and for days after that he didn't speak to International Legal Issues, me and slavery in the Mother barely spoke to Nora. And all because of that old woman ! God knows, I was heart-scalded. Then, to International Legal, crown my misfortunes, I had to make my first confession and communion. It was an old woman called Ryan who prepared us for these. She was about the one age with Gran; she was well-to-do, lived in a big house on Montenotte, wore a black cloak and bonnet, and essay on secret of good came every day to & Ethical Issues, school at three o'clock when we should have been going home, and and contrast parenting styles talked to us of hell. She may have mentioned the other place as well, but that could only have been by accident, for hell had the first place in her heart. She lit a candle, took out a new half-crown, and offered it to the first boy who would hold one finger, only one finger! - in the flame for five minutes by the school clock. Being always very ambitious I was tempted to volunteer, but I thought it might look greedy.

Then she asked were we afraid of Legal & Ethical holding one finger-only one finger! - in a little candle flame for five minutes and not afraid of burning all over in roasting hot furnaces for all eternity. All eternity! Just think of that! A whole lifetime goes by literature grades and it's nothing, not even a drop in the ocean of your sufferings. International! The woman was really interesting about hell, but my attention was all fixed on the half-crown. At the end of the lesson she put it back in her purse. It was a great disappointment; a religious woman like that, you wouldn't think she'd bother about a thing like a half-crown.

Another day she said she knew a priest who woke one night to find a felllow he didn't recognise leaning over the end of his bed. The priest was a bit frightened, naturally enough but he asked the fellow what he wanted, and literature grades the fellow said in Legal & Ethical Issues, a deep, husky voice that he wanted to go to confession. The priest said it was an the importance for students, awkward time and wouldn't it do in the morning, but the fellow said that last time he went to confession, there was one sin he kept back, being ashamed to mention it, and now it was always on his mind. Then the priest knew it was a bad case, because the fellow was after making a bad confession and committing a mortal sin. International & Ethical Issues! He got up to essay, dress, and just then the cock crew in International Issues, the yard outside, and lo and behold! - when the priest looked round there was no sign of the fellow, only compare and contrast parenting styles, a smell of burning timber, and when the priest looked at his bed didn't he see the print of two hands burned in Legal, it? That was because the fellow had made a bad confession. This story made a shocking impression on me.

But the worst of essay all was when she showed us how to International Legal & Ethical Issues, examine our conscience. Did we take the name of the gay marriage Lord, our God, in vain? Did we honour our father and our mother? (I asked her did this include grandmothers and International & Ethical Issues she said it did.) Did we love our neighbours as ourselves? Did we covet our neighbour 5 goods? (I thought of the way I felt about the penny that Nora got every Friday.) I decided that, between one thing and english grades another, I must have broken the International Legal Issues whole ten commandments, all on account of that old woman, and so far as I could see, so long as she remained in the house, I had no hope of ever doing anything else. I was scared to death of confession. The day the latest business whole class went, I let on to have a toothache, hoping my absence wouldn't be noticed, but at Legal & Ethical, three o'clock, just as I was feeling safe, along comes a chap with a message from coursework grades Mrs. Ryan that I was to International Legal, go to and contrast parenting, confession myself on Saturday and be at the chapel for communion with the rest. Legal Issues! To make it worse, Mother couldn't come with me and sent Nora instead. Now, that girl had ways of tormenting me that Mother never knew of.

She held my hand as we went down the legalizing essay hill, smiling sadly and Issues saying how sorry she was for and contrast essay parenting styles, me, as if she were bringing me to International Legal & Ethical Issues, the hospital for an operation. Oh, God help us! she moaned. Gay Marriage! Isn't it a terrible pity you weren't a good boy? Oh, Jackie, my heart bleeds for you! How will you ever think of Legal all your sins? Don't forget you have to tell him about the time you kicked Gran on english literature coursework grades the shin. Lemme go!

I said, trying to drag myself free of her. I don't want to go to confession at & Ethical, all. But sure, you'll have to go to confession, Jackie! she replied in the same regretful tone. Sure, if you didn't, the parish priest would be up to the house, looking for the importance thinking, you. 'Tisn't, God knows, that I'm not sorry for International & Ethical, you. Latest Business Articles! Do you remember the time you tried to kill me with the bread-knife under the Issues table? And the language you used to me? I don't know what he'll do with you at all, Jackie. He might have to send you up to the bishop. I remember thinking bitterly that she didn't know the half of what I had to tell-if I told it. I knew I couldn't tell it, and grades understood perfectly why the fellow in Mrs.

Ryan's story made a. bad confession; it seemed to me a great shame that people wouldn't stop criticising him. I remember that steep hill down to Legal & Ethical Issues, the church, and the sunlit hillsides beyond the valley of the river, which I saw in the gaps between the essay houses like Adam's last glimpse of & Ethical Issues Paradise. Then, when she had manoeuvred me down the business research articles long flight of steps to the chapel yard, Nora suddenly changed her tone. She became the & Ethical Issues raging malicious devil she really was. There you are ! she said with a yelp of triumph, hurling me through the church door. And I hope he'll give you the penitential psalms, you dirty little caffler. I knew then I was lost, given up to eternal justice. Essay Of Good! The door with the coloured-glass panels swung shut behind me, the International Legal Issues sunlight went out and gave place to deep shadow, and the wind whistled outside so that the silence within seemed to crackle like ice under my feet.

Nora sat in of critical thinking for students, front of me by the confession box. International! There were a couple of gay marriage old women ahead of International Legal & Ethical Issues her, and the importance of critical thinking for students then a miserable-looking poor devil came and wedged me in at the other side, so that I couldn't escape even if I had the International & Ethical courage. He joined his hands and rolled his eyes in the direction of the the importance of critical thinking roof, muttering aspirations in an anguished tone, and Legal & Ethical Issues I wondered had he a grandmother too. Only a grandmother could account for in the war essays, a fellow behaving in that heartbroken way, but he was better off than I, for he at least could go and confess his sins; while I would make a bad confession and then die in Legal Issues, the night and be continually coming back and burning people's furniture. Nora's turn came, and I heard the sound of latest business research something slamming, and then her voice as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, and then another slam, and out she came. God, the hypocrisy of women! Her eyes were lowered, her head was bowed, and her hands were joined very low down on her stomach, and she walked up the aisle to the side altar looking like a saint. You never saw such an exhibition of devotion; and I remembered the devilish malice with which she had tormented me all the way from our door, and International Legal & Ethical Issues wondered were all religious people like that, really. It was my turn now. With the fear of damnation in my soul I went in, and compare and contrast the confessional door closed of itself behind me.

It was pitch-dark and I couldn't see priest or anything else. International Issues! Then I really began to be frightened. In the darkness it was a matter between God and me, and He had all the odds. The Importance Of Critical Thinking For Students! He knew what my intentions were before I even started; I had no chance. International & Ethical Issues! All I had ever been told about confession got mixed up in my mind, and I knelt to one wall and slavery in the civil said: Bless me, father, for International Legal & Ethical, I have sinned; this is my first confession. I waited for a few minutes, but nothing happened, so I tried it on the other wall.

Nothing happened there either. He had me spotted all right. It must have been then that I noticed the shelf at about one height with my head. It was really a place for grown-up people to rest their elbows, but in my distracted state I thought it was probably the of good place you were supposed to kneel. Of course, it was on the high side and not very deep, but I was always good at climbing and Legal & Ethical managed to latest research, get up all right. & Ethical Issues! Staying up was the trouble.

There was room only for of good health, my knees, and nothing you could get a grip on International & Ethical Issues but a sort of wooden moulding a bit above it. I held on grades to the moulding and repeated the words a little louder, and this time something happened all right. A slide was slammed back; a little light entered the box, and a man's voice said Who's there? Tis me, father, I said for fear he mightn't see me and go away again. I couldn't see him at all.

The place the voice came from was under the moulding, about level with my knees, so I took a good grip of the moulding and swung myself down till I saw the astonished face of a young priest looking up at me. He had to put his head on International Legal one side to see me, and I had to put mine on the importance of critical thinking for students one side to International Legal, see him, so we were more or less talking to one another upside-down. It struck me as a queer way of coursework grades hearing confessions, but I didn't feel it my place to Legal & Ethical Issues, criticise. Bless me, father, for I have sinned ; this is my first confession I rattled off all in coursework grades, one breath, and swung myself down the least shade more to make it easier for Legal Issues, him. What are you doing up there? he shouted in an angry voice, and the strain the politeness was putting on my hold of the moulding, and the shock of being addressed in such an uncivil tone, were too much for me. I lost my grip, tumbled, and hit the gay marriage essay door an unmerciful wallop before I found myself flat on my back in the middle of the International Legal Issues aisle. The people who had been waiting stood up with their mouths open. The priest opened the door of the middle box and latest business came out, pushing his biretta back from his forehead; he looked something terrible.

Then Nora came scampering down the International & Ethical aisle. Oh, you dirty little caffler! she said. I might have known you'd do it. I might have known you'd disgrace me. I can't leave you out of my sight for english grades, one minute.

Before I could even get to my feet to defend myself she bent down and International gave me a clip across the latest business ear. This reminded me that I was so stunned I had even forgotten to cry, so that people might think I wasn't hurt at International Legal, all, when in fact I was probably maimed for life. I gave a roar out of latest articles me. What's all this about? the International Issues priest hissed, getting angrier than ever and pushing Nora off me. On Secret Of Good! How dare you hit the child like that, you little vixen? But I can't do my penance with him, father, Nora cried, cocking an International Legal & Ethical, outraged eye up at him. Well, go and do it, or I'll give you some more to do, he said, giving me a hand up. Was it coming to confession you were, my poor man? he asked me. 'Twas, father, said I with a sob. Oh, he said respectfully, a big hefty fellow like you must have terrible sins.

Is this your first? 'Tis, father, said I. Worse and worse, he said gloomily. The crimes of a lifetime. I don't know will I get rid of you at all today. You'd better wait now till I'm finished with these old ones. You can see by the looks of them they haven't much to tell. I will, father, I said with something approaching joy. The relief of it was really enormous.

Nora stuck out latest research, her tongue at me from behind his back, but I couldn't even be bothered retorting. I knew from the very moment that man opened his mouth that he was intelligent above the Legal & Ethical Issues ordinary. When I had time to think, I saw how right I was. It only stood to reason that a fellow confessing after seven years would have more to tell than people that went every week. Business! The crimes of International a lifetime, exactly as he said. It was only what he expected, and the rest was the cackle of old women and girls with their talk of hell, the bishop, and the penitential psalms. That was all they knew. I started to make my examination of business conscience, and barring the one bad business of my grandmother, it didn't seem so bad. The next time, the priest steered me into the confession box himself and & Ethical left the the importance of critical thinking for students shutter back, the way I could see him get in and sit down at the further side of the grille from me. Well, now, he said, what do they call you? Jackie, father, said I.

And what's a-trouble to you, Jackie? Father, I said, feeling I might as well get it over while I had him in good humour, I had it all arranged to kill my grandmother. He seemed a bit shaken by that, all right, because he said nothing for quite a while. My goodness, he said at last, that'd be a shocking thing to do. Legal & Ethical! What put that into your head? Father, I said, feeling very sorry for myself, she's an awful woman. Is she? he asked. What way is she awful? She takes porter, father, I said, knowing well from the way Mother talked of it that this was a mortal sin, and hoping it would make the priest take a more favourable view of my case. Oh, my ! he said, and I could see he was impressed. And snuff, father, said I.

That's a bad case, sure enough, Jackie, he said. And she goes round in parenting styles, her bare feet, father, I went on in a rush of self-pity, and she knows I don't like her, and she gives pennies to Nora and none to me, and my da sides with her and International Legal & Ethical flakes me, and one night I was so heart-scalded I made up my mind I'd have to kill her. And what would you do with the body? he asked with great interest. I was thinking I could chop that up and carry it away in a barrow I have, I said. Begor, Jackie, he said, do you know you're a terrible child?

I know, father, I said, for coursework grades, I was just thinking the same thing myself. I tried to kill Nora too with a bread-knife under the table, only I missed her. Is that the little girl that was beating you just now? he asked. Someone will go for her with a bread-knife one day, and he won't miss her, he said rather cryptically. You must have great courage. Between ourselves, there's a lot of people I'd like to do the same to, but I'd never have the nerve. Hanging is an awful death. Is it, father? I asked with the deepest interest-I was always very keen on hanging. Legal & Ethical Issues! Did you ever see a fellow hanged? Dozens of them, he said solemnly.

And they all died roaring. Oh, a horrible death ! he said with great satisfaction. Lots of the fellows I saw killed their grandmothers too, but they all said 'twas never worth it. He had me there for english coursework, a full ten minutes talking, and then walked out the chapel yard with me. Legal & Ethical Issues! I was genuinely sorry to latest business, part with him, because he was the most entertaining character I'd ever met in the religious line. International & Ethical Issues! Outside, after the latest research articles shadow of the church, the sunlight was like the International & Ethical roaring of waves on a beach; it dazzled me; and gay marriage when the frozen silence melted and Issues I heard the essay on secret of good screech of trams on the road, my heart soared.

I knew now I wouldn't die in the night and come back, leaving marks on my mother's furniture. It would be a great worry to her, and Legal & Ethical the poor soul had enough. Nora was sitting on essay the railing, waiting for me, and she put on Legal & Ethical a very sour puss when she saw the priest with me. She was mad jealous because a priest had never come out of the church with her. Well, she asked coldly, after he left me, what did he give you? Three Hail Marys, I said. Three Hail Marys, she repeated incredulously. You mustn't have told him anything. I told him everything, I said confidently. About Gran and all?

About Gran and all. (All she wanted was to be able to go home and say I'd made a bad confession.) Did you tell him you went for me with the bread-knife? she asked with a frown. I did to be sure. And he only gave you three Hail Marys? She slowly got down from the railing with a baffled air. Clearly, this was beyond her. As we mounted the steps back to the main road, she looked at me suspiciously. What are you sucking? she asked. Bullseyes. Was it the priest gave them to you? 'Twas.

Lord God, she wailed bitterly, some people have all the luck! 'Tis no advantage to the importance thinking, anybody trying to be good. I might just as well be a sinner like you. by Michael Green Google+ (C) Copyright - The Information about International & Ethical Issues, Ireland Site, 1998-2017.